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Submitted by BornInAA on August 11th, 2017 at 9:38 PM

Anybody going / has seen Seger this year?

Supposedly "last" tour.

Saw him 20 years ago, wondering if this tour is worth it.



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Saw him twice a few yrs ago when he started touring again and they still sounded great. He's playing DTE this yr on 9-9, the same day M plays Cincinnati at home at noon and my birthday. I'm gonna try to go to back to back events and have a 40th I'll never forget.

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Saw him at the Palace.  The place was on fire.  They had the stage setup with two ramps that went up to a platform at the back.


They had just finished playing "Rock and Roll Never Forgets" and after hitting the last note, they killed all the lights.  The crowd was JUST starting to quiet down when they snapped on all 6 spotlights onto that platform where the sax player started the riff for "Turn the Page"

The crowd roar blew the root off the dump.  Single greatest moment ever, concert-wise.

Granted, that was 20 years ago, but if you have a chance to see him, I say, go for it.  He's a legend, and we're losing too many musical icons lately.


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You're right - ten years is a long time to hold a grudge and even though things are Still The Same, I need to Turn The Page. The problem is that Bob is stubborn Like a Rock, and I've got The Fire Inside that won't let me live down him not singing my favorite Bob Seger song. The ball is his court now - sing Shakedown Bobby. Sing it! It's hard Tryin' To Live My Life Without You Bob. 


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I went to a Red Wings playoff game maybe 10 years ago & Alto Reed was skating around blasting The Star Spangled Banner.  I asked my girl if she knew who that was...  She guessed Stevie Wonder.  It made some kind of alternate sense with the afro, the sunglasses, the sax, & the skates.


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I saw him about 5-6 years ago and, while not sure if the full original Silver Bullet Band was with him he definitely still had Mr Alto Reed on sax.

He played a good 20 songs that night and had a TON of energy and stage presence. It was a great show and I am sad I couldnt snag a non resale ticket to this tour.

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August 12th, 2017 at 4:48 AM ^

Bob is sort of like Michigan's Springsteen. I've never seen him live, so this was a good thread on people's experiences.

(Also, thread title: aaargh, grumble, scream!)