OT: SEC Scheduling "mandate"

Submitted by GoWings2008 on April 28th, 2014 at 12:31 PM

The SEC presidents had meeting, apparently, to discuss some issues and decided that they'd formalize a non-conference scheduling mandate to fit in at least one game vs. another school from one of the "Big Four" conferences (B1G, Big 12, PAC12 and ACC).    The article refers to it as an "unprecedented strength-of-schedule component," to which I say....Ummm, now you're just making it mandatory, something they were already doing.  But the fact that they are now publically stating it, I'm like...what the f*ck ever...  More rhetoric.  Link:  http://msn.foxsports.com/south/story/sec-football-adopts-strength-of-schedule-requirement-for-2016-042714



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Wouldn't have minded a similar announcement a couple of years ago from the B1G. Would have meant we wouldn't be dealing with this appalling home slate. 


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We play Notre Dame and Utah this year - two such teams.

In '15, we play Utah and Oregon State.

In '16, we move to 9 game B1G schedule and have Colorado.

In '17, we have Florida

For those SEC schools that have traditional non-conference rivals like South Carolina, Georgia  and Florida (Clemson, GaTech and FSU) it won't change anything, but it will mean an upgrade for Mississipi, Mississippi State and a few others.

Avon Barksdale

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The SEC ain't gonna do a no travelin' north of that there Mason Dixon.

I can assure you that we are about to witness plenty of "neutral site" Tennessee vs Purdue games at LP Field, LSU vs Wake Forest at the Mercedez Benz Dome, and last but not least: the vaunted neutral site Florida vs Virginia game in Tampa.


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The SEC name isn't going to be enough to put one of their teams in the championship game anymore. Most if not all of the SEC teams have played clunker games later in their schedule so I like that are addressing their scheduling strength, hopefully getting rid of oppenents like Chattanooga for Alabama, Furman for LSU, Appalachain St. for Georgia, Coastal Carolina for South Carolina.....

Carl Alphonse

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The move is being praised everywhere but it seems to me by not choosing to move to 9-game conference schedule, that they reinforcing the notion that the SEC will put its name ahead of all else - here, competitive scheduling.

Under the plan, all SEC schools will have 7 guaranteed home games per year. Contrast this to the PAC-12 where half of the schools this year will only play 6 home games.

In return, LSU will still be playing UF and UGA twice as much as Bama.



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"A lot of time, money and consideration went into Sunday's announcement, with the SEC concluding an extensive study on the likely prerequisities for making the College Football Playoff."

Part of me wants to say that this sentence means that Mike Slive revisited one of many articles which said that strength of schedule would be a primary consideration and had a very insecure moment, hence making mandatory something that at least some teams very likely would have done themselves anyway. 


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Were there any legitimate contenders in the SEC that weren't already doing this?  This feels like nothing more than a public chasitising of Ole Miss or Kentucky to at least schedule a crappy team from another conference once and a while.


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Scheduling the perennial bottom feeder of a Big 4 conference isn't much better than scheduling a DI-AA team.

When they start scheduling out-of-conference contenders, then I'll take this seriously.


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Florida plays Florida St every year.  LSU has played Oregon recently and starts a home and home with Wisconsin.  LSU also has a future home and home with UCLA.  South Carolina plays Clemson every year.  Georgia plays Clemson a decent amount.  Tennesse has done a home and home with Oregon and is going to start a home and home with Oklahoma this year.  Texas A&M has home and home's coming up with UCLA and Oregon and a one off with Arizona St.  Alabama plays Wisconsin in 2 years.

Mr. Yost

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Most SEC schools follow this rule so it's not going to change anything...

Florida plays FSU, Georgia plays GT, S. Carolina plays Clemson, Kentucky plays L'Ville, Alabama and Auburn usually play in one of those kickoff classic games, etc.

They'll continue to play their one game and then schedule 3 other shit teams to fill the OOC schedule including a D1AA before their rivalry game.


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Florida--Florida State

Georgia--Georgia Tech

Missouri--none    Play IU next year,  Purdue 3 consecutive starting in 2016


South Carolina--Clemson

Tennessee--none   Play Oklahoma next two years, never been shy about playing good schools

Vanderbilt--none   nothing on the immediate horizon of note


Alabama-- none   play WVU and Wisconsin once each next two,

Arkansas--none  play TT in 15 with home and with TCU in 16-17

Auburn--none  play Kansas State in 14, Louisville in 15

LSU--none  alternate next 4 years with Wisconsin and Syracuse, including a game at Green Bay

Miss State--none, nothing on the horizon

Ole Miss--none, nothing on the horizon and dear God they play Prebyterian this year

Texas A&M--none, nothing this year  ASU in 15, UCLA in 16 and 17


So basically the SEC press release was to say look at this mandate that pretty much everyone is following on their own except Vanderbilt and the Mississippi's


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We did have a Clemson game scheduled this year but they backed out after the Notre Dame - ACC thing.  We also have a decent team in Boise State scheduled and Memphis is a regional rivalry (and a member of the zombie Big East) that we use for recruiting and supporting a large alumni base in Memphis.  They wanted us in basketball and we wanted them in football, it works out.  La-Lafayette and Presbyterian are total win grabs, though.  In 2017-18 we've scheduled Ga Tech, so there's that.


Also: Mississippi State is just awful.  That's not necessarily related to football, though.

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