OT-Seantrel Henderson released.

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Joe Schad is reporting USC let him go from his LOI. Hope he doesn't go to the buckeyes.



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If clumsily expressed, the thought is still there: Kiffin's ample salary is paid pretty much because of his ability to convince 6'8, 300-lb 17-year-olds that his program is the best option and that he holds the key to the NFL. He's well-known as an outstanding recruiter, and not so much as a tactician. He is paid to do exactly what he did: he convinced the best player in the country, against all odds, to come to his school.

Because of this, I don't think we can simply say "this kid should have known this was all bad." As soon as Michigan was hit with its sanctions this year, I bet every single person on this board had someone come to them and say, "see, I was right all along about DickRod! He's an idiot hick who can't coach!" And yet, we rely on Rodriguez to recruit kids, despite plenty of people labeling him a moron. He's doing the same thing Kiffin is. The only difference we really see between them is we know/hope/pray we're on the good side, and Kiffin's on the bad side. I do follow that line of thinking; I believe Rodriguez is actually a pretty fantastic coach, and Kiffin's kind of a blowhard. But dividing it neatly into "good" and "evil" is much too simplistic for my tastes, and I don't think the situation allows for blasting a 17-year-old for picking the "wrong" or "evil" side. He had to be told to ignore the detractors whichever coach he went to. I just wish Rodriguez had been the one to convince him of that, not Kiffin.

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Look at it the other way.  The point of sanctions are to punish a program.  Allowing them to basically hold three straight top-five recruiting classes hurts a lot less than allowing everyone to leave.  

I should have been more clear.  The NCAA should have given everyone in the program a free out.  Kids don't understand NCAA rules and shouldn't be punished because the adults are lying to them.


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Don't know about you guys, but I'm sick of people worrying about this kid ending up at OSU.  Makes us sound like a bunch of p*ssies. 

If he ends up at OSU, so be it.  We'll still go in there and hit 'em in the mouth.

Wouldn't be the first time they had a star tackle (see Pace, Orlando) and got their ass handed to them by us (3-1 against them during Pace's time).  


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Both teams have had all-world tackles without much success in the series.

Pace was one of the greatest tackles in history, college or pro. And Jake Long was one of the greatest college tackles and may become one of the greatest pro OTs.

Even though a great tackle doesn't guarantee team dominance, either program would be ecstatic to sign a 5-star OT, and it makes sense for fans to hope their archrival doesn't sign Henderson. I think it's sensible to root for Henderson to head to Miami (Fla.).

I doubt he ends up in Columbus, but he'll get to play OSU this year and next if he does go to Miami.


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I'd be surprised if OSU tries very hard to re-recruit him.  Sean "PDiddy" Henderson isn't exactly the Tressel type of parent and both Mr. and Mrs. Henderson made it clear they wan't to go somewhere warm where they can further Sean's career (and Seantrel can come too).

Minny can't/won't recruit him since they already admitted to secondary violations for the first time around.

Seantrel and Latwan "Tressel owes me an apology" Anderson can swagger around at Miami.