OT-Seantrel Henderson looking elsewhere

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Sports Illustrated has articles saying Seantrel is looking around.  One claims Miami (That Miami) is the destination, while another says Miami or Ohio State.  Kiffin and USC continue to try to sell him.







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this post(http://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/when-do-freshman-report#comment-536462) has a link on it about seantrel henderson. It was posted abit before this thread. On slide 10 it talks about how they are expecting to hear from seantrel henderson. It makes no reference to a list of possible suitors. It is bleacher report so you can take from it what you want. Like you stated above, as long as he doesnt go to Ohio State or Notre Dame. Im cool with whatever college he selects. Im still hoping it wont be any Big 10 school.


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IMO it is not new news, until Seantrel comes out and says so.

look at this quote i took from the top article:

"Henderson, a 6-foot-8 offensive tackle who weighs in at well over 300 pounds, is vacillating about his decision and perhaps considering playing for Miami or Ohio State, according to various reports."

he could still end up at USC.

back to the article.

To me thats a sports writer speculating, and without family confirmation from the Henderson's. To me that is a sports writer trying to spin old news. IMHO take it FWIW

Edit: If im reading this wrong, please be nice but let me know where i am incorrect.


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It seems to me this is new, "On Thursday, Coach Lane Kiffin described how USC was having to "basically re-recruit" Henderson but expressed confidence the player would eventually join the Trojans."

Was that information included in the post that you referenced?


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from: http://recruitforu.com/content/u-recruit-news-wednesday-june-23rd-2010 (same as OP thread)

"Top 2010 recruit Seantrel Henderson didn't show up to USC's first day for true freshmen, prompting the coaches to fly to Minnesota and bargain with him"

if you click on this link highlighted and then "paid a visit" link on the site it pulls up. It has Miami and Ohio State listed back on June 22nd. So by due diligence, nothing is new news

 but to answer your last post and question:

To me that says they are trying to secure his services, and are having to re-recruit him. I was not trying to come down on you. I just didnt think any of it was new and warranted a whole new thread. Im sorry if i offended others.


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Who ever was advising Seantrel hopefully cashed the check given to him by USC before SC closed the account. The kid got hood winked badly but that's his own fault. If it's weather he's after, Miami would be the best guess. http://dangerouslyawesome.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/simpsons_nelson_haha2uwr.jpg

david from wyoming

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Have a heart there tin man. Do you hate this poor kitten too?

funny-pictures-cute-fierce-kitten.jpg kitten image by inuyashalover97

Seantrel is a high school kid that made a bad choice. You could make a case that someone lied to him. He wanted to go to USC, but waited on signing the LOI for a little while to figure out what was going to happen. No new news came out and he signed with USC. There is a non-zero percent chance that someone from USC was in his ear telling him everything would be okay. Dancing with the devil is not the same thing as being misled by the devil. I'm pretty darn sure if he knew how this would shake out, he never would have picked USC in the first place.

So yeah, he made a choice that he later regretted. And he is a high school kid. And nearly every high school kid has made bone headed mistakes. Can't you have a little compassion for the kid?

Feel free to keep neg'ing me however. I'll just apologize for feeling bad for a teenage kid now and get it out of the way.


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Dancing with the devil is one thing, but dancing with the devil who swears up and down that he isn't the devil and that he will make everything in your life great and so on is a horse of a slightly different color.

High school kids make bad choices all the time when it comes to whom they befriend and trust.  This decision happened to be a little more high profile.  The devil is really good at being the devil; that's why he's The devil and not just a devil.  Kiffin's got a long history of convincing kids, and I'm guessing that his use of half-truth, manipulated truth, and straight-up untruth is fairly skilled at this point. 


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He is so far down the list of people for whom I would feel sorry that I can't see that far or count that high. There are people in this country and around the world who actually have a tough life. What's Seantrel got? He won't be on a national championship team at USC. He won't have as much fun while he's chasing women and eating steak as he hoped for. And he has to live through that for three whole years before he can go to the NFL and become a bazillionaire. Life can really be a bitch.

And unlike so many people, he chose this. He chose the school he wanted without having to worry whether the school wanted him. If you want to feel sorry for someone, think of Mike Sadler who wanted to go to Michigan but settled for Sparty when RR took Hagerup.