OT: Seahawks Consistently Broke NFL Rules, Players Say

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This NFL story may strike many as familiar, if far less dramatic. 



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That was humor, not the degenerative effects of long-term marijuana use. Luckily, I finished school before long-hairs took over. I was definitely more aligned with the short-haired folks back in that era as well; you were more likely to find me in the library, on the sports fields, or at a fraternity get-together than in some damn drum circle.



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I'm not just giving a little back so he can reload. Herm is a new bright spot here for me as well.

EDIT: He probably needs no help as he has years of experience but I just want to riff off of him as he reminds me of my favorite uncle.


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"Carroll added that it was not a series of plays that stood out, but just a few of them. He hopes the NFL sends out some guidelines on exactly what is permitted in the offseason workouts." -from the article

I would hate to sound unsympathetic to Pete Carroll, primarily because I am far less well-known and make a fraction of what he does to sort of do the same thing with far less athletic (at least in some cases) and less famous people, but I don't know a whole lot of people who manage represented workforces that DO NOT keep a copy of the union contract in their desk. I basically have to do that to avoid miscues in overtime callouts, holiday coverage, and a myriad of other issues. I came from the union, but actually having to know the bloody contract is daunting. 

Article 21 of the NFL CBA covers Offseason Workouts quite explicitly, and it would be a mere courtesy if he saw such a memorandum arrive at his desk. Typically, union contracts are not a difficult read,  although the NFL's contract admittedly works better than Benadryl if I need to go to sleep.


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Anyone else read this and get the sense that Carroll feels no shame about this whatsoever? Like, yeah, we needed extra practice, it was good for us, we got in trouble so we'll take some required days off, then we're gonna get right back to it. I'll second bigpapa - it really does make you wonder what else went on at USC while he was there.


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Taking steroids is cheating. This is the equivalent of helping your lie a bit in golf. You clearly disagree, but I don’t believe what transpired here was that big of a deal. He got his slap on the wrist, now we can move on. What the Saints did =/= what happened here, for instance. THAT was worthy of shame.