OT: Scott Torgerson "No longer employed" by 97.1 The Fan

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Scott Torgerson is no longer employed by our company as of today. We appreciate his contributions and wish him well in his future endeavors.




You'll remember he started a firestorm when he tweeted about wishing Desmond was dead.




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I have to admit I'm looking forward to the response by Torgerson.  He said he wished someone would get fired and he ended up getting fired.  It will be interesting to see how he handles it.


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it's comical that so many people in the media and public life still can't get it through their thick skulls that once you hit "send" you're no longer in control of your message, or your life. Fuckin' idiot.


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I am NOT defending this idiot but I do feel a little bad for him as he's paid the ultimate career price for a stupid post I'm sure he wishes he could get back.  And if the guy has a family he's now probably got to move to get a new job in radio which means they're now facing a significant life change.  I'm sure the guy has been kicking himself since he sent it (thought it was clever and didnt take a second look at how it would be read before hitting "send") but he can't get that shit back in the baby so to speak.

I know i've posted some stuff through the years that was influenced by anger, alcohol, stupidity or a lethal combination of all three that I damn sure wish I could get back.


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Posted at work....no issue with Torgerson - hell I've never even heard his show and I think he deserved to be fired.

Just a guy with a family imagining how much it must suck to be him right now having to explain to his wife he just got fired and then having to let the kids know they're going to have to move so dad can get a new job.  And knowing it was because you were monumentally stupid and have no one to blame but yourself.

I've gone through getting fired once.  Not for this obviously but for something I could've and should've done something about and trust me.....it is NOT a pleasant conversation with the family.


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I definitely feel for anyone who loses his job, but this was 100% his own fault.  Nobody said he needed to write that, and frankly if he had stopped at "firing" it probably would have been fine.  But to wish someone to die because you don't like seeing him on TV is just self-inflicted idiocy.  His family may suffer, but he's paid to be a professional and he wasn't here.  


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More people ought to follow the example of Harry Truman. He was famously hot-tempered and foul-mouthed, and as was normal back then, he wrote a constant stream of letters to public and private recipients. He was in the habit of dashing off angry and vituperative letters to people who pissed him off for one reason or another, but he had the good sense to not mail many of the letters right away, waiting for his temper to subside. Eventually somebody collected a bunch of the letters he wrote but never sent and made a book out of them.

"Strictly Personal and Confidential offers a unique look at a man reacting naturally to enormous pressures. Truman often had second, more prudent thoughts about what he called his 'spasms.' Sometimes he would scribble furiously and then stuff the result into his desk while he cooled off; on other occasions, he dictated blisterers to Rose Conway, his longtime personal secretary, and then returned the typescript with a diplomatic directive: 'Rose, file it. H.S.T.' —Time

"He also had the good judgment-- once he had dictated and reviewed a letter to some notable-- to at times keep a particular letter from the mail, and save it exclusively for his own files. Truman spared himself countless embarrassments using this discipline."



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I didn't konw that about Truman, really need to get onto reading a biography on him. 

I read something similar about Lincoln, he would write angry letters to his generals and wouldn't mail them until his anger subsided, and then would instead file them away. Including times when McClellan horribly f-ed up a situation. 


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Twitter may not be your friend, but it is a fine tool that plenty of public figures use completely responsibly and to great effect. There are plenty of websites, writers, professional groups, etc that I follow on Twitter who use it professionally and responsibly.

Twitter itself is not the problem. A tendency to say stupid things in public is a bigger issue.


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It's simply amazing how many "grown men" cannot differentiate between real life and the world of sports. Desmond Howard never did anything to this guy personally. He played football against his beloved Buckeyes and now he has some face time on ESPN every Saturday talking about way more teams than OSU or Michigan. Torgerson is a pathetic excuse for a grown man and a human being.


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It was an extremely stupid tweet, and Torgerson deserves the response, but I actually liked the Common Man and the Torg.  They had a good rapport.  I'm disappointed.  I'm sure this will be marked flamebait, which it is not, but what's an opinion if you decide to tailor it to the masses.


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Desmond, the other day, some osu fan called him a has been. Desmond told him he'd rather be a has been than a never was, like the person saying that to him. I got a kick out of that


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Unlike all the OSU athletes who go on to prestigious 65 year pro careers and die gloriously on the field/court?  What a stupid fucking argument.  The moron caller essentially is telling Desmond he got too old to play his sport anymore, duh.


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I'd expect this type of behavior from the Common Man but I thought Torg was better than this.

/s (I just wanted to work Common Man into this thread.  I find the name of that show to be hillarious.)