OT: Scary scene at Dallas Stars game

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The Dallas Stars and Columbus Blue Jackets just stopped abruptly when a player appeared to collapse near the bench. They rushed him into the locker room, and the arena is silent right now. The announcers said that the player in questions may be Rich Peverly. It is a truly scary scene.



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I was watching the Predators vs Wings game when Jiri Fischer collapsed. What an awful thing to have happen at all let alone in the middle of a game. I hope he's okay. 


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Rich Peverley missed the entire preseason and the first game of the season with an irregular heartbeat, and that same issue kept him out of Tuesday’s game in Columbus. Peverley was feeling strange after Monday’s game and was unable to fly.

He missed that game, but was back in the lineup Thursday and played on the top line with Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn.

EDIT: Good news. Lindy Ruff comes out of the hall way and says Rich Peverley is going to be ok—
Daren Millard (@darenmillard) March 11, 2014

rob f

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might be familiar with:


Chuck Hughes dying on the field at Tiger Stadium is an image I'll never forget, even though it happened over 42 years ago.  It remains about the scariest thing I've ever seen during any game in any sport. 


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Surreal. Watched on Center Ice and immediately remembered the Jiri Fischer scene. Another reminder that EVERYONE should have their CPR/AED certification, even if you're not in healthcare.


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"Per Dr. Salazar, Peverley was aware of where he was when became conscious and wanted to get back in to the game.

-Dallas Stars (@DallasStars)"


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And not just a Wikipedia guru

Is it just an unintended media focus or does this seem to be a thing happening way more in hockey than other sports? Is there something about hockey that helps mask it or am I just imagining more players experiencing on-field of play medical events in hockey than all others combined. I can't think of one player seizure/episode in baseball, maybe one in NBA 2-3 yrs ago and I believe 2-3 on-field seizures (not counting jerry kill).


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But there's a heart condition where a hole forms between the ventricles, so blood doesn't circulate well through the heart and pools on one side, causing the heart to swell. Eventually, the person dies of heart failure, especially if they're physically active. I remember reading an article about that a while ago, because a bunch of high school/college football players had died from it.


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And it's not something that forms later on in life, but rather the failure of the hole to close on its own during fetal development. Some people who have it can go their whole lives never having a clue, while others might drop dead on a basketball court at far too young an age. There's just no way to predict who will have problems with it.


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he suffered from a syncopal episode in my opinion...depending on what his chronic underlying arrhythmia is. Definitely scary stuff, as a huge CBJ fan I was pleased they chose to cancel the rest of the game.


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Apparently when he came-to he asked how much time was left in the period and wanted to get back on the ice.  Pretty surreal by all accounts.


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I work at the arena here in Dallas. I can't put into words how erie and surreal that was last night. 14,000 people were in complete shock. You truly could here a pin drop when they drug him to the back. He was laying in the hall way 50 yards from my office as they administered the AED to him. 8 Years in this building I have seen some crazy stuff, but last night was by far the most crazy of em all.