OT- Saw 'KISS' on the weekend

Submitted by DingleberryFinn. on July 13th, 2009 at 10:58 AM

I had the pleasure of going to my first 'KISS' concert on Friday, and boy was it a show. It was a 2 hour set, with pyrotechnics, fireworks, and just about every hit song in the past 25 years. Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley kicked ass and neither one seems to have lost a step. So my question to you Mgobloggers is this: what's the best concert you've ever been too, and why?



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because it is in fact a plethora of performances, but Lollapalooza 2007. That weekend I saw:

Ben Harper
Daft Punk
Modest Mouse
Snow Patrol
Iggy Pop
Lupe Fiasco
Kings of Leon
My Morning Jacket
Pearl Jam

Iggy through Pearl Jam was all one day, which for me was just amazing. Lollapalooza this year had a really weak lineup IMO.


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I was supposed to see KISS back in '96 when they played at Tiger Stadium. Had to skip it because I had a horrible case of bronchitis and was already on my second round of antibiotics.

God hates me.......


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Ben Folds puts on a fantastic show. Lots of improv on the piano and lots of energy.

Best overall concert that I've been to was probably Coldplay though.

And yes, I know how you know I'm gay.

Musket Rebellion

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No one.


One time we were throwing a party at our house on Division St. when a Nickleback song came on the radio. My ex-girlfriend changed the song because she has taste and some meathead playing beer pong called her a bitch. I said something along the lines of "hey asshole, nickleback sucks and you can get the fuck out of my house."

Unfortunately he was bigger than me and backing up my big mouth has never been a strong suit of mine.


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I saw 311 about 2 years ago at the Greek Theater and their drum routine in the middle of their set was awesome. Also Pepper opened for them, which was the worst performance I have ever seen. They were drunk or stoned or both on stage. Plus the Wailers were the second act with Bob Marley's nephew as lead vocals. Then everyone came on stage at the end to do an encore song of One Love.


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DMB - @ Alpine Valley in Wisconsin during the year Rick James died. He did a tribute to him and played "Super Freak" among his other hits. It was awesome. I go every year but that one was exceptionally good.


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This has been a really depressing thread so far. Nickelback, DMB, 311, and numerous mentions of Ben Folds?! Come on mgobloggers, we're better than this!

El Jeffe

July 13th, 2009 at 1:16 PM ^

It is sort of inherently douchey to run down other people's music tastes and pump up one's own, since it's so personal. Having said that, however (warning: douchiness ahead) DMB? 311? Coldplay?

Here's my top 5 just in A2, and just in college:

1. Husker Du at the Nectarine Ballroom, October(ish) 1987. Final mini-tour. They signed my shirt at a Schoolkids in-store.

2. Replacements at Hill Auditorium, 1989ish.

3. Violent Femmes at Hill Auditorium, 1991ish.

4. R.E.M. at Crisler, 1988ish.

5. Pogues at the Power Center, 1990ish. Not the best show, but it was the one where they kicked Shane off stage and refunded everyone's money because Jem Finer/Spider Stacy didn't know any of the words.

Now stop going to DMB/311 shows and have a real experience.

/end douchiness


July 13th, 2009 at 1:24 PM ^

Wolf Eyes @ the Half-Ass

Casionauts @ some dude's basement

Athletic Mic League @ The Michigan League

One Be Lo @ The Blind Pig

Rev. Horton Heat @ The Shelter


July 13th, 2009 at 1:29 PM ^

go ahead and assume that most of your saw these shows 7-10 years ago when that sort of thing was less embarrassing. Otherwise, yikes.

And just to prove I'm not just being a dick, I'll admit that I attended a Puff Daddy & The Family concert back in 1998. I was 17.


July 13th, 2009 at 2:29 PM ^

the used
saving able
billy talent
pop evil
avenged sevenfold
motley crue
alice in chains


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Third Eye Blid in 07. I've also seen Ben Folds numerous times and met him each time. He puts on an amazing show as numerous people have said. Oh and just thinking of KISS makes me put Detroit Rock City in my dvd player.

david from wyoming

July 13th, 2009 at 3:54 PM ^

I can't pick between the two but Sigur Ros and The Mars Volta (both at the Michigan Theater) were fantastic shows. I was really close to driving down to red rocks (since I've moved west) to see Sigur Ros this fall, and I'm still kicking myself for not going.

Mars Volta was worth the ticket price just to watch Thomas Pridgen on drums for the 2.5 or 3 hours. If you have never heard of him and love drumming, check the link.


J. Lichty

July 13th, 2009 at 4:02 PM ^

I am a sporadic concert goer, but here are some of the ones that stick out in my mind.

AC/DC - for those about to Rock Tour (my first concert when I was in grade school - Met Center, Bloomington MN

Iron Maiden - 1984 - Met Center, Bloomington MN

Styx - 1984 or so - the Mr. Roboto concert - St. Paul MN - dont know if it would hold up, but at the time, with the movie about Mr Roboto before the concert in lieu of crappy warmup band and the rock opera style show was pretty unique

Dead Milkmen - Nectarine 1987 or 1988.

Violent Femmes - Summerfest Milwaukee - they are great everywhere, but getting them on home turf is extra good;

Brooks and Dunn - Summerfest Milwaukee 1995 - great show - even non country fans with us had a great time

Garth Brooks - Arlington VA 1996

Green Day - Aragon - Chicago - 2001

Bruce Springsteen - Meadowlands - 2003

Jummy Buffett - Wrigley Field 2005? - I have been to many buffet shows at Alpine Valley, but this one at Wrigley was unique - so it tops the list. I would also add Jimmy Buffet 1990 at Margaritaville in Key West to the list.


July 13th, 2009 at 11:25 PM ^

Pearl Jam - Crisler Arena, early 90's
Faith No More with Helmet, Club East(?) in GR, early 90's
Primus with The Melvins, Fox Theater in Detroit, early 90's**

**My understanding is that The Melvins were a very influential band, but man were they full of suck.