OT: Saturday NFL Divisional Playoff Games

Submitted by M-Wolverine on January 12th, 2013 at 4:29 PM
Some say this is the best weekend of football. Since Michigan can't play on it, they're wrong. But it's still pretty good. First up on CBS is Baltimore vs. Denver. Lewis vs. Manning. Have no idea how to root in this one, and by root I mean what's better for Brady. Don't want Manning sniffing another title. Actually know people in Denver, so have nothing against the Broncos, but always want Peyton looking up at Brady and Woodson. But even though Baltimore would have to go to New England, they have the type of defense that gives the Pats fits. Then at 8 it's Fox and San Fran vs. Green Bay. Maybe the NFC Championship. Harbaugh vs. Woodson. Another toughie. What helps Michigan more in recruiting? a former player winning as a coach...or a player? another ring puts Charles him one ahead of Manning. But then might have to start thinking long term on Rodgers winning. Tomorrowis essier to pick, but good football today regardless.



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I didn't mind that call mainly because the Ravens needed a touchdown and this is the NFL instead of college (aka the clock does not stop after firstdowns). A 1:20 is not a lot of time to drive 80 yards, if you play good defense and do not give up any big passing plays at least.

If this was college though, I would of went for it. As those 10 yard underneath throws for first downs in the middle of the field will waste 20-25 seconds in the NFL compared to 5-10 in college football. 


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Except giving up bombs in the base defense =/= giving up bombs in a prevent defense. The defense Denver was playing was designed to not give up 10+ throws to the outside (aka easy first downs and then out of bounds) and bombs with the deep safeties. The Denver safety simply misplayed the ball and timed him jump horribly. No matter what defense you run, it will fail if you players fail to execute, which is something you cannot really account for.

In my humble opinion, they made the right decision, just failed to execute on it. Where is Mathlete with the stats when you need him? 


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Great game. I am really surprised Denver took a knee to go to overtime. You have Peyton Manning, 2 timeouts, and all you need is a field goal!. At least show you want to go for it and run a draw, just to see what happens. I don't understand coaches thinking sometimes. 


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You have Peyton Manning and all you need is a first down on 3rtd & 7... hand off and punt?

Then you have 30 secs and 2 timeouts only needing about 45yds for a FG chance with Peyton Manning... take a knee?

Now Baltimore wins the OT toin coss... Manning will never even get another chance to win this game...


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That's a make-up call for the baloney holding call on the Ravens' DB On the Broncos' last TD drive. Dan said the guy was inviting the flag because he had his hand on him. Now he says Bailey can have his hand on Torey Smith and doesn't know why the flag was thrown. What is it Dan???

Avant's Hands

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These are supposed to be the best refs in the regular season and so far tonight there has been some God awful officiating. I was hoping the Broncos would pull that out, I really can't stand the Ravens and I don't want to see them anywhere near a Super Bowl. Or the 49ers for that matter.


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The NFL is often described as a copy-cat league. Once one team does something successfully the other teams emulate. The 1940 NFL championship game won by the Chicago Bears 73-0 over the Washington Redskins is usually cited as the game which established the T-formation as the dominant offensive formation for decades - replacing the single wing, A formation and other variants.

Could the success of Kapernick, RG3 and Wilson make teams reassess spread attack/pistol attack QBs? Granted these guys could really throw the ball but Kapernick really did major damage scrambling and on the called runs. The pistol dive option which went 50+ yards for the TD put to rest the notion that the spread can't work in the NFL.