OT: Saturday NFL Divisional Playoff Games

Submitted by M-Wolverine on January 12th, 2013 at 4:29 PM
Some say this is the best weekend of football. Since Michigan can't play on it, they're wrong. But it's still pretty good. First up on CBS is Baltimore vs. Denver. Lewis vs. Manning. Have no idea how to root in this one, and by root I mean what's better for Brady. Don't want Manning sniffing another title. Actually know people in Denver, so have nothing against the Broncos, but always want Peyton looking up at Brady and Woodson. But even though Baltimore would have to go to New England, they have the type of defense that gives the Pats fits. Then at 8 it's Fox and San Fran vs. Green Bay. Maybe the NFC Championship. Harbaugh vs. Woodson. Another toughie. What helps Michigan more in recruiting? a former player winning as a coach...or a player? another ring puts Charles him one ahead of Manning. But then might have to start thinking long term on Rodgers winning. Tomorrowis essier to pick, but good football today regardless.



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OT question in case any of you guys know... I just saw Baltimore DL jump across the line but he reset before Manning got the snap.

In the South Carolina game, there were 2 instances of this and in both cases Michigan got the snap off while the DL was in the neutral zone.  Instead of takin the "free play" and going deep...Gardner instead just took the ball and threw it way out of bounds...he did this 2x.

Does anyone know why Gardner would be coached to throw this out of bounds?  Yes Michigan gets a free 5 yds, but it is also a good opportunity to take a shot down field as an INT would not count vs. the defensive offsides...anyone know?


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Actually I think Rodgers is pretty likeable and is really good. So good that if Green Bay can revamp their aging roster they could whip off a bunch more Super Bowls and challenge Brady for best of his era. A lot of guys haven gotten that "next great" label after Manning/Brady, but Rodgers is the first I've seen who deserves it.

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Agreed. I wouldn't go so far as to describe their team as aging, though. Green Bay seems to have a pretty evenly balanced roster in terms of age. Guys like Driver, Pickett, and (sadly) Woodson will be gone sooner than later. There isn't a team out there that relies on getting more out of their draft picks and UDFA's than the Packers. Vet FA signings like Benson this summer are few and far between when Ted Thompson is your GM.

Also, I wish I could neg State Farm's advertisement people to Bolivia for creating those blasted ads. 

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To the OP:  jeez, overthinking much?  We are all huge Michigan fans here obviously, but just enjoy the games without reading a ton of Michigan related stuff into it fergodsakes =P.

Go Denver and GB.

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Grandparents live in CO so I have always been a casual Broncos fan, plus I like Manning.

Rooting for the NFC north which is why I am rooting for GB.  Plus I am just sort of anti-California in general (probably unwarranted and based on stereotypes but oh well).


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Great game. I am really surprised Denver took a knee to go to overtime. You have Peyton Manning, 2 timeouts, and all you need is a field goal!. At least show you want to go for it and run a draw, just to see what happens. I don't understand coaches thinking sometimes.