OT: Sandusky reportedly linked to NY prep scandal.

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A Philadelphia man who claims to have been paid to have sex with former Poly Prep football coach Phil Foglietta in 1979 as part of an alleged pedophile ring that included Jerry Sandusky sent an email to several Poly Prep officials on Monday - including current headmaster David Harman - detailing the explosive allegation.

Foglietta died in 1998. According to a source familiar with the coach, he claimed that he had been offered a job on several occasions to serve on Joe Paterno's Penn State football staff at Penn State. But Foglietta chose to stay at the Dyker Heights school because, according to the source, "he wanted to be big fish in a small pond."

If this is true, then PSU almost had a 2nd pedophile on their coaching staff. 



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I would upvote this. I don't buy the "let the story die" crowd's stance at all. The OP clearly states what the post is about so if you are coming by just to neg it then don't read. I definitely think this is a way bigger issue that still has details surfacing and I am interested to see how it is dealt with.