OT: Sanchez to stay with Tigers

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Well, it looks like Dombrowski signed Anibel Sanchez for a 5 year hitch at $80M.  I'm very curious to see what happens with Porcello now that Sanchez is wrapped up for the foreseeable future.

I thought Sanchez was (imagine Ernie Harwell voice here) long gone.  Looks like more evidence to support the theory that Mike Ilitch is in "win now" mode.  I wonder if this is a deal the Tigers will regret at their leisure - Sanchez is below .500 in W/L for his career, although sabremetricians will quickly point out there are better measures of a pitcher's worth than W-L.  In any event, Ilitch gets a lot of credit for investing in his club and giving Dombrowski the ability to do deals like this.



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I agree.  There is no reason the Tigers shouldn't run away in the Central this year with a whole year of Sanchez, the return of VMart and the addition of Hunter.  The only reason I might question the signing is that the fourth starter probably only pitches 2 or 3 games in the playoffs at most.  16 million a year could guarantee you a rock solid bullpen (if there is anybody worth it at the moment).


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to be the closer.  Not sure if Leyland will trust a rookie to be the closer.  Rondon has some arm talent and his stuff is electric.  However, his command is very spotty which is a huge concern.  My gut is Coke will get the first nod at closing out games.

They are hoping that Benoit will bounce back and Alberqueue to continue to improve.  Hard to spend money on bullpen because the performance tends to fluctuate year to year.


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First this solidifies the Tigers rotation as one of the best in ALL of baseball!  They will eat a lot of innings and with that said the Tigers only need an average bully and a future all star closer (Rondon).  I persnall feel like they will be above average which will make this signing look good.  Second Sanchez is getting paid to get the Tigers to the post season.  If he happens to be the #4 in our rotation and does not get the solid starts in the post season as you mention he will be a bull out of the bully.  This is a great signing, wish it could have been for less but that is the way of american sports.


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His W-L record is a bit misleading, have to remember that he has spent his career pitching for the Marlins.  His secondary numbers have always been pretty good.  With that being said, $80 million is a lot of money, but hey it's not mine, so I am a happy Tiger fan today.



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If I were the Cubs, I would offer a middle of the bullpen pitcher for Porcello. Porcello has 4 or so years experience for a winning club, and is 23 or 24 years old I believe. He also doesn't make much. The switch to the NL will improve his numbers, as well as going to a team that can turn a double play or field a ground ball. The Tigers were a horrible team for a ground ball pitcher to play for.


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I disagree with some of the Tiger fans out there constantly thinking we need to get rid of/trade the 23 year old.  He has some inconsistency issues and may never be that ace like we had initially hoped for, but he has great  stuff and great poise.  I guess there's not much more to add to my argument as it's just an opinion that I think we should hang onto Porcello and use him as the number 5 man in the rotation.


You can start Smyly in the bullpen, but on of the SPs will naturally get hurt and miss some starts, and Smyly can fill in for him.


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Is the next Smoltz we trade away.  I am a big fan regardless of recent struggles.  

That said, if you can get a legit closer for him like the Pittsburgh guy and win now (next two or three years), I think a GM would have good reason to do it.  My loose unscientific theory is that guys like Smoltz would have had difficulty becoming who he ultimately was had he stayed and not been traded.  So, its false logic to hoard potential talent (when you might actually be surpressing it, diminishing its value and not addressing an area of weakness).  Trade him and give him a chance to get his wings and us ours.

...not sure if this makes any sense and have no idea why I am randomly commenting on this...anyway

GO BLUE....back to wistful thinking on 5 star recruits and dreams of crushing Gamecocks. 

Ahh...that's better.


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Frankly it doesn't even take a sabermetrician to point out the irrelevance of the W/L record when evaluating a pitcher's future.  People have been banging that drum for a very long time.  Roger Craig used to say it takes a darn good pitcher to lose 20 games.

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Cubs were apparently the competition at a rumored 5 yr/$75 million price tag.   Lots of cash to outlay for #4 starter, but will be worth the monetary risk if he solidifies the rotation for the next few years a la (injury-free) Fister.   And he would probably be a #2/#3 starter for many other MLB teams.

I don't know Porcello's trade value.   But he's still so freakin' young, has good stuff (preferably with an athletic infield to back him up) and has pitched in a lot of big games.   He seems to be the odd-man out - unless he learns to pitch left-handed.  



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The contracts on their face are both 5/$80 but Verlander's was structured at $8 and $12 the first two years, then bumped to $20/year the last 3 years so Verlander is making $20 million this year.  Unless Sanchez' deal is structured to be getting more than that this year, and teams very rarely frontload contracts, he won't be making more than JV.


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I wish everyone would stop complaining about overspending. There is no salary cap in baseball and no one has any idea how much owners have. Money doesn't carry over when you die. I for one want the tigers to spend more and go all out for the next two seasons to try and win a WS. Plus little ceasers is making a crap load.