OT: Ryan Mallett procreation

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Maybe this is common knowledge, but I was reading here: http://thebiglead.com/?p=22126

And I came across this:
"2. At 3:30, lock in on Miami/Virginia Tech, but keep an eye on Alabama/Arkansas (my friend’s sister went to Michigan, tells me Ryan Mallett “slept with easily 100 girls” in his one year there) and California/Oregon."

If that's even half right...wow! Don't know why he was always so crabby on the sidelines. Also, how many little Mallett's around AA?



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This story is obviously from two years ago and I really don't remember the source of the story... However it was not someone in FIJI. I think it was from someone who was a Sports Management major and worked in the Athletic Department.

So as the story goes, Ryan Mallett liked to party at FIJI. At a party, he brings a girl up to a room (i believe in the house). He proceeds to whip his dick out and says "Bitch, Whatcha gunna do about it". I just remember my friends and I calling him Ryan "Whatcha gunna do about it" Mallett for the rest of the year.

Hopefully someone else can confirm that they've heard this story too.


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Why couldn't he throw an accurate pass? Sounds like he knows how to hit the spot.
How did ol' Wilt get so many women? Hope he didn't perform
like his name states, or maybe that was his nickname.

The King of Belch

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Is SO Michigan Fan. A kid leaves home to come play for their beloved Wolverines, and for whatever reason, it doesn' work out.

So, there's a thousand rumors about said player being some kind of "dick"--and without sustantiation, these rumors take off and become fact.

Of course, all the intranets phonies chirp in with their "knowledge" of "people who knew...someone who said...that told someone else..." and yada yada, before you know it, yet another player tossed under the bus by Michigan Fans who want to do nothing but blame players for everything that's gone wrong with Michigan football now that Big, Bad, Ugly Lloyd Carr is out of the way, and St Rodriguez has taken over.

Michigan fans: Phonies. Self righteous, pathetic hypocrites who want to have someone to blame for the misery that is their life because all their emotions and self worth is tied up into a game played by 19-22 year-old kids that they have NO FUCKING idea who they are, what they do, the sacrifices they make, and what it takes to succeed at anything.

But the intranets provide a safe haven for these freaks to hide behind and criticise everyone for everything, don't they?


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That whole rant was spectacular.

About the time I got to "self-righteous pathetic hypocrites who want to have someone to blame for the misery that is their life" I found it difficult to not guffaw out loud at the irony of your post.

I hope your beer tastes better once the bile has subsided -> insert smiley face here.


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if it bitch slapped my brain however.

If it's in Wikepedia, it must be true: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irony
"Irony (from the Ancient Greek εἰρωνεία eirōneía, meaning hypocrisy, deception, or feigned ignorance) is a situation, literary or rhetorical device, in which there is an incongruity, discordance, or unintended connection that goes beyond the most evident meaning."

And leave my pussy out of this. She's old, spayed and walks with a limp.

dr eng1ish

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Maybe it would occur to you that these rumors were going on starting pretty much day 1 that year. All the students knew about it, and many of them had seen him acting like a dick at parties, because he went to a lot of them. These rumors weren't started after he left out of spite, it was an on-running joke that entire semester. Maybe you shouldn't make comments about stuff you know nothing about.