OT: Rutgers and Syracuse to meet twice in 2012 for football?

Submitted by Maize_in_Spartyland on February 9th, 2012 at 11:15 AM

If West Virginia does leave the Big East, and moves to the Big XII, the remaining teams in the Big East can add an additional non-conference game. For teams like Syracuse and Rutgers, adding another FCS opponent probably makes little sense, given both already have one scheduled.

Solution? Apparently playing a conference opponent in a non-conference game. Not unheard of, as Colorado and California met this year (was scheduled when Colorado was in the Big XII); Michigan and Michigan State met a few years back in basketball, twice, with one being a non-conference game.



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IIRC, I remember hearing rumblings of Michigan scheduling Minnesota for a non-conference game for some reason.

EDIT:  This was in football, around 2007 or so.  I could also be making this up...


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For the re-dedication of the stadium, UM was trying to get Minnie to be the season opener.  Minnie wasn't on our B1G schedule that year, so the game would have had the rivalry trophy, be a familiar opponent, and someone whose souls we could crush.

Minnie said no, b/c the very next week they had a game with USC already scheduled, and they didn't want to have ther souls crushed two weeks in a row.

So instead we got Connecticutt, and the first look at Denard at full megawarp.


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why would a team do that? Is scheduling that much of an issue that there are only FCS teams to choose from? Seems like even playing EMU would be better than playing someone twice...


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There are plenty of rematches now anyway, both in conference tournaments and whenever the SEC circle jerk gets out of hand.  Neither team has much of a national base, but an extra game in Yankee Stadium might be the most-attended game either team plays all year.  

Mr. Yost

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This is dumb.

You can't make up conference and non-conference games.

I can spend 10 minutes customizing my schedule in NCAA Football '12...I'm pretty sure they can figure something out in 7 months.


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We really need to get out of that shitshow.  If it indeed turns out to be $11 million for WVU's buyout, someone's getting the checkbook now.

Fuck the Big East.


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It's not really worth it's own thread and since it's NJ related I'll throw it in here. Jabril Peppers a So. cb/wr/rb from Don Bosco and arguably the best player on the team this year has transferred to Paramus Catholic. He'll be one of the biggest recruits in the country in '14. Worth noting because it's said that Bosco is friendly with UM. So the coaches should get to the the PC coaches ASAP.


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Lots of fantasy in that article.  UConn to ACC?  They wish; won't happen.  I think ACC is holding out for Notre Dame, and would grab Rutgers with them.

I think B1G won't expand period, unless Notre Dame makes the first call, in which case I have no clue who the #14 team will be.