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if your answer is Google, then my answer to the OP is not too post it since I'll find it on the internet. I'm not from Michigan or a hockey fan so I had no idea what this was. IMO, every OP needs some minor context especially if it's not directly related to UM football or basketball. Yes I could Google it, but I'm more likely to just ignore it which seems to defeat the purpose of the board.

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The Russian Five skated so beautifully. If the puckhandler saw a line of defenders waiting to grab him at the blue line, he'd just turn around and pass the puck back instead of dumping it in, and they'd circle around, passing the puck back and forth, leaving the other team dumbfounded and flat-footed, until a better opportunity to enter the zone presented itself. Amazing stuff.


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They weren't a regular line, but they skated circles around everyone - literally.  They kept it up inside the zone, too, and normally ended up with a really good scoring chance.  And if they didn't, the other team could rarely clear the zone and ended up missing a change and getting into trouble anyway.  They wer simply awesome to watch.


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I miss Mike Ilitch. If he were here the swoon could end the moment he decided he was finished with sustained mediocrity and presented Steve an offer he couldn't refuse. "Come save our franchise again and here's $2 million more than anyone else in your position makes to do it."

Mr. Ilitch is gone and there is no clearer demonstration of that than the rank mediocrity on both sides of the Fisher Freeway right now.


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I recall watching a Wings game with a group of Michigan hockey fans. Sometime deep into the evening, one of the fans, "Hammer" (who, as a Ferris grad, also roots for Ferris in hockey) shared a story of his (I think) nephew from a couple of years earlier. It was sometime around the Stanley Cup repeat, and his young nephew had drawn a classic pinned-to-the-fridge kids picture of the Russian Five, with the players names written on the page. 

The names, of course, were not always legible and not always accurate. One, in particular, caught the family's attention--a player identified in the picture as "Onov."

"Who is 'Onov?'" they wondered.

Some investigation revealed the identity of the mystery player: It was the senior statesman of the Russian Five, "Larry Onov."

As it happens, the game we were watching late into the night was game three of the 2002 Stanley Cup Finals, and the triple-OT winning goal was scored by Igor Larianov himself. To the delighted cheers of "Lawrence!" from those of us in on the joke.

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It is an embarassment and quite honestly very petty of the Illitches to have not retired Fedorov's jersey a long time ago.


Fedorov was one of the top five two-way forwards in the HISTORY of the NHL. Even though #91 played his last five North American seasons in other cities, he still holds these positions in Detroit Red Wings franchise history (stats courtesy of Detroit Sports Rag):

  • 10th in games played
  • 4th in goals
  • 7th in assists
  • 5th in points
  • 2nd in +/-

He won the Hart Trophy (MVP) and Selke Trophy (best defensive forward) twice! First ballot hall-of-famer. Named by the NHL as one of the best 100 players ever to put on the skates. Guess how many men on this list played 13 years or more for one team and do not have their jersey retired? That's right, only Sergei Fedorov.

Fedorov has the highest point-per-game average in the franchise’s postseason history. Ahead of both Gordie Howe and Steve Yzerman. And Fedorov trails only Howe for the regular-season mark.

Without Fedorov, the Wings most likely do not win the 97, 98 or 02 Stanley Cups.

"But Sergei didn't spend his whole career in Detroit." Sergei Fedorov left as a free-agent to take less money in Anaheim AFTER Mike Ilitch pulled his offer to Sergei because he thought Fedorov was taking too much time deciding. Gordie Howe didn't spend his whole career in Detroit. Sid Abel didn't spend his whole career in Detroit. Neither did Terry Sawchuk. Maybe we should yank their jerseys down.

Who else played "only" 13 years in Detroit? Isiah Thomas. Who else? Jack Morris. Of course, the Illitches retired Morris' jersey immediately after he got elected to the HOF and his career wasn't half of what Fedorov accomplished. Making matters even worse is the fact that Richard Hamilton, Vinnie Johnson and Ben Wallace have their jerseys hanging from the rafters of LCA, but Fedorov does not.

What's really a shame is after all he has done for the Red Wings he has had to worry about getting booed when he comes back to Detroit. He should never have to pay for a meal in the city of Detroit for the rest of his life! He should own a Ford dealership (Fedorov Ford has a cool ring to it). It's a pity he didn't get to see #91 raised to the rafters at JLA and quite honestly he has handled this major slap in the face with nothing but class.

Retire #91 - now.