OT-Running at the Arb at night

Submitted by white_pony_rocks on July 16th, 2011 at 11:30 AM

A friend of mine posted a status on facebook last night arund 10:30 that she had just gotten done running at the arb.  I was under the impression that the Arb was closed after sunset.  I was wondering if this was just suggested or if there was any chance of actually getting in trouble by doing this.  Its going to be so hot this week and as weird as it sounds I am unable to drink anything when I run so I was intrigued by this.  If anybody has done this do you suggest doing it or is it better to stay away after sunset?



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.....the outdoor areas at both the Arboretum and Matthaei are open every day, sunrise to sunset. At the Arboretum, however, technically closed doesn't mean you can't get in there. I've never been caught anyway when I've done this. 

ADDENDUM: I've never heard of a lot in the way of shady activity in there after dark. I've never had an issue myself. 


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Yep. It can be a little nerve-wracking being in there late, but as long as you pass all places of residence quietly, then you have little chance of getting "caught" or in trouble. The white house by the Ronald McDonald house is called the Reader Center and yes people live there. There is also a cabin in the woods where caretakers reside; additionally, there are multiple residential homes that border the Arb, notably when you get near Geddes.

Don't be a disruption to people, and nothing will happen. Also, it is well-advised to go on a clear night when the moon is bright, or otherwise bring a flashlight. There are worse things than orcs...er...deer in the deep...uh...forested places of the world.

OMG Shirtless

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I've been in the Arb dozens of times.  It was only daylight once.  I've never gotten in trouble or even seen a police offer/dps/anyone else who could yell at you.


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It technically closes at sunset.  I don't know how "closed" it really is and I really don't think they have anyone guarding it (at least they didn't when I was in undergrad back in 2007).  That being said, I don't know how safe it is to wander in there after dark but it may be fine, we never had a problem.


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There is a lot of sledding in the arb after dark, and I have run through it at night, too.  The path up the hill from the river to geddes is super dark though, so you may want to bring a headlamp if you have one. 


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There used to be lots of people in there sledding during the early to mid-seventies. There were beverages and funny cigarettes, but nothing too out of hand. If I recall correctly, someone got ambulance-level hurt one night, but there wasn't a crackdown after.

Blue in Seattle

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it provides a rule to prevent people from camping overnight.

The police have chased people out (yes I was included) if you make too much noise late at night and one of the neighbors calls.  Usually it takes a big group of people doing something like sledding/traying late at night to get this kind of response.

Tangential Note: using the kiddie swim pool that you had your kegs in for a sled is a good way to get a group of people going fast, but is very bumpy as the thin plastic is very flexible and conforms to all surface irregularities.


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I've lived in Ann Arbor for the last 20 years plus my college years, and I've not heard of much crime in the Arb.  However, that time of night is not advisable to run in there, especially for women by themselves IMO.  As someone as already pointed out, it's very dark.  If there's no moonlight, good luck seeing much.  Also, the main east/west railroad line runs through right next to the Arb along the river.  This is often a route of vagrants and other wandering people into the city.  Most of these folks are harmless, but some aren't.  If you get into trouble, there's not likely to be anyone else around.  Just to be safe, I'd pick a more lighted area that isn't so isolated. 

During the day it's fine.  I've gone there many times by myself or with my family and it's beautiful.  Never had any run-ins with any questionable people. 


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I've never ran through the arb at night, but the biggest deterrent for me would be the darkness, especially in the parts of the arb not by the river. If there isn't a full moon and a cloudless sky, I would defintely have difficulty not tripping over roots or something.

M2 in A2

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I have had an instance where I was approached by someone who appeared to be a groundskeeper of sorts at the Arb and was requested to leave. However, it has only happened once out of many  times I have been there late and there was no consequence other than a simple warning.


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if you're running there in very low-light conditions. If you're in the middle of the arb and you sprain an ankle or worse, you've got a nice hike ahead of you back to your car or residence.


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Directly across from the arb. Me and my friends would go smoke in the arb once a week or so always on the weekend. I only met friendly nice people while there and I only saw police officers or maintanence once each during the entire year. You will get a warning to leave but no one will press charges unless you have a pipe or bong with you ;-D


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One of my favorite things to do in AA is run through the arb at night while its snowing, that eeire red glow lights your way and is one of my best experiences at college, some of the paths ice over so its best to go just as it starts to snow, the complete silence and the sight of the snow falling is just too awesome not to experience


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It "closes" at night, but that's probably mostly for legal purposes.  You're technically a trespasser, and therefore anything that happens there after dark is your own problem.

When I was at Michigan there was a guy who was jogging next to women in the Arb while... uh... enjoying himself.  Everyone was both disgusted by his depravity and impressed that he was able to keep up with these joggers with his pants around his ankles.


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I don't think anyone will bother you if you want to run in the Arb, but it will be hard to see without a good headlamp.  I used to just run in the adjoining cemetary when I was in undergrad whenever I wanted to go for a run after sunset.  It's a little spooky if you're by yourself, but it's nice and quiet, and you can run on paved trails which provide more reliable footing than in the Arb when you can't see very well. 

It's another place that would be technically closed that late at night, but no one was ever around to say anything to me or my friends.