OT: Rumor ND bball coach Mike Brey out

Submitted by RDDGoblue on April 19th, 2010 at 5:52 PM

Rumor here in South Bend is that Notre Dame Men's hoops coach Mike Brey will resign tomorrow due to some personal issues.

HEAVY DISCLAIMER: It isn't a rampant rumor, but it comes from someone that has no reason to make it up.



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Another Krysznewski (sp) disciple flames out. Hope everything is okay don't get me wrong but these guys like Amaker have to stop going to places where they play second fiddle to another program.


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His assistant coaches have, in the aggregate, had a rough time. His tree is a far cry from those of (for examples) Pitino and Izzo.

Why is that? It could be that they get jobs that aren't commensurate with their experience. As well, Coach K, for all his "Wook at me... what a sweet, sensitive widdle guy I am" persona, is said to be somewhat of an authoritarian head coach (hence the elves in the subject line) who is in charge of everything. Someone like Izzo, on the other hand, might spend more time grooming his assistants to be head coaches by sharing the workload and decision-making.

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this is like Oregon. Izzo will not leave MSU for another college. He had chance at Kentucky when they had what's his name before Coach Cal (sorry forgot the guys name). The only college teams he may someday go to are UNC and Duke and that is a stretch IMO. Honestly, He will probably retired a Spartan. He is an idol in EL. He walks around that campus as if he is the King. If you want him out of EL your best bet is maybe the pistons (long stretch because he probably has been asked about it before) or the Nets ($$$$$ from Russian billionaire.) others Izzo is staying put at MSU


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Fred Hill finally accepted Rutgers' settlement and resigned today if Brey needs a job. No better way to prove youself than to take on a lost cause right? .....ok I don't see it either.
Also just in, Kyle Singler will return to Duke.