OT: RR Introductory Zona Press Conference

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Interesting to see how he is handling his introductory press conference, and if he has learned from any of his PR mistakes in the past. 

Has made me wince a couple times with some of what he says, but overall he's come directly out and addressed the former players to let them know they are all welcome back.  He clearly doesn't know much about UofA tradition, but did say "I'm not just gonna coach Arizona football, I'm going to live it."

Also mentions that he is frustrated to watch all of Michigan's success this year, because he wishes that he was the one coaching them.  He is proud of all of the players though, because he cares about them and they are his guys.

Overall, I think he's doing a fair job.




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Yes, Beat Ohio goes without saying.  Actually it should be said everyday now that I think about it.

Anyway this is a new position for Michigan fans.  Have we ever had a former Michigan football head coach get fired, and wind up a head coach elsewhere?   Moeller went right to the pros, didn't he?

I know some people are irritated by the attention being given to RR during Beat Ohio week, but this is sort of a morbid curiosity type thing.   If RR crashes and burns at Arizona, his critics will be validated and vice versa for his apologists.

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Bump left to become AD at Iowa.  Gary Moeller coached the Lions for a handful of games.  That's the closest I can come up with.  Schembechler, Elliott, Oosterbaan, Crisler, Kipke, Yost; they all ended their coaching days in Ann Arbor.

Moeller (assistant) went off to become HC at Illinois for a time; but that gets us into a very long list of assistants and players who went off to become head coaches.

I'm not sure what school Lloyd Carr was working for after he retired as Head Coach.

Cracks me up to read people's comments about how we need to focus on Ohio [State].  As if it matters what we read and write this week.

And yeah, I suppose that Coach Rodriguez might continue to be a proxy argument for many of us.  It is a two-way street of course.  If people want to continue to bash him, then there will be people who will defend him.  It is really the haters who need to get over Rodriguez, not his supporters.

I find myself caring less in the wake of his hiring at Arizona, but only because I know how hard it will be to use Arizona's success to shame Rodriguez's local media critics.  The sad thing is that while Rodriguez is gone, we still have the Free Press as a daily feature of our football program.



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-He said that all former players are welcome back with open arms.

-The Territorial Cup (rivalry with ASU) will be emphasized everyday.

-Thinks Arizona should be a Top 10 team every year and a power out west.

-Also said that he will live Arizona Football.



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As an Arizona student, I am thrilled about this hire. A reason to buy season tickets next year. It'll be just like four years ago. I'm excited to see them get trampled and then ultimately attain the vindication that we (not to mention RR+staff) were all denied. It's like missing the end of a movie and going home to see it on your television. 

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If you guys get a staff that includes Rodriguez, Casteel and Calvin Magee, you are going to have some very big fun with your football program.  I might suggest that you just got the Lute Olson of football, but given Coach Olson's later uneven personal history, that might be inappropriate adulation for Coach Rodriguez.

Arizona is a really lucky football program right now.


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You can tell he's learned from his time here.  He said he was going to learn as much as he can about the traditions there from former players, etc.  He said he plans to get out and meet the fans.  He stressed how they will continue to recruit the key areas for AZ and focus on them.

The opening made me wince as he spoke of his son being in the Top 5 QB class of 2017, who was a decomit from WVU then a decomit from Michigan but he's a commit of AZ and "don't worry he won't decomit".  Thought this was a very odd way of opening his presser.

He's still a little bitter as he continually talks about everyone (fans, admin, etc) pulling in the same direction and all supporting.  But did like the little shout out to Michigan and the players, he definitely didn't want to talk about Michigan but said that we're good and will be good for a long time.

One point of the presser was the stressing of RichRod being a leader of compliance, a move to help calm the minds of the fans.

He did say this will be his last coaching stop, which I'm sure is alot of PR but he touched on that a few times and was interesting.

Good luck RichRod, best to you and your fam.


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Not sure if serious, but it is much more tiring for a defense on the field facing a no huddle.

Look it's simple math if they run more plays they'll score more points.  A hurry up spread will never have the best statistical defense because they play more plays.  If Oregon played Arizona they would run the amount of plays equivalent to a regular 5 qtr game.   More plays more points.   Old school offensive and defensive numbers are skewed when you play uptempo.    





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And numerous teams do not. 

With one of the worst defenses in college football, there is something to be said for slowing down the game.  And, with a QB who is interception happy (late last year, in particular), it may have made sense to slow it down a bit.

I agree, however, that there are times when no-huddle makes sense.  The problem with RR is that he seems to think that everything is black or white - no middle.  The huddle "is the biggest waste of time."  Or "I will only run a spread option, even though my QB is Nick Sheridan" or "I will continue to run a 3-3-5 even though my DC doesn't know how to run it and it is not working." 

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We could have hurried, played no huddle when at midfield, but perhaps we would not have had four chances on the goaline to get a touchdown.. Sure we were slower, but also more careful in our play selection, and we made the plays count. I seem to remember more turnovers last year, and perhaps some of them were because we tryied to hurry so much.

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I've spoken with him directly (albeit very brief) and he's certainly still hurt by the Michigan situation and he told me it's a love/hate thing in watching them. He wants to see them do well, yet, he feels like this year he could've had the same success with this team.

He was calling our game so I just told him good luck with the broadcast, told him not all Michigan fans are like what you see and hear (and he said "you know, I get that more now than you'd believe...so many people go out of their way to say. Sorry Coach, we wish you the best, we're not all bad!")

It was literally a 90 second convo, but I came away feeling:
#1 He truly does love those guys and loved Michigan
#2 He's still very bitter and feels he got the "raw deal"
#3 He thinks he'd have 9, 10, 11 wins with this team
#4 He still doesn't "get it"
#5 He'll never "get it"
#6 He's had these conversations more than he's wanted to
#7 His ego is hurt because people see him as a "loser" or "failure" rather than a great coach
#8 People think he didn't care about the guys, and that eats him up more than anything

Personally I disagree that this team would be as good as it is now...you can't outscore everyone in the Big Ten and that offense never proved it could work in November. Weather, tougher teams, ball control always hurt that offense. Van Bergan talked about how ball control hurt the defense too. And you had teams that played keepaway, like we did with Nebraska...and ran the ball 50 times in a row *cough* Wisconsin *cough*. Denard could've been awesome, but what's he going to do with 5 possession, feeling like he's gotta put up 35 points or they lose?

I do think he loves the players...not so much Michigan, but I think he cares about this team. I also think that he's going to have trouble getting over his 3 years at Michigan.