OT? RR on the huge show right now.

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Tune in if you want to.



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RANT: huge is a tool the only guy to grow up in sparta work in chicago for two years then come back to work in michigan for years later and still somehow retain a chicago accent like he grew up there. him and yes men brian van ogden and his producer muller have a 3 hour live circle jerk its ridiculous that i am forced to listen to him while at work. FUCK!

anyways why in the blue hell would RR or huge agree to this interview?


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Why did Huge do it?  The same reason any media personality schedules an interview - to attract listeners.  He's got us talking about his show for the first time in forever.


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ya sorry about the grammar im on my phone so im just trying to write fast. also touche jmblue you are right usually he makes such ridiculous statements about sports it drives me nuts everyday at work but i guess he did accomplish what he was looking for.


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I read your posts. It takes 20 extra second to add punctuation and spell out "yeah." The fact that people here actually use grammar and spell words correctly makes this blog different than so many others.


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Well I'm sorry my phone usually puts in the commas and things like that, so for the bad grammar I apologize. I hope that I don't burn in hell over my shitty grammar and I hope that someday I'll get my shit together. Despite my bad grammar on my most recent post, I am thinking I still have a good shot at getting accepted to MSU or any other SEC school. Fingers crossed. Have a great day everyone.


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ya sorry about the grammar im on my phone so im just trying to write fast. also touche jmblue you are right usually he makes such ridiculous statements about sports it drives me nuts everyday at work but i guess he did accomplish what he was looking for.

SirJack II

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Well, this may be the first unforgivable thing RR has said since being fired. It's a really petty way to minimize the obvious accomplishments of Hoke et al. He should stop talking so much. I heard he also said he had nothing but walk-on QBs when he got to Michigan. How can anyone take people like this seriously?

SirJack II

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"Well, it's hard to say. There's so much that goes into any season, into any game, really."

"I don't think of it in terms of numbers. It's about improving the team game to game."

Anything like the above would do. But saying in clear terms that you could have done as good as or better than your replacement is just lame.


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You're dead on, Jack, and got me to thinking how Hoke would answer this question.  My best guess:

"Welllll, it's hard to know how we'd have done, but for certain, I feel great for the kids-especially the seniors-that have worked their tails off and deserve every bit of that success.  So good for them.  They deserve it."


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Yes, Hoke would have answered it that way. But Hoke also doesn't have the mental pain of being railroaded by his own employer the way Rodriguez was and spending three years walking in halls and wondering if the person you just passed is working for you or against you.

Experiences harden people. If you were RR, you wouldn't be "all class" when it comes to Michigan yourself.


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I had some experience with some brutal office politics (nothing NEAR what RR went through given the public nature of his job, but enough where I broke one night and cried on my wife's shoulder, which is something I just never do, for better or worse).  A retired friend reached out to me in the middle of it all and essentially said to stay classy; in the end, people would see things for what they were.  You're ABSOLUTELY RIGHT that you're hurt and want to fire back, but that was some of the best professional advice I've gotten.  Sincerely, I'm not trying to knock Rich, but he'd benefit from following that advice as well.


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on the way home from work.....

Huge asked RR if he thought that he would have been 10-2.  RR said that he did "or better."  In the context of the question, it was an appropriate answer.  He then acknowledged that certain measurables would need to go their way for that to happen.

RR handled the interview about as well as you could expect.  He was confident in himself and the players he recruited.  He acknowledged that there needed to be some changes but felt they were on the way to great things.  He also made an unsolicited point to praise the new staff on their accomplishments on more than one occasion.

RR was not making it out to be about him versus Hoke, even though Huge was setting him up for that opportunity.  If you had actually heard the interview, you would be able to make that determination for yourself.  Instead, you make assumptions based on comment on this blog.

The last thing I heard RR say in the interview.... "I don't care to dwell on it." In regards to Huge prodding him about what he might have changed. " I've moved on.  They've moved on."   Perhaps you should either listen to the complete interview before attacking his character or just.... move on.




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Exactly, I heard the interview.  Coach Rod always gets his words blown out of proportion.  I think he does need to stop doing some of these interviews.  His words on print do not do it justice.  He tries to be honest and he gets killed for it.

Example, he talks about wanting to play UM and says it gets blown out of proportion about playing UM. 


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Hey, another guy took all of the players you recruited and went 10-2.  Do you think you could have gone 10-2?

Are you going to say "No, I think we would have went 8-4 and I deserved to get fired?"

All coaches at that level have to be supremely confident in themselves.  Poll coaches who have teams in the top 25, I bet you each of them will tell you that but for a few plays, they would be undefeated and in the national title game.  If you're anything other than supremely confident and think that you couldn't go 12-0, you should probably get out of the coaching profession.

So should he have said it?  Probably not.  However, he's already been fired, I'm not sure what else you want.

Spontaneous Co…

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I love RR and will cheer for him at Zona.  I trust when he says he would have been 10-2 or better he is using a hypothetical where the defense and special teams played like they did this year.  Unfortunately, we all know that would not have happened but for Hoke, Mattison, Montgomery.  Still love the guy and his optimism and am hoping Zona becomes a force in the PAC.


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But the fact that it was even mentioned by he and the zona ad tells you how bad Rich wan'ts it.  He feels he didn't get the support and the fact is he got more money and resources to do whatever he wanted on the football field at Michigan then 8 other bigten schools ever dream of.  He had a larger recruiting budget, top flight facilities, and more money for assistants offered him then 8 other bigten schools and yet he doesn't feel he had support.




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The problem with this line of reasoning is that a lot of those "Little 8" schools beat us during RR's three years.  If it was just a matter of us not being able to compete with OSU and PSU, he'd probably still be here.  But it wasn't.  We struggled against every conference opponent.


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And quite frankly, it did nothing to explain:

(1) why RR hired GERG;

(2) Why RR forced GERG to run a defense that he didn't know and that obviously wasn't working;

(3) why RR won a total of 6 B10 games over three years;

(4) why RR let a team to lose to a MAC school in Toledo that, even if you accept the decimeted defense, walk-on QB, and all of the other excuses, still was at a massive talent deficiency;

(5) why Molk recently said that Hoke emphasized the Ohio game 1000 times more than RR; or

(6) why RR chose to come on to campus, knowing very little about our culture and trasitions, and proceeded to fire every single assistant coach that could have eased the transition.



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This Toledo thing is really starting to piss me off. Did you see Steve Threet throw a pick 6 to cost us the game? If he could complete ANY kind of pass we probably win but he was terrible. He transfered to ASU and showed no improvement what-so-ever.

GERG, though, was an unforgivable sin....damn RRod for that silver haired bastard.

And there is no way he would have been 10-2. 9-3 at best but we would have had a HELL of an offense. It would have been OSU every game (probably even MSU).


December 8th, 2011 at 9:55 PM ^

He transfered to ASU and showed no improvement what-so-ever.

This is not true at all. Compare his 2008 statistics at Michigan with his 2010 stats at ASU:

2008 - 51.0% comp., 1,105 yards, 5.53 YPA, 9 TD, 7 INT, 105.3 rating

2010 - 61.9 comp., 2,534 yards, 7.65 YPA, 18 TD, 16 INT, 133.4 rating

His TD:INT ratio didn't improve, but otherwise he became a much better QB in every way.

Anyway, I have a problem blaming the entire Toledo game on that one play. Shouldn't we have been able to win a game against a bad MAC team, pick six or not?