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today I watched "Battle for Tobacco Road", a HBO documentary on the UNC and Duke basketball rivalry. I was surprised to learn that coach K was almost run out of town during his first three years at Duke. the common theme was once coach K was able to get his players into the program, Duke became superior. just found it interesting and thought it kind of mirrored what rich rod is going through right now though michigan's football history is a little more storied.



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It could be a similar situation and it can happen for a number of reasons. The new coach may need his own players, may have to just adjust himself to a somewhat bigger stage. In RR's case he may end up realizing that he needs to in fact have some bigger players to play in the Big Ten vs. what he succeeded with in the Big East. Whatever the factors I believe he will be successful in a big way given time.


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SysMark wrote:
"In RR's case he may end up realizing that he needs to in fact have some bigger players to play in the Big Ten vs. what he succeeded with in the Big East."

First of all, RR said "we've got to get bigger" just this week, and has said it on numerous occasions this year, so I think we can safely say he already realizes it.

Secondly, when your players are fr-soph and the other guys are jr-sr, the other guys are going to be 20-30 pounds bigger due to chronological factors.

Third, I hope you aren't buying into the "we need bulky players for leverage in the Big Ten" argument. They need strength and speed. They don't need bulky cheeseheads to compete in the Big Ten; they just need the players to grow another year or two and to have enough depth that they aren't playing people out of position.

It's not like RR didn't know what kind of players he needs to compete on a national or Big Ten level. After all, his players trounced OK at in their bowl game after the 2007 season. If WVU had the players to beat OK, I think you can safely say that RR knows what kind of players you have to have to succeed against elite teams.

RR is recruiting the same players everyone else is; it's not like he is setting out to build the Oz Munchkins.


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I watched the same documentary but didn't even think of that! But, I agree that they can become similar. Didn't Dukes A.D say give coach k patience too?

3 titles in 25 yrs is it?


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There was a thread earlier this week about how coaches that don't succeed in their first 3 years tend not to succeed much at all..... That thread actually made me think of Coach K as a clear counter-example, however, I didn't post then because that thread was football-specific.

However, I definitely think there are parallels between RR and Coach K. Hopefully RR ends up w/ a similar track record as Coach K.