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Sorry if I'm missing a board guideline, but I have a quick question regarding row designation at the Big House as I'm trying to get some tickets for Illinois. Several sections at the Big House do not appear to reach field, more specifically Sections 5, 7, 8, 10, 14, 16, 17, 27, 29, 30, 32, 36, 38, 39, and 41 (OCD is an awful thing). My question is whether seats in these sections use the same row numbering as the others.


In other words, is Section 5, Row 1, actually at the same height as say Section 6, Row 20? Or alternatively, does Section 5 just "start" at Row 20, and Section 5, Row 20 is right next to Section 6, Row 20? Thanks in advance for any info.



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Underlying this seems to be "is my seat good given Row X in Section Y". In my personal experience of literally sitting both in the last row (freshman year) and Row A of the student section (grad school) and most places in between, front row is great for celebrating with players and seeing great (but rare) plays in your face, the best range is:

Rows 20 - 70

This allows you to see all of the field without feeling like you're in orbit. This is but one man's opinion.


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Honestly, the first 3-5 rows are a cool experience, but rows 5-20 are some of the worst in the stadium (along with the the very top, 80+ of the endzone). 


But frankly, the Big House is one of those stadiums that really does not have a truly bad seat. Unlike in Columbus with their overhang B deck and obstructed views. 


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because if its only on the south end of the stadium you'd be able to see campus and downtown ann arbor from those upper decks, which would be a great view. In your photo the deck is entirely on the north end of the stadium. yours is actually one of the better renderings of an upper deck addition to the big house that ive seen. but i think if it ever happens it would be on the south end only for the reasons stated.

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Also, just in case you are one of the many MANY idiots who dont know.

The number on the step where your feet are. That's the row.

Keep your feet on the row and walk to your seat.

"What row is this?"

Look at your feet on the steps. THAT'S THE ROW.