OT: Rookie in strange new land of the Big Ten - Nebraska POV

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Slow day today, thought this Nebraskan's take on year one in the B1G would be interesting, now that FB is about to start and all the talk on the Rose Bowl-Playoffs-SEC/Big XII.

"A lot of cool, old battleship stadiums. And a lot of punts. The Big Ten is a good place to be. It's also still a strange land to find one's self. One year into the new life, I feel like a man without a conference. I've moved beyond the Big 12. But I don't feel like a Big Ten guy yet, either.I believe that the majority of Husker fans like it just where they are.They just don't know exactly where they are yet.

The celebration of leaving the Big 12 behind and the excitement of being the new kid in school lasted until the first day of school, when the new kid got taken to the woodshed.The big bully was Russell Wilson and Wisconsin.A blowout loss at Michigan. Finishing third in the Legends Division.

It will be harder to win a Big Ten football championship than the Big 12. That's a fact. The big reason is Michigan."

Full article from Omaha World-Herald's Tom Shatel:





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Talking to tons of Nebraska fans before last season, they felt like they would come in and stomp.  Multiple people told me that the only thing stopping them from winning the conferance was ohio state.  

I'm glad they got taken to the woodshed.


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We were very confident we'd compete for our division our first year, which did happen. And we expect to compete every year.

But most Husker fans were smart enough to know that with the schedule we had, adjusting our personnel to the B1G's style of play, and having not won the BXII in quite some time, it was far from a lock.



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Nebraska is seeing the same thing that PSU did . . . it is not easy to win the Big Ten.

The Big Ten gets its poor reputation from bowl games.  And it is true . . . the Big Ten plays poorly in bowl games where the players find themselves distracted and thawing out at their opponent's home site.

But make no mistake, the Big House in November or Camp Randall at night ain't no bowl game.

Nebraska will do fine, but it was silly to think that they would just come in and dominate every team in every game.  And that would also be a true statement if Texas had come.



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I think that Nebraska will do fine in the B1G.  It'll just take a little time to adjust.  Penn State walked in 20 years ago and thought that they would rule the place.  It never happened. 

The B1G just seems like a better conference than the BIG XII.  Four of the ten teams were from Texas last year.  A&M is gone but TCU is coming.  You don't want too much power in one location.  Part of FSU's problem with the ACC is that it's North Carolina-centric (the state and the University).

The B1G is more stable and it's a good cultural fit.  I'm glad that Nebraska is on board.


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I'm glad they got taken to the woodshed.  While the Nebraska fans seemed like decent people, I didn't appreciate the way they (and the majority of the national news media) seemed to think they'd just come in and dominate.  B1G is continually underrated.  Nebraska will get it together eventually, but I wouldn't mind if they got shellacked for the next few years by everyone save MSU and Ohio.


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"They just don't know exactly where they are yet." - from the  article

There is definitely going to be a correction followed by adjustment for several Nebraska sports, specifically in recruiting patterns and how the game is generally played in the conference.

In football, 9-3 was certainly not a bad way  to introduce yourself to a new conference, but it was in a very competitive division in a conference that had 3 teams with 11 wins and two (including Nebraska) with 9 wins. I would guess it was a matter of a team that could certainly bring its "A" game, but if you have never played these teams, what is that anyway? They'll figure it out in time, I would think.

Basketball might be the bigger adjustment - I actually pulled up the final standings, and only two Big Ten teams had sub-.500 years (Nebraska being one, of course), whereas 4 Big XII teams had such seasons. The competition in-conference just doesn't seem as stiff in the Big XII, but again, it's about getting the right talent to come, coaching and players alike. Again, in time, I think things improve nicely. Ultimately, Nebraska  will do just fine in the Big Ten. 

Blue boy johnson

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Nebraska is a great addition to the BIG. The game in Lincoln next year between Michigan and Nebraska is going to be a great one. Hoke and Mattison were more than a little pissed when Bo Pelini accused Michigan of faking injuries to slow down the Nebraska offense. Nebraska on the other hand got embarrassed at the Big House and will put great emphasis on the rematch.


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  Decent article, and I didnt feel dirty after reading the comments. There was only one uppity comment referring to how Neb. fans would be able to show us B1G fans some class.

The Wolf

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It was a fun, interesting, and well-written piece from the Nebraska perspective. I like how he admitted they were taken to the "wood shed," yet retained just enough cockiness or swagger in the same breath (even though they were "schooled" this year, once they adjust they will show the rest of the conference how it's done). I think Nebraska was a great addition to the conference. They seem to fit perfectly and I look forward to the great games that will be played.


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No disrespect, but if you look at the division Nebraska used to play in, I don't know why anyone would think the big ten is easier.

Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State


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I know they're not a perfect measure of strength, but look at the all time winning percentage in each division, with the expected wins in a thirteen game season.

Big XII North

  1. Nebraska  (.709) 9.2
  2. Colorado (.600) 7.8
  3. Missouri (.541) 7.0
  4. Kansas (.502) 6.5
  5. Iowa State (.457) 5.9
  6. Kansas State (.439) 5.7

B1G Legends

  1. Michigan (.736) 9.6
  2. Nebraska (.709) 9.2
  3. Michigan State (.590) 7.7
  4. Minnesota (.571) 7.4
  5. Iowa (.531) 6.9
  6. Northwestern (.442) 5.7


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Hindsight is 20/20.  Nebraska had to leave the Big 12.  It was crumbling from underneath them.  

Their outlook in staying was to either reamin in an abusive relationship with Texas, or be left surrounded with a bunch of weak sisters when Texax, A&M, OK, OK ST. bolted for the Pac (16).

What Nebraska needed was stability.  That's exactly what it got from the B1G.  Make no mistake, the Big 12 did not dissolve but it is hardly stable.  


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I think the idea that Nebraska is culturally a Big Ten school is flawed, but not for the same reason one of the commenters on the article did. The old Big 8 schools all had certain things in common, notably the fact that they were all large land grant schools in small, rural states with (mostly) middle of the road academics and largely in-state student bodies. There are Big Ten schools that fit that mould to some degree or another, but we are for the most part large schools in large states with good to great academic reputations and major national and international profiles. We have 5 members in or near large urban areas (and another 5 within eas driving distance of big cities). No offense to Nebraska, I'm glad to have you guys, but the truth is we have a lot more in common with the Pac-12 and the ACC schools and you guys have a lot more in common with the SEC schools from a cultural perspective. 

I think there are a lot of Husker fans who probably would stay if they could do it over again, but hindsight is 20/20. 


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Anyone else still getting confused as NU standing for Nebraska instead of Northwestern? "NU fans got bragging rights over Iowa." Wait, what does Northwestern have to do with this? Oh. Right.


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we had just one university in the state for quite some time. Even the fight song from the 1920's goes,

"There is no place like Nebraska
Dear old Nebraska U"

Nowdays we have a three campus system and a med center, so some say UNL U Nebraska-Lincoln) but NU became a habit.