OT: Ron's Unofficial Guide to Board Posts

Submitted by Ron Utah on September 25th, 2018 at 8:00 AM

Will also post as a diary.  TL; DR - Almost any relevant thought--no matter how inane--can actually be turned into a decent board post, but you have to do a little work.  Don't want to do any work?  Post your thought in an existing thread, or don't post it at all.  MGoBlog is not a listserv.  I love this board and its contributors--even the ones with whom I vehemently disagree--but it only works if we're contributing ideas of value.

MGoBlog is my favorite website.  It is an amazing, free collection of information, analysis, and updates.  Not long ago, you could count on at least one post per day and one diary per week that offered some insight, analysis, or insider information that you couldn't get anywhere else, or couldn't get without knowing exactly where to look.  Lately, lots of posts have me feeling:


Are you wondering if your most recent thought is worth posting to the board?  What if you've got a question you really want answered by some of the great minds we have?  Did you just have the most brilliant epiphany concerning a player, coach, or the collective consciousness of the Board?

I get it.  Sometimes I have good ideas.  Or at least, sometimes my wife tells me that she thinks I think I have a good idea.  When that happens, it's great to get feedback, affirmation, and even differing viewpoints.  But when is a good time to post something to the board?  Let's start in the affirmative, and then let's talk about how to make a crappy post board-worthy.  Because the truth about the MGoBlog community is that it's actually pretty damn awesome--as long as you make an effort.

Good posts:

  • Did you just read an excellent article on Michigan sports that you have not seen posted (yes, you actually have to look, and consider the thread title may not contain the article to which you are referring)?  Great!  Share that with the appropriate board sport (ie, football) and use a clear (not clever) title like, "Great article on DPJ's production compared to other 5-star WRs."  Then, in the post, put a link to the article (it's the button that looks like two links in a chain!  And when you mouse over it, it says, "Link"!), a brief summary, and let us know what publication produced the article.  Don't bother if it's from a known troll site or click-baiter.  See here if you're not sure.
  • Seen some information from several sources that you found informative or valuable?  Use a clear title like "Ben(ch) Mason Appreciation w/ Quotes from Players/Coaches" and then put all that info into the post instead of posting seven links for readers to click.
  • What about an interesting personnel happening at Michigan or one of their opponents?  Put the key information in the title, such as Northwestern RB Jeremy Larkin retires and then a link to a reputable source.  If it's inside information you're sharing, cite your source in a general way, or don't post it to the board.  Feel free to share unverified stuff in an existing thread, but don't spoil the board with info from your sister's cousin's boyfriend who's an analyst for the basketball team with a friend on the Michigan football coaching staff who's actually a graduate assistant from two years ago.
  • Did you just find some interesting statistical information about Michigan or one of its opponents?  Use the post title to explain what you've found in a few words and then put the data in the board post.  Make sure you consider the sample size and data source.  If there's lots of information, consider a diary examining the data over a period of time to validate your hypothesis.  Feel like this is too hard or sounds like homework?  Go ahead and keep that post to yourself, put it in a snowflake thread, or find an existing thread where it makes sense.  Michigan allowing 0.5 yards per play fewer than anyone else in the country is a perfect and legitimate thread title and thread.  I've learned the info and can decide if I want to click to participate in the discussion about the veracity of the stat.  Even better, that post is fleshed out with a link to the source and other interesting info about the title statistic.
  • Did you notice something significant about Michigan football from your own watching, expertise, or study?  Make sure your title includes your hypothesis and your post backs that up with your credentials or verifiable information.  Pictures, gifs, or videos on technique, information from UFRs or a coach's analysis, even a conversation with a reputable source with clear quotes can all be good supporting information.  Diaries are often useful here.  Film Analysis Ep 3.2 - Good Offensive Plays vs. SMU is a great post.  Don't dishonor work that with board posts like, "Why don't our RBs have better vision?"  Are you a coach?  Tell us what you saw and why it's relevant.  Just a smart fan?  Use statistical or visual evidence and comparisons.  Absent this supporting information, keep your snowflake to yourself or post it in an existing thread.  Your insight isn't insightful if we can't see its validity.

But what if I have an idea, question, or really, really important epiphany to share with the board?  There's actually methods you can use to make even the softest of snowflakes board-worthy.

  • Have an idea?  Feel like a player, perhaps a highly-recruited WR, isn't performing up to expectations?  Do NOT post something like, "Player X is a disappointment so far in his career."  But if you really feel you must get your idea out there for feedback or recognition, you can actually turn what should be a brain abortion into useful discussion on the board.  Cite statistics comparing Player X to similar players in similar situations.  Openly recognize the potential error sources in your own data.  Analyze what might be done to improve the situation.  Provide quotes from reputable sources relevant to your point-of-view.  Don't want to do that?  Just want to post your idea and get feedback?  Great!  MGoBlog already has thousands of threads, and one is sure to relate to your idea, no matter how ridiculous it is.  Concerned your idea won't get enough attention in a random thread?  Put in a post-game thread, snowflake thread, UV, UFR, Opponent Watch...any thread to which your idea relates.  These threads all get thousands of views and someone is sure to read your idea.  Yay!  Validation!  No work required!  But absent some clear, valuable supporting information, your idea is NOT board-worthy.  Resist the ego and don't post it to the board, or give into your ego and spend some time building a case.
  • Have a question about Michigan football, an opponent, or a betting line you really want answered?  You have two choices: 1) Do some work yourself trying to answer the question (try Google before you post) and if it still isn't answered, post your question as the topic and provide supporting information to start a conversation.  2) Don't post your question or post it in an existing thread.  There is no universe where your random question is a worthy board post if it does not contain supporting information.  The good news is that if you are willing to do some work and present some insightful data, the board will almost certainly appreciate your post and question, even if it's a dumb question.
  • Did you just realize the one thing that needs to change for Michigan football to flourish?  Epiphanies are particularly dangerous.  Whether or not they are aided by certain substances, it's not likely that other people will not find your revelation very insightful.  So, back it up with--you guessed it--relevant information like statistics, quotes, video, etc.  Turn it into a hypothesis and present your case, being sure to recognize the potential errors with your own ideas.

Want a shortcut to finding information to turn your crap post into an MGoBlog faverave?  Try sites like: cfbstats.com, Football Outsiders, Sports Reference, and even searching our very own MGoBlog, MGoBlue.com, or local/national news sites like ESPN, Mlive, Detroit News, WolverinesWire.com, etc.

If your post contains informative (new information to the board--even silly stuff like Scott Frost trolling tweets or articles) or insightful (thoughtful, credible, and supported analysis) content, even if your idea sucks, it could be valuable to the board.  If not, put it in an existing thread or don't put it anywhere at all.



September 24th, 2018 at 7:13 PM ^

I’ve been a long time reader and enjoy this site but it has gone downhill.  What I’ve noticed is the protected class on this board gets a free pass while more controversial posters who don’t fall in-line with the ruling class get hardassed and banned.  

The guy who posted about Harbaugh’s assistant got schwacked.  While the poster who called Scott Frost’s mother a whore was applauded.   One was not part of the protected class and one is. 


September 24th, 2018 at 9:11 PM ^

You may have been a long-time reader, but in the week since you signed up you've gotten into hotly-contested arguments about humidity during games, said Iowa is better than Michigan, and claimed you got a hernia trying to do pull-ups.  

Sometimes people think they are downvoted because of some huge cabal against them.  In fact, it's usually because they come in hot and any community isn't all that welcoming of people starting fights the minute they show up.


September 24th, 2018 at 9:14 PM ^

Scott  Frost's mother famously made public comments. (That she should be embarrassed by).

Deciding to post about Harbaugh's assistant was a borderline invasion of her privacy and an invitation for creeps to make comments about her appearance.

Honestly, if you can't see the difference maybe you should go back to just being a long time reader.


EDIT:  Hey, I just got my first inter-post-ad.  It looks like I'm selling surfboards right in the middle of my post!  Little bit cool, but mostly it sucks.  Do better MGoBlog.

Mike Damone

September 24th, 2018 at 2:54 PM ^

Additional Guide Rule #1:  Either post on the Diary OR Message Board.  Period.  Your opinion isn't so important it needs to be on both.

Additional Guide Rule #2:  Keep post under 500 words.  You don't want to be thought of as a rambling blowhard.

Additional Guide Rule #3:  When it comes to making out, whenever possible, put on side one of Led Zeppelin IV.


September 24th, 2018 at 3:24 PM ^

To defend the OP, the Diaries section isn't really utilized properly. A diary should get more views than a board post, but doesn't.

I would say, if possible, they should make it so users can only post to the board. Then mods decide if a post is important enough to keep around for a few days, and move it over to a diary once it moves off the front page of the board.

Like "Best and Worst" is some of the best content generated on this site, yet it gets posted as a diary so not many people read it. It currently has 20 comments in 15 hours, which is about what an irrelevant player to UM transferring gets in an hour.


September 24th, 2018 at 2:58 PM ^

I mean, I get where you're trying to go here as there have been some awful posts lately, but just post this in one place or join that hall of shame.

Also, and this is just me talking but this might come across a lot better coming from the mods, coordinating with them was likely the way to go on this one.


September 24th, 2018 at 3:01 PM ^

Despite the certain avalanche of snark a post like this is sure to generate you actually make some pretty good points IMO.

The problem here though is similar to the "dont tweet at recruits" scolding we get annually in that those that NEED to be told "dont tweet at recruits" dont believe it applies to them (they're special).   And those of us who dont need to be reminded dont want to be reminded over and over again to not do something we werent going to do anyways.

Posters who will follow your guidelines dont need them and posters who definitely need to remember these points wont think it applies to them (they're special too).


September 24th, 2018 at 3:14 PM ^

Fortunately, after the most recent board cleanup, we only have a few members left who think it’s his/her job to post every little thought that enters his/her head.  

They know who they are. 


September 24th, 2018 at 3:26 PM ^

You did not have to write all of this, it is quite simple.

Love him or hate him, Jim Rome has said it best - "Have a take and don't suck."

Good posts come in all shapes, kinds, sizes, etc.  They can be filled with stats or contain none at all.  They can be breaking news or little more than an humorous or insightful editorial.   It completely depends on the individual post.




September 24th, 2018 at 3:34 PM ^

You really want to fix the shit-post problem?  All we need to do is three things:

1. Make the points system work again.  Sorry Seth, they worked for about 10 minutes and then broke again.

2. Allow for voting on original threads and make the points count.  Many didnt know them but in MGoBlog 2.0 you could get downvoted like crazy and none of them counted against your total.

3. Tell the mods to leave shit posts up so the board can handle problem posters.  One guy last year lost about 2,000 points in one thread which thereby eliminated his ability to create new shit posts.  Dont pull them down - let the mob take care of it's own.


September 24th, 2018 at 3:41 PM ^

When people say "make the point system work again," what exactly are they referring to?  Everybody has the up-vote and down-vote icons right, and that indicates, on balance, what the Board thinks of a post, right?  Is it the total point tally for individuals posters that is not working?  Aside from not being able to up or down vote OPs, what about the points isn't working?


September 24th, 2018 at 6:59 PM ^

I've mentioned this before, but the few times I've drifted over to 11 Warriors I've been impressed with their board system: they automatically gray-out posts that fall below a certain negative point threshold. Once you get used to that, your eyes just skim over the grayed-out comments. 

As previous posters have said, it is a way for the board to monitor itself.

Of course, if you want to read Trolly McTrollstein's comments, you still can...