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Submitted by AeroEngin04 on December 16th, 2016 at 10:17 AM
Saw the movie last night. I love that it had this adult, tragic, somber, yet hopeful ending. Vader's appearance in the movie is brief, but it's the biggest badass scene he's ever been in. Also, the CGI they use to make Tarkin and Leia look and sound exactly like they did in Episode IV was kinda mind blowing. Why can't they make new Star Wars movies by just CGIing the original Han, Luke, and Leia into new movies? Anyways, two thumbs up.



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Thought it started off a little slow, but it really picked up about halfway through, and the last act on the imperial base was incredibly well done.

Will probably see it another time or two while it's still in the theaters. Great next step for the franchise.


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I have heard it is more a movie for adults.  What do you think the age appropriateness of it is? I was going to take my 8 year old son.  He handles most PG-13 movies fine.  Is there excessive violence or death?


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It is solidly in the 2-4 range of best Star Wars movies, IMO (ESB being the undisputed #1, then Rogue One, New Hope or Force Awakens, depending on your personal preference).

The last act, particularly the space battle scenes, was epic and Vader at the end was the most badass we've ever seen him.

Going to see it again tonight with another group of friends.


December 16th, 2016 at 10:36 AM ^

Definitely best Star Wars movie since ESB. Loved the last ten minutes and the theater I was in erupted in applause at the end of the movie. Great flick with a much appreciated darker tone.


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Disliked, to put it mildly, the last SW film. Reliable friends told me to see RO, it's the best in the series according to them.

Plus they just reopened the Davis Theatre in Lincoln Square (Chicago) and movies seem better in art deco environments with pipe organs so that's where I'll go. Thanks for the "spoilers."


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Rogue One succeeded where Force Awakens failed, in that it was able to connect with the original movie without ripping it off wholesale.  Seeing the X-Wing pilots and other small but notable characters from the first movie was kinda cool.  And not only plot but stylistically the movie dovetails nicely into Ep. IV.  Really nice job, this was worth the wait.


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Seems like it's getting killed by the critics. I think that the longtime fan comes in looking for something quite different than the critic, who wants to view it as a work of art--the reinforcement and building of long-term storylines, etc.


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First 2/3 was meh. Too fast paced. No character development. Kinda lazy story of girl, her long lost dad, finally reconnect but he dies after 10 words. Not enough blind jedi action. 

It was a dirty war movie, and that part was good. But nothing made you connect with the people going through the war movie bits.

Unlike the OP, while I thought the CGI was passable, something about it felt off. I didn't like it. Understand why they needed it. They did as good of a job as they could. But a full movie like that would suck imo.

Vaders monologue with Krennic was terrible! A FUCKING PUN? 

The final third of the movie was probably the best thing I've watched in a long long long time (in this galaxy not at all far away). Someone tweeted out that Rogue One supplied A New Hope with more gravitas and I couldn't agree more. It effects how you look at one of the best movies of all time, a movie that was made almost 40 years ago! That is an amazing feat. 

It screamed Star Wars until it didn't. Then the rebels jumping into light speed, wait nope BOOM Star Destoyer. And all of a sudden Vader is on the rampage. The most badass rampage you've seen in the Star Wars universe. The stuff you did with Vader in video games. It sent chills down my spine. 

Everything and all at once until it's all of a sudden the start of A New Hope. Just an amazing, fun thrill ride. Too bad the whole movie wasn't as great. The last chapter makes you forget it though.


December 16th, 2016 at 12:35 PM ^

I agree with your CGI assessment. with Leia in particular I thought it would have been way more effective to keep her faceless. EVERYONE knew who it was just be seeing the shot from the side/rear. no need to bring the CGI in on that one. With Tarkin there is more interaction so I understand but still didn't like it. think we are still 10 years away from CGI being an effective substitute for a real peraon.

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Read the Darth Vader comics from the last year, or hell, remember Ep 4 with the "I find your lack of faith disturbing" line. It's totally in line with Vader's portrayal. 

One thing I couldn't reconcile, that I'll have to pay more attention to, is why Krennic went to Mustafar in the first place. Was he ordered there by the Emperor, was this his power play to get control over Tarkin?


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Krennic went to Vader to get his toy back from Tarkin. Idk, maybe it was the rest of the movie around that plot point, but for a moment, I was concerned this movie would tarnish Vader. That scene bugged me. "I find your lack of faith disturbing" is a strong line, in a movie about the force, a mysterious, well Force, that both the characters in the movie and the people watching had to put faith into. "Don't choke on your ambitions" while walking away and holding his hand out to the side like he was holding a bowling ball made me gag. 

Vader seemed for the first time ever to not control the room. It was like he was sharing the room with Krennic. Feeding him the company line "The Emperor said we are supposed to say it was a mining accident, no such thing as a Death Star, Wink Wink Good Job."

Once Krennic pushed for more, sure, Vader flexes his muscle. But in the least intimidating way ever shown on screen. 

Wolverine In Exile

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With the "new canon", there's been a lot more nuance added to Vader's character other than "he's the Emperor's blunt edged hammer". He's still the former Anakin Skywalker with bad humor (he nicknamed his apprentice "Snips"), but now he has the full authority as the Emperor's invisible hand. Vader allows Krennic his vanity, but once he steps over the line as to "what's good for the Empire", Vader puts him back on his leash via Fore choke. Totally liked it. Plus, Krennic disturbed him from his good Bacta soak and was not in a forgiving mood. I think about how I am when the Amazon guy comes to my door with a package while I'm soaking in my tub.

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His voice was very strained, I noticed. Sure it's still JEJ and this isn't 1977, but they could effect that into the traditional sound of Vader's voice. Also his suit looked dulling and his Helmet look slightly different. More round? I don't know.

Also, Vader has not always been the commanding force in every room. Hell, his equal footing with Tarkin is on display early and often in A New Hope.

But yes. The only word to describe his scene at the end is "badass".

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Agree with pretty much everyone else on here. I actually was never a huge Star Wars fan growing up and only just watched the first six last year about this time in preparation to see The Force Awakens, but I'm getting more and more into it, and Rogue One made me happy about that decision.

Felicity Jones was great (as was pretty much the entire cast), K-2SO is amazing and really, really grew on me throughout, and Vader was epic.

Only thing I disagree with on here - didn't think the opening was slow, per se, but rather the first 20-30 minutes were a bit jumbled and hard to follow. Not sure if it was any easier to follow for those who have seen everything in the Star Wars universe 100 times or not.

Gucci Mane

December 16th, 2016 at 1:21 PM ^

This movie had a ton in it that 95% of the audience won't get. Saw Guerrera for example was in Star Wars the clone wars tv show as a teen boy. Many other references as well.


December 16th, 2016 at 12:31 PM ^

Vader's scene at the end is up there with "I am your father" as best SW scene ever.  Hell that might have been one of the most bad ass movie moments ever.  

It was like what you try to do in any video game you play.  It was essentially running the ball out of bounds at the 1yd line just so Bo Jackson could run for 99yd TDs in Tecmo.  It was season mode of Madden or NCAA where you throw for 118 TDs with no INTs and 10k yards. It was literally god mode in any action rpg.  It was what each and every one of us fans would have done if they said "hey make a Vader scene where he can do anything and destroys everyone in his path".  

Almost 40 years later we SEE why he was so feared. Absofuckinglutely insane! 


December 16th, 2016 at 12:57 PM ^

My concern with all the positive reviews, is how often the positive reviews come from those who liked The Force Awakens. Ep 7 was almost as bad as Ep 1 to me. From Darth Emo to the Death Star but Bigger!, it did nothing for me.

Rogue One sounds awesome, but how about reviews from those who didn't care for The Force Awakens?


December 18th, 2016 at 5:51 AM ^

I thought TFA was well produced but incredibly lazy. I found the plot to be, at best, thoroughly questionable and at worst, laugh out loud embarassing.

Rogue One suffers from none of the problems of TFA. It is not perfect. But it really works. There are a few contrived moments. But it is well worth seeing. I'd rank it the 4th best Star Wars movie overall, unless you really hate Ewoks in which case it is probably #3.

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December 16th, 2016 at 1:18 PM ^

interesting there was almost zero Jedi anything in it besides vague references, kind of appreciated that.

One small note, for a period that has mastered light-speed travel and manyh other tech wonders, their storage tech was way off.....climbing a storage tower to pull a huge 1990s bay-style drive? Especially when the same plans/data get stored in R2D2 (I think) on what would have to be a much tinier memory space. 

Would have been more believable if they had entered, hacked a terminal, found the plans and then (redacted to minimize spoilage).