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2016 Took another one on the way out. M.A.S.H. was always one of my favourites. Father Mulcahy passed away yesterday morning at the age of 84 after a battle with lung cancer. I checked the board and didn't see this. If I missed it, please delete. Wishing all of you a happy and healthy new year.



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So, "First!"?

Happy New Year, UMFFS!

It did seem 2016 was a bad year for the living; I blame the media. No stone went unturned without it being reported EVERYWHERE by EVERYBODY.  I don't think 2016 was unusual in the numbers of celebrities who died but I don't recall the masses saying "F 2015, Man!". I know Leonard Nimoy and BB King died in '15, I'm sure there were a slew of others. Maybe this is a good thing; perhaps people will reflect more on their own mortality and have a greater appreciation for things.




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Prince, Gwen Iffel, Pfife Dawg and John Saunders are pretty big ones to me.  The loss in productivity has a Jimi Hendrix hue (IMO- weighted by Prince).  Queen Elizabeth will leave very few regrets if she goes from here on out.

2015 in comparison for lost years (not scientific...but here goes) - Whitney Houston, Harris Wittels, Maxee Maxwell, Jerome Kersey, Anthony Mason...

IDK - 2016 was bad...

Death is bad if that is your point.




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Do we really need a thread for every celeb/semi-celeb who dies? Followed by comments like "I hate 2016" followed by other comments like "people will die in 2017 too"

It's getting a little too much. Neg away


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Really, it's not a big deal.  I don't think I would have found out any other way.

I appreciate the diversity of experience on this blog, and I like that people comment on things that I won't necessarily pick up on in my little bubble.

As always . . . you don't have to click on any link.

One of the best quotes I ever heard was this:  

"If you want peace of mind, give up your job as General Manager of the entire Universe."

Let it go. 


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I will say that '16 tossed me personally - and I'll guess most everyone reading this blog - a pretty huge bone on its way out by having Urbz boyz get flat out smoked & shut out as the clock wound down.

Some other good things happened in '16 as well I suppose............. but why dwell?



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Thanks for making that point. The original post has nothing to do with Michigan sports.

To those who'd say "Don't click on the thread!" I'd say sure, but it takes up space and may displace something interesting and relevant. If you want celebrity information go to CNN or any other hundreds of places.


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Or Stephen Tyler, or Mick Jagger, or any of those rock stars that not only are still alive, but still performing.

Mark my words, 100 years from now Doctors are going to insist that everybody has a steady diet of sex, drugs, and rock and roll.


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While nearly everyone know Christopher for his character on MASH, what you may not know is that he has a son - like I do - that is on the autism spectrum and he did a lot of work helping to bring awareness to autism before there was an army of people doing so. He and his wife wrote a book called "Mixed Blessings" about 30 years ago and if you're in this situation - having a child on the autism spectrum - it is a great insight into day-to-day victories and struggles. 


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[Hawkeye has just lost it with a hospitalized Radar] I just left Radar. Now, Hawkeye, please accept this with the spirit intended. You're under enormous pressure here and I'm... I just want to know one little thing... Have you lost your mind?

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to give the temperance lecture.

Frank: Have you ever given a lecture on temperance, Father? On the evils of drink? 

Lt./Capt. Father Francis J. Mulcahy: Well, no I haven't. But on the troop ship I was asked to give a lecture on uh, the sex thing. 

Frank: Good! 

Lt./Capt. Father Francis J. Mulcahy: Well... being celibate, I didn't feel qualified. They called in a Protestant. He had a film. About two sailors. One was from Cleveland, ostensibly, and the other from a small rural area. The city boy decided to stay on his ship and write his high school sweetheart, a lovely young girl, with a megaphone on her chest. 

Frank: Father, please. This is important. 

Lt./Capt. Father Francis J. Mulcahy: ...The country boy got mixed up with a young lady who lived in a trailer with three other young ladies and... a man with a whip. 

Frank: Father... 

Lt./Capt. Father Francis J. Mulcahy: Broke his wristwatch and everything.


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My father served in Korea and M.A.S.H. was one of his favourite shows. It was the one show that we watched together in my youth. Dad lived with me in his last years (until 3 years ago) and we still watched it. He used to find it funny that the show lasted almost 4 times longer than the war.