OT: RIP Slayer Guitarist Jeff Hanneman

Submitted by 543Church on May 2nd, 2013 at 9:20 PM

Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman died today at 49 completing the celebrity death trifecta along with George Jones and Chris Kelly. 

As the young whippersnappers reminisced about Kris Kross this morning, us old fogies can now fondly recall Slayer.  "SLLLLLLAAAAAYYYYYYEEEERRRRR!!!!!!"




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Freaking sad man. Jeff Hanneman, and Kerry King are a couple of my all time favorites. Fortunately, for me I grew up on both Kris Kross and Slayer. My favorite Slayer song was Angel of Death, and now Mr. Hanneman will be one. RIP.

Cville Blue

May 2nd, 2013 at 9:48 PM ^

He will be missed. Reign in blood was amazing... but divine intervention was my favorite slayer album. There is nothing quite like seeing slayer live. Other shows might have been better, but sayer always brought it. Seeing slayer and pantera co bill in the early 2000s was ridiculous. Well, I guess I know what I'll be listening to for a while.


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Slayer laid the foundation for many of my favorite bands. Glad I was able to see them live a few years ago with Mastodon and Lamb of God. Huge loss for the metal community. RIP Jeff...


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"Hanneman, 49, contracted necrotizing fasciitis, a rare skin tissue disease, two years ago most likely from a spider bite. It's not clear if the flesh-eating disease played in his death."   Wha?  Flesh eating disease brought on by spider bite?  that's hard core! 


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I got to meet Jeff a few years ago. Had a few beers with him and we chatted for a good half hour. Super cool dude and something I'll never forget. Slayer has been my favorite band for 20+ years and Jeff was one of the main reasons I picked up a guitar. 
RIP Jeff Hanneman.


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All right. These RIPs are getting a little ridiculous. This isn't related to sports, pop culture, news, and I'm fairly sure 97.3% of this board would have no idea who that is without an explanation.


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Those looking to mourn the loss should look to The Black Dahlia Murder. They are my favorite metal band and they are Detroit.


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This sucks big time.  I remember reading that he had a close call with the flesh eating bacteria thing,  but didn't know he was still having problems.

I'll make sure the neighbors wake up to Slayer.

edit:  Hanneman wrote a lot of the music for Slayer's songs.... will they be the same?  Allow me to say again:







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Yeah, this was shocking when I first read this. I've seen Slayer live about 8 times, but the show that stood out to me was at Van Andel when they toured with Pantera and Static-X some years ago. Pantera is one of my favorites also, but Slayer blew them off the stage that night.

Super J

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With Kerry King being a world known poisionous snake breeder, I always thought that he would end up getting bit by something harmful.  I have seen SLAYER in excess of 30 times since 1989.  A horrible loss to the entire musical community.  R.I.P.  Jeff Hanneman.

Gary Holt will now join as a full time member.  Also sad because that means no new Exodus albums either. 


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Slayer is one of THE most iconic bands in heavy music history. They have been around since the early 1980's when the members were just teenagers. Pretty crazy thing. At least he got to spend his life doing something he loved.

Also, I will kill, smash and destroy every spider I see from now on.


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I saw Slayer last summer with Zombie and they were just so tight.  I've seen slayer probably 8 or 9 times since the mid nineties and last summer was by far their best show I've seen...

Reign in Blood!!!



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Or Pantera live.  I had a ticket to see Damageplan in Columbus the night Dime got shot.  I didn't go because my buddy had to back out.  Just one more reason to hate Columbus.


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much like whne Dimebag died,  that thing that sucks is to know, there will never be another tour...

Dave Lambardo from slayer was my all time fav metal drummer before vinnie paul..


at least we have the music,  pantera and slayer will always live,  espically in the ones of us that raged against our parents, our teachers, our coaches, and espically opposing players while angel of death and walk played in our heads...


you never really have experienced a live show if you had never seen the heavy metal gods live..

megadeth, slayer, pantera, etc...   the fans of those bands would go and see them every time they came around, regadless if they were promoting a new album or not...   the other things about those metal bands, they took their perfomances seriously, and made sure to bring it every time they steped on stage...


RIp metal gods, and thanks for leaving a legacy and all the great music for us to enjoy for ever

Steve in PA

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Very sad news.  This is one of the bands I grew up with.  My first exposure to Slayer was on MTV back when they played music.  They were doing a special about this new underground scene called heavy metal/thrash.  MTV 's attitude was that they couldn't believe hard rock was making a comeback.


In a scene the members of Slayer talked about their music and fans.  I think it was Mr Hanneman who said, "Our music isn't for just anyone.  You gotta have problems to relate to it" Of course MTV ran with that quote.


Their music has stood up well in the test of time nearly 30 years later.  Decade of Agression is still my go to album in the weightroom.