OT: RIP Shawn Burr

Submitted by BlueinTC on August 5th, 2013 at 11:09 PM
Just announced kn Fox. Former Red Wing enforcer from 80's. Has been battling Leukemia.



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My dad and I were going to the lions game at the silverdome. Two guys approached us as we had two extra tickets. Needless to say Shawn burr was one of them.

Sat with the guy the whole game talking to him. (I mostly asked about yzermam) He invited me to his summer hockey camp for free. Great guy.


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and was a talented goal scorer. Such a tragedy for the Wings. Another alum gone from our franchise and again too soon. Have fun talking to Steve and Bob again Shawn you'll be missed dearly. :'( Prayers to his family and loved ones.


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He scored on a long slap shot from the blue line at my first Wings game. I went to with my father and we had lower bowl seats just about on the goal line, 15 rows up. I didn't really know much about the game but when he scored and the crowd went nuts I was officially hooked on hockey..



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But, at the same time, what would we be without rules? If we let this pass, who's to say that America doesn't fall into anarchy? Mgoblog off topic rules could very well be what holds the world together.


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Notice my previous comment where I corrected myself. Also, I am pretty sure I was correct, even if I am stretching it a bit. All the same, Brian said not to label any of those topics 'OT.' Take up your issue with him. I am sure that he would be willing to help explain via email.


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I hope you're just a little kid who's just off to a rough start as a mgoblogger, because if you're a troll, you're god awful at trolling. Now, if you're a kid, go to bed, you're too cranky for any social interaction.

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wish you were here

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Sounds like we need a tampon dispenser in here. I can only hope that when I die a bunch of (supposedly) grown men bitch like little girls about the title. Anyway, thoughts to the family.


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This is very tragic news, and condolences to Burr's family. 

Art Regner over at Fox Sports Detroit wrote a nice piece on how Shawn Burr was a "stand-alone" among the athletes he has covered through the years. One of the better quotes, I thought:

"What I did see was a man that loved being alive. Whether he was playing hockey, being with his family, hanging with fans or the Red Wing alumni, Shawn Burr embraced it all."

The article also recounts some of the stories Burr told about Demers, his friendship with Sergei Federov and how his greatest memories include seeing his parents in the stands at the Joe for every game he played in Detroit. 

His work to build the bone marrow registry in Michigan was amazing and he was a great advocate for the cause. 

RIP, Shawn Burr. 


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I hadn't heard about this before now, but really sad about the news.  He used to live kiddy corner to us on Lake St Clair before he got traded to the Lightning.

He was always really nice to us. He let us check out his house a few times and he gave me and my brother a bunch of his old hockey sticks after signing them.  Despite growing up a hockey fan, I've only actually been to two NHL games in my life and he was the one who got us the tickets for both.

I remember he would throw a few bbqs for the team every summer, and it would always be funny to see all these fancy cars driving down our little dirt road that had no more than 7-8 houses on it.

RIP Shawn.


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Shawn Burr was favorite player when I was just getting into hockey when I was younger. Very sad news and a very sad day. I'm going to have to break out the old Tampa Bay Lightning jersey I got after he left the Wings. RIP Skippy.