OT: Rich Eisen tweets RE: Harbaugh

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Somewhat OT, but Rich Eisen went to Mich and worked for The Daily.



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 by rdonnelly
Hands off Harbaugh, Elway!!!!
Apparently, Elway is just sitting outside the Cardinal Locker room, alone.



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Eisen re-tweeted what I sent him.  Still good fun.


A decent amount of people replied asking me why Josh Grobin cared.  One person suggested Eisen get him on his podcast.


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In all seriousness, after watching the game tonight, I hope we shell out whatever it takes to get him as our coach.  That was one of the more impressive performances I've seen in a BCS game by a team not in the SEC. 

There's no doubt in my mind if JH can bring those kids to Stanford, he can bring even better talent to Ann Arbor, and we will be terrifying.


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I'd seen a few of their games and honestly wasn't surprised. They play a relentless style but very sound. Tonight was really beautiful football in that second half. They were only continuing the steady improvement that has been Jim's hallmark in his last two jobs. He has a way of building great habits in his players and teaching them very specific techniques to rise above their talent levels

I get excited about the possibilities at Michigan too.  If he passes on us now, the guy we hire might stick. So we actually have the rarer opportunity.  That which is rarer is almost always more valuable.


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I did as well.  I watched them play UCLA and ND, and one more that I can't remember.  They dominated the games I watched too.  Not that either of those teams are world beaters, but they looked like Stanford was playing high school teams.

And although Stanford has a really good recruiting class going for 2011, the classes that comprise the guys on the field now weren't very good, but they all looked like All-Americans out there. 


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I know it's hard to miss lately what with no threads about this stuff and such, but i see no way on earth that this is OT, and unless i'm just really off here, i'm guessing a JH: or a CC: would've been appropriate.

2 Walter Smith

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for Stanford's performance tonight goes to the experienced coordinators on Harbaugh's staff.  The game was almost even until Stanford came out in the second half and made adjustments to pull away. 


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It sure is easy to have players in position to make tackles and then actually execute when you start two fifth-year seniors, two fourth-year seniors, two fouth-year juniors, three third-year juniors, one third-year sophomore, and one sophomore on defense.

Signed, your friend,

Chumley the Walrus.


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Tater implied that experience leads to the players reacting faster and without having to think too much so that they are in position a step quicker.  Once you are in position, tackling gets a lot easier.  We hear all the time that "the game slowed down for him this year" when referring to a player who gets another year of experience under his belt.  The experienced player gets the angle quicker, fills the hole quicker and isn't arm-tackling all the time.

At least that's what I assume he meant.


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JH has a huge advantage  over RR in getting kids and coaching them who also fit under the strict and superior academic requirements at Michigan.  Stanford >>>WV in academics.


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JH won only 1 more game in his 3rd year than RR did with Gerhart and Luck, 2 Heisman finalists.  If we had Gerhart in our backfield, would we have won more games?