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Here’s a little background:

  • Before his junior season at Troup High School, Foster committed to Alabama
  • After his junior season at Troup, he decided to transfer because his coach was fired. Foster reportedly took visits to at least five high schools, including Sandy Creek and Newnan. He ended up enrolling at Alabama’s Auburn High School – just down the road from Auburn University.
  • Last summer, Foster, as expected, switched his commitment from Alabama to Auburn, drawing the wrath of Alabama fans on Twitter (they love him now, though)
  • One day after the flipping between archrivals, Foster got a gigantic Auburn tattoo on his forearm
  • In November, Foster skipped the Iron Bowl to go to the UGA-Georgia Tech game and briefly considered flipping the Bulldogs due to the impending firing of Gene Chizik. He decided to wait to see the fate of Auburn assistant Trooper Taylor, his mentor.
  • In December, after Taylor was not retained by new Aubun coach Gus Malzahn, Foster de-committed from the Tigers
  • Foster told that UGA’s coaches told him not to worry about the Auburn tattoo, that he could cover it by wearing long sleeves underneath his football uniform. He also told the website that children’s daycare and babysitters would affect his college decision (he has a 3-year-old daughter)
  • Last week, seemingly out of nowhere, Foster took an official visit to San Diego State with two of his former Troup buddies.
  • This past weekend, Foster reportedly left his Auburn official visit and showed up on Alabama’s campus.

  We left some things out, but you get the picture.


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represents the textbook case of a recruit that Hoke and company will never chase after, for better or for worse.  It's interesting because if a guy like that pans out, he probably becomes better than any LB Michigan has on the roster.  But he's just as liable to completely flame out as he is to succeed.  Meyer would be more likely to go after a guy like that and all the OSU fans would get super excited if they landed him or someone of his caliber despite the character issues.  But just remember that Meyer didn't have a 100% track record on this stuff during his time at Florida.  It explains in part why they had so many arrests/character issues during his stay and why they had such big swings in terms of on-field performance: 

2006, 2008-2009 - 39-3 record, 2 national championships, 1 giant man crush on Tim Tebow

2005, 2007, 2010 -  26-12 record,  zero 10-win seasons,  zero conference championships or BCS bowl appearances



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being blown apart.  

Part Deux -- his crowning achievement -- will be a tat of Saban pooping out a tiny bomb. However, the tat will be inexplicably placed on Foster's left calf muscle leaving college football fans everywhere as confused as we are now.