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Submitted by tk47 on October 20th, 2010 at 3:24 PM

I thought about making this a comment in an earlier thread (http://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/cfb-spreads-weekend-who-you) but I wanted to make sure it got some attention.

I've been wanting to get into one of those online sportsbooks (betus.com, bodog.com, etc) for quite a while now, but I've been reticent to do so because I'm not sure which ones are actually trustworthy (if any of them are).  Anybody have any recommendations?



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I used Bodog and I liked their customer service.  I received my payout request fairly quickly.  I eventually lost the money in my account and haven't tried buying back in since the new law went into effect over the summer.  Basically it makes it so that offshore gaming sites can't receive deposits from American bank accounts.  Now you have to buy into a PayPal type of service overseas and then deposit into your gambling account from there.  It's an extra step and a hassle but so far it's prevented me form buying back in because it's such a pain.  You have to like photocopy one of your checks and produce some other paperwork for them.


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That was a pretty interesting read.  Here is the part I was referring to:


On November 27, 2009, Department of the Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke announced a six month delay, until June 1, 2010, required compliance with the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA)


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Photocopying checks and producing paperwork eh?  That sounds like about 10 different kinds of terrible.  First off I really don't think I feel like doing all of that work just to get signed up ... and then of course, when I do send it out I have absolutely no idea who's gonna be able to look at all of my info.  As badly as I want to start making some bets, there's no way it's worth it if that's what you really have to go through.


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I have used Betus.com and Sportsbook.com before. I cashed out a lot of money from Sportsbook and smaller amounts from Betus and both were very prompt. The only problem I had with Sportsbook was that they only let me take out $4,000 per week so I had to wait a few weeks to get all of my money. Other than that I had no problems with either.


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Usually it's the equivalent of someone acting like they are John Holmes and asking "So what's up with normal shorts?  You ever feel like your several-foot-long pecker is too constrained by normal shorts?"

To which I usually think to myself "Ok, we get it, you think you're awesome."

In this situation, howeva, if you are actually pulling down that kind of clout C-Bus, you really are awesome.  Seriously.  
I tried switching alcoholism for sports betting over a several year span and found out I was a way better drunk.  I am impressed with your gambling acumen and feel the need to upvote you just because you make me feel like dreams can come true.  

You owe it to the mgocommunity to share your picks.


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the major ones will all be the same. what you need to do is surf the net for sign up codes that make it worth it to pick one over the others. various Monday Night Football, College Football Bonus, etc. things exist that can be up to 25% bonus of your deposit. of course you have to win that money a couple times over to have it officially credited but etc and so on


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Glad you brought this up, tk47, because I have been wondering the same thing.

What I'm most hesitant about is furnishing all the paperwork that's required - copies of bills, driver's license, etc.

Is there any way around that?  I have a friend who sent paperwork in with nearly everything blacked out.


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Reputable online betting sites = clean end of the turd

Don't do it brother.  Trust me - find a local bookie instead.  Every company i've ever woked for has one someplace. 


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use a bookie but you clear more when betting online.  For instance with a 5 team parlay, you bet 5 to win $100 but you don't get your $5 back so you only win $95.  Online, you bet $5 to win around $125 and you get your $5 back.  Online has much better odds if you like parlays IME.


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is what I use.  They have several options for a deposit and I find the credit card (which some cards will not work) and ewalletexpress the easiest.  I cashed out $500 just last week and had to verify my credit card because I used that as a deposit.  They send you an email with the paperwork to fill out.  It was very easy.  I would not suggest faxing the paperwork in, just scan and save to a pdf and send by email.  It is much quicker and legible.  Got my check 4 days after paperwork filed and they send as a certified letter.  Keep in mind, you only have to verify if you are making a withdrawal from your account..  Once these things are verified you do not have to do it again as long as you are using the same card.  If you use Ewalletexpress you only verify with them when making a deposit and it takes about a week to clear Bodog.