OT - Report that Zetterberg will be in Lineup Tonight

Submitted by alum96 on April 24th, 2014 at 10:51 AM

Hockey News is reporting Zetterberg will make a surprise return to the lineup tonight.  No one really expected a return until next round and with the beat down Tuesday this should be a big morale boost even if he is rusty as heck.

A source close to the Red Wings said Henrik Zetterberg has been cleared to play tonight, after missing the last 30 games (including playoffs) and all but one game of the Olympics with a back injury. The source said Zetterberg will likely play only “limited minutes,” somewhere in the range of 10 to 12, but even that will be a massive upgrade for a Red Wings team that is reeling with injuries and has been outscored by the Bruins 7-1 in the past two games.




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To me, this season has already been a success with all the injuries that have happened to the team and continuning the playoff streak. Babcock has done a hell of a job and I hope we don't cause any further damage to Hank for a single game.

With that being said, I hope we kick Boston's ass tonight and the rest of the series. Go Wings!


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Agreed. Been a fun year because of so many new players who inject energy.  Fun to be an underdog with no pressure on you - just wish we had drawn Pittsburgh rather than Boston.  That said the Joe will be rocking when he appears on the ice tonight. 


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I really think Zetterberg at 80% is still a skill upgrade.  Plus the intangibles of having your captain suit up, and crowd factor that you mentioned have to help.  

I'll be interested to see if he is the same dominant player on the board battles in the offensive zone, where we have struggled so much to get space.  Man I hope so.  


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Could be the boost the PP needs.  Just good to hear he's possibly back.  Need the C on the ice.


Side note - is Oulette called up for game duty or just to fill in for Kronwall being out of practice yesterday?


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Datsyuk's wife had a baby yesterday, and Kronner's gf (maybe?) was also supposed to have a child, which is why they both missed practice.  So Kronwall is not injured or anything, and will play. 

Another possibility for Ouellet to replace is Lashoff.  I kind of doubt that though. 


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Zetterberg is skating this morning on the Red Wings top power-play line with Pavel Datsyuk, Johan Franzen, Todd Bertuzzi and Niklas Kronwall. He's also been skating at wing on a line with Datsyuk and Justin Abdelkader.

Blue In NC

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Bert, if motivated (and yes I know that's a huge IF), could give them some net front presence.  But I can see this move as a response to Boston's aggressive tactics.  Jurco, while probaby the better player, may be less valuable against the Bs.  Again, that assumes Bert plays hard and doesn't just float around.

Prince Lover

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I really hate losing to all things Boston. Still can't get my buds from out East to stop talking about that Ortiz grand salami last year. And now the last 2 games of this series.

I'm not confident Z will make the difference, but here's to hoping!


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I just hope this isn't a desperate rush by Hank. I'd rather have him full-go next year than take any chances of dubious benefit tonight. I want him to win one more Cup (or more!) and I know he's getting up there, but at 33 this isn't his last chance.


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I actually don't think he should play:

He's getting older and you don't want him to risk re injuring it. Take the summer off and get ready for the fall. I don't think the Wings will win this series with him, let alone the whole Cup.


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Besides the goalies, how many guys are allowed to dress and play? I was confused bc the lines supposedly are datsuk-zetterberg-abdelkader, franzen-nyquist-helm, Tatar-sheahen-bert, and then legwand-glendening-miller. Babcock said alfie should be able to play, but how would he fit in? I'm not sure how many players are allowed to play, I guess that's what I'm wondering about...

Blue in Yarmouth

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I don't dislike the wings but I'm not a fan personally. Having said that, I hope with or without Z you guys kick boston's ass. I disagree with those questioning bringing TB in though. With Rask you have to get bodies to the net and if he can do anything, it's that.

Babcock (in my humble opinion) is the best coach in the league and he has proven that during his time in Detroit. For the first few years you guys had a team that would have been in the playoffs no matter the coach, but for the past few I believe most of the success is down to coaching as opposed to pure talent.

Don't get me wrong, you have talent too, but the Wings have been out performing their talent level for a while now and this year reinforces that. At the end of the day I tip my hat to the wings organisation from the top down and I'll be rooting for you guys to pull off this series. As a Canadiens fan though, the rooting has to stop there. Good luck!

Blue in Yarmouth

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so you could be right. Not having seen TB play in a long time he may be easily replaced by Andersson but honestly, what I do know about Babcock tells me I wouldn't question his choices too much. He has shown in his history to make the right calls far more often than not. If he thinks TB is the guy, I'm sure he has good reason for it. 


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I don't think it will make much of a difference.  Boston is just too good, and the Wings veterans (besides Dats) continue their disapperaing act. 


So glad we traded a top pick and prospect for that waste of space Legwand.


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Last I heard, they were still thinking he was a game-time decision, and Babcock said that he was "hopeful" that he would be cleared, but didn't indicate one way or another if he would actually use Zetterberg even then. Babcock did mention that he would look to Henrik for some leadership though, so maybe we would see him. The morale boost, as someone mentioned, might be great, but I assume we'd be talking about extremely limited minutes.

UofM Die Hard …

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 but Boston is just too good and deep for the young Wings right now.  We got some nice young talent but we cant keep up with Boston's hitting and obviously offense. A 100% Z and 100% E, than I would have some hope...sigh


I hope Z doesnt get hurt, they are going to come after him, Bert better do his effing job and protect him.  


Go Wings