OT-Reggie Bush Agrees to 4-Year Deal w/ Lions

Submitted by sULLY on March 13th, 2013 at 1:25 PM

As title indicates, Reggie Bush has apparently agreed to a 4-year deal with the Detroit Lions. Details of the deal have yet to be confirmed.  I fear they may have greatly overpaid, but we shall see.




On a related note, they re-signed Chris Houston to a 5 year deal and signed DE Jason Jones to a 3-year deal.  





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This could be a very good move, as long as we didn't overpay by a lot...which we may have done. With that said, he brings a lot to the team that could be very beneficial.


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Ehh...The defense wasn't as bad as people made it out to be. IIRC, when they had Delmas on the field they were in the middle of the pack, but without Delmas they dropped all the way to 29th or 30th. That tells me they might only be a couple of players away from having a really solid D, which is all they'd need to compete if the offense is humming.


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Cut Best, cut Dominic, and draft Barrett Jones to replace him. If they could find the cap space for Glover as well, then this team is looking up.


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Dominic is taking up 3 million in cap space this year. He was going to take up 6 million until they restructured his deal roughly a month ago. I did not realize they had restructured his deal to keep him around, but he's still taking up 3 million. Which isn't a ton necessarily, but it's still spaced that could be used other places. Compare that with the rookie salary of what Barrett Jones would make and you save a little over 2 million. The Lions could certainly use that 2 million, along with the 2 million they'd save from Best to sign other players.

I guess my point is you basically get 4 million and overall Bush+Jones > Dominic+Best most likely. You could use that 4 million to help get a guy like Glover or sign Glover and pick-up someone else on the cheap. So basically you're getting Bush+Jones+Glover+possibility of another guy and you're losing Dominic and Best. I think it's worth it when you factor in Jones' versatility and the fact that Dominic is almost 35, and he's never been insanely great.

But I doubt this happens, seeing as how Detroit specifically restructured with Dominic to keep him around.


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than Barrett Jones at C. Jones is not a strong blocker and is more of a technician.  He is a catch blocker, not a drive blocker.  Vastly overrated by media and fans. He may be the 5th best OL on the team at Bama which is amazing.  Jones is basically Riaola v. 2.0.


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I like Jones.  I've read/heard scenarios where the Lions would consider him at the top of the 2nd.  If the Lions could get him at the top of the 3rd, I would shoot the boot.  That would be awesome.  

I'm not as familiar with Frederick, so I can't say much about him, but Jones seems like a baller.  The guy was a key component of that offensive line for 3 championships in 4 years.  He's versatile.  He's intelligent.  If we could grab him in the 3rd, that would be awesome. 

Naked Bootlegger

March 13th, 2013 at 1:31 PM ^

They didn't let him leave town w/o a contract.   I can't believe it.

From Reggie's perspective, he is joining an offense that has recently put up huge numbers.   He will fit in nicely, so I can see why he was drawn to it.   So that's a plus. 

On the negative side, the Lions' offensive line is in a state of flux.   Our run game hasn't been exactly dynamic in the past few years, but Bush thrives in a dual run/pass mode, so this shouldn't be as much of an issue.   

The bigger negative:   does he realize that he just signed with the Lions? (Spoken as a Lions fan for many hard, brutal decades).



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This is who Bush and Lashour are running behind in 2014:   X / Sims / X / X / Reiff

2013 may not be much better as you have Backus and Dominic at LT and C

I would much rather have spent the money on a legit RT, use Reiff at guard, and then use a 3-6 round pick on a RB.  Maybe even 2 picks and double the chances one steps into the "lightning" roll in the backfield.


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I have a bad feeling about this.  Ever since Barry Sanders, it seems like the Lions have been cursed with unproductive or injury-prone backs.  Bush is a pretty good player...but injuries might end up being an issue.

I'm guessing Stafford will throw the ball about 800 times this coming season now that he can hit Bush out of the backfield.


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Is it cursed, or is it bad decisions?  

Mariucci looked like he was going to run James Stewart until he got hurt (exhibition game at Buffalo, I think).  

Best had concussion(s) at Cal that was a red flag for some NFL teams.

Who else is there?  Most of the other backs they've had since Barry have just not been very good.  

I can't think of any others that would be labeled curses and I'm not going to look them up.  That google search is too sad for me.  


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The winningest coach in Lions franchise history is Wayne Fontes.  The losingest coach in Lions franchise history is.....Wayne Fontes.

That just about tells you all you need to know abou tthis organization over the last half century.


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While your argument may hold water in respect to U of M; it fails miserably in respect to the Detroit Lions.

"Are you ever not miserable?" is something that should never, ever, ever be questioned on a thread, board, blog, or within Ford Field itself when the discussion is between two Detroit Lions fans.   A true Lions fan knows the answer, and knows not to even ask another Lions fan to ponder, and admit, the reality that is our NFL-life.... Misery. 

However, as a life-long Lions fan, I will admit that there was a time in 1991 where I was not miserable, but merely apprehensive.  So, there are exceptions.... 


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The Lions don't need him. I don't like signing an older RB to any more than 2 years. It's almost like the later 2 years are the premium Detroit has to pay to get him here. I know some markets are bigger and more desirable, but the NFL is the NFL. Good teams find good runningbacks in the draft and trade them for value right before the gas runs out.

Honestly, I don't think the Lions front office knows anything about football. Unfortunately, until people and companies (especially companies) stop buying season tickets, they don't have a reason to make a change.)