OT: Red Wings/Sharks Preview, General Discussion Thread

Submitted by Geaux_Blue on April 28th, 2010 at 12:02 AM

Let's Go Wings! Versus already predicting Wings will be the favorite because of the matchups which, like, wow... Wings just went to Game Seven but I'll take it. Wings went 3-1 against San Jose, with a win and their only loss in shootouts. San Jose just rebounded down 1-2 to defeat a Colorado team who at times played well but was generally... eh.



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This is gonna be a good series. They won convincingly tonight and we need to keep that momentum going into this series.

I hope the Sharks are ready cause the Wings are bringing the wood!!


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Courtney Love has begun to look like Debby Harry. 

The problem being she's 20 years younger.

And she's trying to sound like her late husband. 

It's not working.


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And I don't know why I'm even giving the Sharks a game...

ProbabIy because I always say "Wings in 5" until they've proven me wrong.  It's my lucky number, you see.

Honestly, Babs just doesn't lose to the Sharks.  Pretty much ever.  Even when he has a AHL team and they're the top seed in the West, he still ends up only losing in a shoot-out.  The Sharks are a really good team, obviously, but between their play-off woes and our general dominace of them, I don't see it being too much trouble.  I just can't ever pick the Sharks to win a play-off series, it's too uncommon :-S


The real question is, Vancouver or Chicago?  I want Chicago, so we can put them in their place (again), because I'd much rather face Niemi than Luongo, especially if he's decided to be good in the play-offs this year and because, for whatever reason, Toews is my favorite non-Michigan Alumnus, non-Wings player.  But I think the Canucks pull it off in 7.  Should be a fun one to watch, with no strong rooting interest.


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and the Sharks both play puck possession hockey. Both teams like to take away the neutral zone and force the other team to dump the puck into their defensive zone. However, the Red Wings are 3-1 against the Sharks this season, having success both at the Joe and at HP Pavilion (a.k.a. The Shark Tank). I think the Red Wings are the Sharks worst nightmare. Red Wings win the series in 6 games. Can't wait for Thursday night........ LETS GO RED WINGS!!!


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The Wings are 3-0-1 and generally have their numbers.  The Wings are the hottest team in the NHL since the Olympics in which they went 20-6-2 which is the best record in that stretch during the regular season.

The Coyotes are a tougher matchup for the Wings than the Sharks because of their defense and goaltending though the Wings basically dissected them with ease last night.  The Sharks doesn't have the defense nor the goaltending to play against the Wings.  However, the Sharks are more offensively skilled than the Coyotes.  If the Wings aren't careful, the Sharks will put a barrage of goals on Howard.

With that being said, the Wings eat teams who are good offensively and not so great defense/goaltending for breakfast/lunch/dinner. 

I Bleed Maize N Blue

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The Wings practically owned the Sharks in the regular season, despite all the injuries.  But this is the playoffs, regular season doesn't matter.

The Wings struggled with the Coyotes, playing inconsistently and having to go to game 7.  But maybe the Coyotes just provide a more difficult match-up for the Wings.

The Wings raised their game to clinch the series, can they continue to play that well in the next round?

The Sharks are notorious chokers.

I'll say Wings in six.


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The Sharks goaltending against the Sharks was questionable.  Game 2, the Avs scored 5 goals on 18 shots.  They will not get the chance to pepper Jimmy Howard with 40 to 50 shots a night like they did the Avs goaltender.  Nabokov was garbage in the Olympics and hasn't been great in the post season so far. 

Also, the Sharks are at best choke artists or at worst, legitimately cursed (worst being relative to which side of the glass you peer from).  Beware the Octopus!