OT: Red Wings to re-sign Cleary [Update: Psyche!!!]

Submitted by Randy Marsh on July 6th, 2013 at 4:20 PM

As MGoUser dfetts pointed out below, mlive is stupid sometimes. http://redwingsfront.wordpress.com/2013/07/06/update-cleary-not-close-to-re-signing-with-wings/


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Three years for around $2.6 mil each year. Problem is, the wings are already at their 50-man roster limit, so someone is going to have to be bounced out before Cleary can officially sign.

I don't really understand what the plan is right now. I'm looking at Holland with an "ehh ok not sure where you're going with this but I'll trust you" sort of attitude. I'm interested to see what moves he has in store for the rest of the offseason.




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lol, a defensive liabitlity. Are you of the opionion that Cleary is a top 6 forward too(lol)? I'm sure you're on Holland's side of things and will play "older  veteran leadership" over young speed and talent. In case you or Holland haven't been watching since 2002, the game has changed. It's about speed and size. This whole stay loyal and hope they retire sometime because Detroit loves them. At which point most have overstayed their welcome and should have retired 1-2 years early (Lindstrom being the exception). The point is that the Wings have been bounced from the playoffs for how long now, 1st or 2nd rounds due to a completely different pace in the playoffs and the older wings are unable to adapt. Players like Nyquist, Tatar and Brunner should be on the team and should be seeing playing time over the likes of (lol) top 6 forward Dan Cleary. 


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Who the fuck is lindstrom? The wings had a Swedish captain who is regarded as one of the best defensemen of all time by the last name of Lidstrom. I can't understand why people pronounce his name with the letter "n" thrown in but to actually type it.... Pathetic... And ranks right up there with people on this board who think the basketball team plays at Chrysler center.


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First of all, you don't play a defensive liablity on the point on the PP. Second of all, the guy played half an NHL season. I don't think a charge of inconsistency is fair until we have a larger sample size to judge from. Though I do agree the money was too much. 


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It's already been stated in the other threads but Holland obviously has to do some work via the trade market, I wonder what they have in mind for guys like Tatar that are out of options.


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Nyquist isn't going anywhere, and ya losing Brunner kinda sucks but we'll see how that situation plays out because he could flame out just as easily as he could become a solid top 6 forward. Tatar looks like he could be the man the Wings are dangling on the trading block, maybe we can get some more depth defensively for him? 


814 East U

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I don't like the move but I saw yesterday on Twitter that Sidney Crosby reached out to cleary to play in Pitt so maybe everyone else sees something I don't...


: Sidney Crosby called Daniel Cleary this afternoon to sell Cleary on joining Penguins


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For all we know Brunner could be Leino 2.0.  Sure he had a decent first year in the league but he could of also topped out potential wise at his age too.

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Leino didn't have a good 1st year (55 games, 11 pts) but he had an incredible 2nd year (81 games, 53 pts.)  The point being, and I've said this before, Holland doesn't want to give up prospects for players like Ryan or Nash but he wants to sign or re-sign these old vets (Alfredsson 40, Cleary 35) and keep pushing these prospects back in the minors.  To me, it doesn't make any sense to say to no to trading for a big name player only to bring back guys like Cleary and push guys like Nyquist and Andersson back to the AHL. 

It also bugs me when Jim Nill leaves Detroit and shows he isn't afraid to make major moves in Dallas.  That's just me though.  I'm obviously no NHL GM.


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Would have to check Nyquist but Tatar is out of options and will either be on the Wings or traded to a team who can put him on their NHL roster. I don't think you can compare Nill in Dallas to Holland. Dallas was a .500 team and NEEDED to make substantial changes moving forward. Wings are retooling not rebuilding.


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The Wings have to be positioning themselves to trade multiple players to add a top d-man. At least that's my hope now that Bobby Ryan has been dealt.


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has played through a ton of injuries with the Wings and has been a guy willing to get to the front of the net and take a beating for screens/deflections. Not to mention he will dish out a hit given the chance. I would rather keep the younger guys as well instead of an resigning Cleary due to his age, but Cleary has been a very solid and gritty performer for the Wings in his time here.


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The loss of key managerial personnel, a GM who has made some questionable decisions in recent years, and a team that was at odds with its coach for much of the season. It seems things are trending downward in Hockeytown.


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What? Do yo u watch hockey....The team isn't elite like it used to be, but made a great playoff run this year. They have young talent and well under the salary cap, which allowed them to bring in a veteran leader on a cap friendly deal, and a playmaking center. They will most likely trade some of their forwards for defenseman. I don't see any glaring issues with how the team is run. 

People give Holland crap for not landing the big fish, but Parise and Suter took outlandish deals from their home team. We couldn't, and shouldn't have, outbid the Wild. A sizeable offer was out there for Nash, but as was stated earlier, Columbus didn't want to trade him to a division rival. 


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where you got the team being at odds with coach thing, I haven't heard that from any type of decent source. And no 97.1 is not a legimate source.

Also I fail to see how a team with good young talent, beating the number 2 seed and nearly elimating the number 1 seed as well, in what was supposed to be a rebuilding year, is trending downward. That is flat out silly.


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But.. The Leafs still lost in the first round and the Wings beat the 2 seed. The Wings exceeded expectations by a lot. However, point taken. The "almost beat the Champion Blackhawks" doesn't count for much.

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They're not going to pay Brunner what he wants, it would be a mistake and he's crazy to ask for it. He wants to be paid way more than a 27 year old rookie with half a season is going to get.

Holland isn't dumb. Plenty of players preform well when there isn't a scouting report on them, but when the film catches up how will he play?