OT - Red Wings game 3 not on Versus

Submitted by Maizerage05 on May 4th, 2010 at 3:36 PM

Pittsburgh-Montreal game 3 is on Versus nationally tonight, and the Red Wings/Sharks will only be on FS Detroit.  For those of us outside the FS Detroit viewing area, hopefully there will be some decent streams tonight.  If anyone finds one, please post!

Need a win tonight, Go Wings.

*Apparently Versus will "join in progress" the Red Wings game after Pittsburgh/Montreal concludes (7pm Eastern start).  So maybe the last half of the 3rd period will be on Versus.



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it just isn't your year. Stupid "The Daily Line." What the fuck is this show? What do these prissy boy middle class cocks know about sports or gambling? Fuck.


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Well mise well play Ozzie game 4 imo.  What do we have to lose?  Howard obviously isnt getting the job done, and honestly not even close to what you have to expect from a Red Wings goalie.  I understand that its not all him but he has allowed way to many easy goals to give the Red Wings a legitimate chance at the cup.  I would like to see Ozzie in net in Game 4, see if he has any playoff majic left in the tank.


May 4th, 2010 at 10:46 PM ^

to anyone who wants to see ozzie in the net - baaaad idea.  howard has earned the role to this date.  even ozzie had his rough patches (against the sharks no less).  jimmah's a young goalie.  this is a learning experience.  tossing him on the bench will do nothing but hurt this franchise.  our chances of winning this series are slim (from a statistical standpoint).  right now, its important to build for the future.  keep howard out there, let him do his thing.  it's better for the franchise in the long run.

plus, you really wanna see a rusty ozzie in net?


May 4th, 2010 at 10:52 PM ^

I'm with you--Jimmy's had his down moments, but he was clearly The Guy this year, and you've gotta give him playoff experience sometime.  I don't know what our exact expectations were this year, but after that first half, (just like Michigan, actually), I think advancing this far is a small victory.  Plus, the defense and many turnovers/blown faceoffs have really, really hung him out to dry.  Regardless of what happens this year, you come back out with him next year battle-tested in the playoffs but with hopefully more talent (including the much-needed return of Hudler)


May 4th, 2010 at 10:48 PM ^

Hockey can kiss my ass this year.  First the refs literally take a win away from Michigan and give it to Miami, then Detroit gets absolutely reamed MULTIPLE times.  Die in a fire, angry Michigan sports-hating god.


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The best part of Jason Williams ran down his moms leg. Why did that moron go high there. Go low and put it off his pads. He had three guys pretty deep who coulda put a rebound in if it came to him. I forgot why I didnt' like that guy, and I remember now. All offense and no D in his game.


May 4th, 2010 at 11:04 PM ^

The only thing that Bert does that pisses me off is that damn one hand on the stick behind the net. Williams hasn't done dick, thats why his was on the bench after game 1 of the Phoenix series. That was a 1.5 million dollar mistake.

Fat Mike

May 4th, 2010 at 11:18 PM ^

After watching these playoffs, I think the wings might need go get younger. Lidstrom is obviously free to stay as long as he wants, although I fear this may be his last year. Holmstrom does great things in front of the net but no much else and the bad penalties are way to costly at this time of the year. Rafalski could be done with as well but I think he will come back. Draper it seems hasn't played much. I think it will be okay to let bertuzzi go as well as Williams. I like miller, eaves, helm and cleary we just need a pure goal scorer.

The Other Brian

May 5th, 2010 at 8:28 AM ^

Random thoughts that are random (and probably repeated):

1. Jason Williams can fuck off. At least Mikael Samuelsson OCCASIONALLY hit the net with his wild ass shots. Why in god's name was he signed? And why was he inserted into the lineup with Eaves out? It's okay to play seven defensemen, Babs...nobody's gonna be mad.

2. Howard was crap last night (I cannot accurately express my utter disgust on the first and third goals he gave up), but it is what it is. The whole "losing before you can win" addage is real. He will experience the pain of losing a playoff series, and being on the ice when his team is eliminated, and he'll be better for it. Putting Osgood in now would be a) way, way, WAY too late, and b) useless. Babcock's not dumb. He wanted to get Ozzie more work in the regular season, but couldn't, because Ozzie's competitive fire is fading (he's been out of shape pretty much all year), and the team plays differently when he's in the goal. They don't trust him anymore, and that's a death knell for a goalie in hockey.

3. The Red Wings are in a spiral eeriely similar to the Pistons' demise. Win a championship, come up one game short of repeating the next year, and then spend every moment after each postseason loss talking about how nobody's worried and everybody knows what they have to do. The names on the jerseys are mostly the same, but this looks nothing like the team that won the Stanley Cup 23 months ago in Pittsburgh, especially the defense. Lidstrom is still playing at a high level, save for a few gaffes. Rafalski has always been a good skater, a great PP defenseman and a smart player, but never one to go down and block a shot (...or a pass on a 2-on-1). Kronwall and Stuart both bring physicality, they both scrap in the corners, and despite a lot of fans' anger, they're both steady. They're the type who rarely receive praise because their work isn't flashy and thus goes unnoticed, but they get lit up by fans because their mistakes are obvious and often disastrous. And yet, it all seems so off now. Battles aren't being won, passes aren't as crisp, turnovers are more common. These guys didn't just start to suck overnight. Is it something about Brad McCrimmon failing at life? Or...are they getting complacent and lazy like the Pistons did? The Pistons went from the top of the world in 2004, universally praised for their hard work, defense and work ethic, to being a shell of themselves under Flop within just a couple of years. It was the same core roster, but they looked entirely different. The Pistons were ruined by the weight of their own egos. They believed their past accomplishments allowed them to skip putting the work in to prepare for hard-working teams like Cleveland and Boston. I shudder to think that the same thing could possibly be going on with the Red Wings.

4. I'm very, very afraid of what the future holds. If Lidstrom doesn't retire after this season, he almost certainly will after next season. Rafalski is getting long in the tooth too, and will probably be put out to pasture once his contract expires. Once they're gone, there is a huge, HUGE gap at the top of the Wings' blueline. Kronner and Stewie are very reliable #3 and #4 defensemen, but neither are top two material. So who fills the gap? There's no money to spend (not now, anyway). Are they banking on the light going on for Jonathan Ericsson? Are they hoping that Kindl and Smith pan out like they're expected to? That's an awful lot of hope in a Western Conference full of teams with an absurd amount of talent under 30. One miss on the blueline development by Detroit, and they could easily be buried behind Chicago, San Jose, Vancouver, and Phoenix/Los Angeles. The thought of a 30 year old Jiri Fischer on the blueline sounds so good right about now - fate is not a Red Wings fan.

5. Overall, I can't help shaking the feeling that the window is closed for now on another Red Wings' Cup. The West is just so deep now, and with all sorts of question marks defensively, I think it'll be a few years at least until Detroit returns to the Finals.


May 5th, 2010 at 8:36 AM ^

The big difference that I see between that Pistons team and the Red Wings is that the Pistons weren't believed to be loaded with talent.  I am hoping that this loss will galvanize the Wings and give them some motivation in the off season that has been lacking since 2007.  After all the injuries, they had 102 points in the regular season.  Hudler is coming back and they'll probably have some cap room on top of that.  Some guys this year aren't old, but they were way better in past playoffs (e.g. Franzen, Helm, Cleary).   


May 5th, 2010 at 9:58 AM ^

how many players are actually walking wounded. The guys that came back from injury - did they come back at 80%? 90%? Are the injuries flaring up again under the intensity of the playoffs?

How many guys are a step or two slow due to a nagging injury? How many will end up with off-season surguries?

It's near-impossibly difficult for any team in any sport to make it to the finals 3 years in a row. The depth into the playoffs they have went the last two years makes it like they have played an extra 1/2 season more than most teams.