OT: Red Hot Chili Peppers just killed it in Detroit

Submitted by unWavering on June 2nd, 2012 at 12:42 AM

And Lidstrom was there to say farewell.  Best concert of my life so far, and I've been to some great ones.  Who else was there?



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Was there a tool concert beside toledo recently? Rhcp is an all time great, period. I run across so many kids (early to mid 20s) who have never heard of bush, nirvana, pink floyd etc. I was lucky enough to have a dad who was into alot of early 90s music. Being only 29, not that far from these kids i speak of, it amazes me how sheltered they have become musically.

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You are 29 and it took your dad listening to grunge for you to get into it?  I'm 32 and I grew up listening to that music because it was the music of my teenage years.  Granted, tying Pink Floyd and Nirvana together is a bit strange.  You do realize those two bands are parts of different decades and genres, right?


And I'm not sure how you can characterize Nirvana and Pink Floyd as "lost" music.  Perhaps you should stop listening to FM and the corporate music that it plays.







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I guess you didnt get my post at all. My dad has been open to music of all genres my whole life. It filtered down to me at a very young age so i wasn't pigeon holed into one type of music. I was appreciative of that the older i got. Honestly i was never into alot of grunge. I was all about pantera, metallica, beatles, segar etc. The message here is that the lost music comment is directed at the younger kids i know who know nothing about them, so the music is LOST to them. You should probably re read my original a few times, or drop the doobie. Which ever works.


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Dude, while I do agree that the RHCP will never be as epic as they were with Frusciante, I don't think it's fair to characterize the early 90s as their prime. A lot of people think they "sold out" or "went mainstream" with Frusciante's return and the release of Californication, but I don't agree with that at all. If anything, the band grew up in many ways, and that maturity is reflected in their music. The band itself said at the time that they think Stadium Arcadium is the album they are most proud of, and I can't necessarily disagree with them on that.



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The band itself said at the time that they think Stadium Arcadium is the album they are most proud of, and I can't necessarily disagree with them on that.

And having heard some of the stuff they've come up with since.....it's not bad, but it's starting to give the impression that that's where they peaked.


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Frusciante was the only guy in the band with formal music theory training and you could see that reflected in his work.  Californication, By The Way, and Stadium Arcadium are all albums I can actually play in their entirety, which is rare these days.  Normally I just buy the half dozen songs I want and toss them on a playlist.

The new album seems more like a regression to the Mother's Milk/Blood Sugar Sex Magik days, its good and has some good songs, but the album itself isn't as tight in my personal view.  It has some good songs and some songs that kind of wander off and seem like off the cuff funk someone just jammed out and never cleaned up.  Listening to the songs you can hear how talented everyone is, but I found myself thinking "A lot of this could have used another round of work".    

Flea is taking classes regarding music theory and hopefully their producers also tighten them up for the next album, otherwise I think you'll be right and the 90s were their peak in terms of music.



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Sorry, my point was that the OP said it was the best concert he ever attended, and you called him a liar, not knowing what concerts he had previously attended.  Kinda like if I said UTL was the best game I ever attended, but you told me I was lying because '97 Ohio State was far superior.

And really, if you want to discount Stadium and Californication amongst the others as albums past their prime, I'll gladly get off your lawn.


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It was an excellent concert, they never cease to amaze me. When I saw them at the schottenstein center in October 2006 they sang "The Victors" as part of their encore while the crowd (most of whom were obviously buckeye fans) booed them. It was one of those moments I'll never forget.


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I was shocked when I heard this.  Although they have fallen off in the past couple years, Identity Crisis and Illusion of Safety will be on my all time favorite lists.

Dustin is one of the nicest guys I have ever met.  His solo album Ursus Veritas was great as well.


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I was at the show in GR last Saturday, and I thought it was a pretty damn good show. A lot of Kiedis' family was in attendance, and it was pretty cool that they came to Grand Rapids for a homecoming. That being said, I heard that their publicist said the entire tour has sucked (or something along those lines). My buddy was bartending in GR after the show and said the publicist said this while the two of them were talking. I guess I haven't been to many concerts, but I'm not sure what else to expect out of one to make it much better than this RHCP concert. In comparison, the Black Keys concert a few months ago was absolutely terrible.


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I like the Black Keys, but the concert seemed rather boring to me. I didn't buy tickets to either show, but I was working close to the stage during both. If my memory serves, the Black Keys were just overall rather boring and didn't do much on stage. They didn't seem to be having fun. The Chili Peppers moved around, talked to each other, seemed to care about the fans. Might just be me on that. Van Andel definitely is a little sub-par in the accoustics department. When Kiedis was talking to the crowd or Flea it was nearly impossible to tell what they were saying. That kind of sucked, but that's not their problem. I didn't mean to say the Black Keys concert sucked really, just saying if the RHCP concert is considered terrible by the "publicist," then the Black Keys concert was much worse IMO.


June 2nd, 2012 at 2:06 PM ^

I was also at the RHCP show in GR.  It was solid.  Far from the best concert I've seen (that honor goes to the Arcade Fire at Lollapalooza 2010) but there were a few killer moments.  The jam and start of "Can't Stop" sticks out to me.  "Soul To Sqeeze" is always a good time too.  I thought the middle of the set dragged on a bit (starting with "Look Around" and recovering with "Higher Ground".  I also thought the encore was too jammy for it's own good, but I guess that's probably the product of me being a youngster...  I also really wanted "Brendan's Death Song" from the new one, but to no avail.  :-/

I'm glad they've been able to stick together despite the departure of their strongest musician without any hard feelings about the whole thing.

It's sad that they're not playing "Snow", "Zephyr Song", "Decration Smile", "Tear", etc on this tour, but some of those are very demanding in backing vocal or guitar departments that John used to fill and Josh might not be up to it at this point.

Van Andel Arena has truly awful acoustics though.  So many hard-surface echos.  It was the first show in years that I was forced to use earplugs; which helped a lot.  Without some kind of hearing protection the guitar, snare, cymbals, and backing vocals were washing eachother out.


June 2nd, 2012 at 2:36 PM ^

I thought the acoustics were good in the Joe, and I thoroughly enjoyed the jam session during the encore and leading up to Under the Bridge, but that's probably because a lot of the bands I listen to have a jamming style. 

I will agree with you that Van Andel's acoustics are sub-par, as I saw TOOL there a few years back and while the show was great, I felt like I couldn't hear Maynard at all, and the instruments were just blending together too much. 

The songs that stuck out for me were Otherside, Under the Bridge, By the Way, Around the World, and Can't Stop.

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I saw Stone Temple Pilots on the family values tour about 10 yrs ago. That was pure gold. Scott Weiland wrapped his naked self in the flag at the end.


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I saw them in 2000 at Pine Knob shortly after Fruciante rejoined. The was sick! I hear the new guy filling in now after Fruciante's re-departure is pretty good though.


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RCHP did a warm-up tour of sorts before the Californication Tour in 1999 and played several smaller venues around the US, including Clutch Cargo in Pontiac, MI. I actually managed to get into this show, and it was a pretty awesome show. 


June 2nd, 2012 at 12:04 PM ^

Never say never. Most of those guys work together on other projects, so I'd say the occasional show isn't out of the question. Yes, I was lucky. The guys from Pelican and ISIS hung around for a while after the show we got to chat with them for a bit, it was awesome.