OT-Recruiting Rankings... What is up with Alabama?

Submitted by BoFlex on June 18th, 2017 at 9:12 PM

Does it seem odd to anyone that Alabama is currently the 61st ranked team on 247Composite's Team Rankings?

I know Alabama/Nick Saban is typically stronger towards the end of the recruiting cycle, and will land a lot of prospects in month right before National Signing Day, but to see them outside the top-50 is so strange. Right now Alabama only has 4 commits in their class with the highest-rated one being Xavier Williams (#94 overall; #18 WR). I was curious because I had been debating if the lesser of two evils was Alabama to "7-peat" the recruiting title, or Ohio State to knock them off. I did not realize Alabama was that far behind.

Also, speaking of recruiting oddities, Nebraska just rose into the top-10 (and 3rd in the B1G behind Ohio State and Penn State). I knew Mike Riley was known as a much better recruiter than Bo Pelini, but I honestly thought anybody would have a tough time selling Lincoln, NE. Granted, Nebraksa got a fast start, and have landed most of their "top targets" and will likely start falling now, but I'm still pretty impressed.



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Alabama will end the recruiting cycle better than anyone.  They had an event a few weeks before NSD last year that had something like 60+ 5 and 4 stars from last year's and this year's classes.


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When Bama gets the guys they really want on campus during the season, their bagmen will go into overdrive and outbid everyone else for the players they really want, just like they always do.


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Name the top 10 teams based on recruiting rankings at this point from last year. The top 5? Exactly, it doesn't matter one bit because it's such a fluid process. I'm not sure how many teams started in the top 10 and finished there.


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There are a lot there know that won't be there a after nsd. Put alabama in and take nebraska out. There are a lot of rumours a couple of alabama's bagmen have moved to columbus. It is funny woodley, a usc legacy, is committed to the bucknuts. A lot of rumblings from southern fans on osu recruiting, but who knows with Meyer there I am sure everything is on the up an up. LOL.


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Sandidge and Friday would be a nice haul or maybe Thompson or Mcneil. Rumours about the big end from Germany who is probably underated. I think we take four guys on the d-line and all will be top five or ten guys when said and done. Don't know why simon would want to go to ND over Michigan as that team is going nowhere this year and will be lucky to get eight wins. Purple faced gremlin is on the hot seat, but I hope he stays for the next couple of years so we can give him some parting gifts.


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McNeil doesnt have us in his Top 6

Friday, Sandidge, Thompson, Perkins, etc. Any of those and we'll be golden

I really hope we get Friday. We've been the favorite for a long time but all of a sudden people arent feeling so confident. Pretty sure he would be our highest ranked commit. Him or Muhammad


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Seems like Nebraska has some decent skill players, specifically​ WR and DB, but haven't done great at either line. I mean it's not like they're stinkin' it up, but definitely appears to be a noticeable difference in quality between their skill and line recruits.

Will be interesting to see how they do this season since we finally get to play them again in 2018.


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Nebraska last two classes had way more linemen, and a lot of the OL recruits redshirted behind incumbent starters. They also return 4/5 starters on the OL this season including All-B1G 3rd Team LT Nick Gates.

The defense for Nebraska will be an unknown this season, Mike Riley fired their previous DC and replaced him with Bob Diaco (fmr. UConn HC, ND DC, and 2012 Broyles Award winner). The defense is not only young, it looks like Diaco is transitioning from a 4-3 to a 3-4 to, which could take some pressure off the DL depth.


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It's too early to pass judgment.  USC doesn't rank very high either.  They have  5 commits: a five star and 4 four stars.  Meanwhile, schools like Minnesota, Kansas, and Kentucky are currently ranked in the top 25 because they have a lot of lower level recruits.  None of those three schools are likely to finish in the top 25.


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Eh... It is the off-season. I was also exaggerating, but Alabama has won 6 straight "recruiting titles," and 3 "real" National Championships in the same span of time, so the correlation between the two is pretty apparent to me. Sure, every once and a while you get a Clemson led by a Heisman-caliber talent, but recruiting is by far the lifeblood of Saban's success and to see it dwindle a little was surprising. 

Plus, there is not much else to keep track of in the sporting world unless you are a baseball fan, which I am not. I can't say recruiting has been a fantastic thing to keep track of with the rate that Ohio State is going this recruiting cycle, but I have faith that Harbaugh will start tearing up the recruiting trail soon.


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and paychecks weren't sent out on time in some cases. That's probably what happened here. I'm sure it will be cleared up soon enough.


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It's crazy to see them down in the 60s, but their average stars are at a top-10 level, and with only 4 kids you have to assume they are just waiting on a bunch of big names to drop.  And as we've seen, kids decommit quite a bit, so I'm not sure OSU fans are breathing easily about their class either.

It's a long haul until 2018, and Alabama will be there.  But it is strange to see them without a blue chip player or two already.


June 18th, 2017 at 11:16 PM ^

Maybe they have fewer scholarships available this year and most of the kids they are in on aren't early deciders? I'd be shocked if they don't finish in the top 5-10.

Regardless of shady tactics their run has been incredible. Eventually anyone will get a dip from the inherent randomness of crootin'.


June 18th, 2017 at 11:22 PM ^

Bagmen are taking a hiatus

Seriously though theyll still finish high up. Im sure Saban will still pull in a few 5 stars before its all said and done

The worst part is Ohio State will probably take the #1 spot



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Perkis-Size Me

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Alabama is in a position to where it doesn't really need to actively recruit anymore. Saban will get the guys that he really wants, and his results recruit for him, so he can afford to wait.

They usually end up signing several 5 stars or very high 4 stars right on signing day, so they'll end the year #2 at worst. OSU may beat them for the top spot.

S.G. Rice

June 19th, 2017 at 11:24 AM ^

I don't really  read SEC message boards so if anyone has a link to the Alabama equivalent of the RCMB that would be great, surely they're frothing at the mouth over not having their entire class of 5 star players committed and paid seven plus months before national signing day.  I mean, there is virtually no time left to recruit, Saban has clearly lost his touch, it was all Kirby Smart, the sky is falling, rabble rabble rabble rabble


edit: forgot the obligatory ROLL DAMN TIDE

Perkis-Size Me

June 19th, 2017 at 11:30 AM ^

Maybe they're signing a smaller class (wait a minute, no they're not, what the hell am I talking about?), but they'll end the cycle no worse than #2. Behind maybe OSU, but I'd say its 50/50 on who gets the top spot. 

Saban has gotten Alabama to the point where he does not need to go out on the recruiting trail. His results recruit for him. If he sees a player that he REALLY wants, I'd say 9 times out of 10 he's going to get him. Saban can sit back and let everyone come to him, because more often than not, they all do. 

Alabama also usually pulls off a few big additions to their class on or right before NSD, so look for them to sign several five stars and very high end four stars right at the end of January/beginning of February. I'd be shocked if their class ends up anywhere other than 1 or 2. 

Bo Nederlander

June 19th, 2017 at 12:07 PM ^

That German kid is the Real-Deal-Holy-Field. He's apparently got 4.5 speed, he's 6'6 and could easily line up at TE. Underrated isn't the word for that kid. Do want.