OT- Reason # 4 billion to hate Ohio(Very Personal)

Submitted by dlanny22 on March 26th, 2010 at 10:28 PM

Most of the items I see are of a linked variety that doesn't personally involve any of us. However, this time it's different because it has hit so close to home. The reason is as follows:

My girlfriend has Cystic Fibrosis. For those of you who don't know it degrades the lungs over time until the indiviual finally succumbs to the disease. However, with a lung transplant a somewhat normal life could be had for at least a few years. Long story short, she was attempting to get the transplant done at the Cleveland Clinic. After the people had obtained her preliminary medical information they told her they would call her back. Today she received a call from their accounting/billing department saying that they wouldn't be able to do it because she has Michigan medicaid. In addition to passing along that negative info, the woman was also very rude and bitchy to my girlfriend. Nice of someone from Ohio to give someone their "death sentence" in such a heartfelt manner.

Sorry for the novel fellow Mgomen and women, but I hate that shitty state to the south and this is just the icing on the cake.



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This is crossing the line. A great fiery rivalry is okay with me, and maybe a couple of scuffles are expected. But not accepting the insurance because it's a michigan medicaid is the bitchiest thing anyone could do. God bless michigan and god fuck ohio

Hope your gf gets better :D


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It is stories like these and hearing about OSU fans slapping their kids around at games that make me want to flood the f***ing state and turn it into another great lake.

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I really feel for you both. God bless.

Hopefully you can get what you need from another surrounding state like Indiana. From what I hear, Indiana is in a little bit better shape financially to accept the procedure than Ohio is.

(Obligatory Ohio jab: At least the lady saved you from the staph infections that usually come with a trip to Cleveland.)

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Sorry for everything you are going through but this is an insurance issue, not a Michigan vs Ohio thing. They very well may not accept insurance from Indiana or Kentucky there.


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the clinic's fault. I run a small private alcohol and drug treatment center and have no control over which insurances will reimburse. I have to make phone calls and basically beg some insurances to make exceptions for out-of-network provisions. I have the same problem getting my one year old with special medical needs medical attention. My wife burns up the phone and gets much done.

I would call Michigan Medicaid and ask that an exception be made. Don't give up because some bitchy woman said it won't work. If this is life and death, keep calling until you get a sympathetic human being, either at Medicaid or the Cleveland Clinic.

This does not excuse the bitch who was so rude about such a crucial decision. I'm sorry for your situation.


March 27th, 2010 at 12:05 PM ^

I agree. You should call Michigan Medicaid and keep checking to see if an exception can be made or if they can take your girlfriend's case into special consideration. And this may sound stupid, but you should craft a letter to your local congressman. You would be surprised at the power they have in such situations. And lastly, don't give up! Ask yourself if you will regret that extra phone call or letter farther down the road.

I'm really sorry for your situation. I really hope you get everything figured out.


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Being it was a lung transplant from Ohio you were probably getting the lungs of a 3 packs of Camels with no filters, worked all their life inhaling dry cleaning chemichals and is addidcted to huffing glue. Seriously prayers go out to you-the Canada idea is not a bad idea actually.


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I'm sorry to hear about your girlfriend, and my prayers go out for you 2. However, the Cleveland Clinic is world renowned, and is one of, if not, the best medical facilities on the planet. My aunt just successfully had 4 brain tumors removed there, two of which were thought to be inoperable. However, one of the surgeons there was the first in the world to use laser technology to remove inoperable brain tumors. We were just lucky that the Clinic is here. I'm sorry to hear about your gf, and that the woman there seemed to be insensitive towards her condition. I can assure you that this had nothing to do with ohio state vs. michigan in any way, or with the Cleveland Clinic. It unfortunately must be certain regulations.


March 27th, 2010 at 11:24 AM ^

I am not sure how things work back in Michigan, but I work for Iowa Medicaid. We have something called an exception to policy that allows people in Iowa to get treatment in other states. I am guessing Michigan has something like this as well. I would call the Medicaid office and find out about this. Good Luck.


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When something is a life saving procedure, and is turned down, you can pay out of pocket (just get a big, terrible term loan, and then very successfully sue the hospital later.


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my wife had a tumor removed from her frontal lobe, scares the sh** out of you when they roll your non sports life down the hall to surgery and your not sure whats coming next! Cleveland clinic does great work, wonderful medical staff and such... I don't remember the bills and didn't care.

I thanked God the facility is there.

Prayers be with you both!