OT - Ray Rice Domestic Violence Video

Submitted by BlueCube on February 20th, 2014 at 9:28 AM

With the negative attention the NFL is receiving for player behavior, it will be interesting to see how they handle this. Apparently their is a video of them hitting each other.

The police issued tickets to both of them which would obviously mean that she hit him first. This is still a very strong man who obviously struck a female very hard. The video does not paint a pretty picture.





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They described it as a "minor altercation". I can't imagine knocking a woman out regardless of the situation. It's sad that people accept a woman beater on a team, and then question how a gay teammate would effect said team.


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This times a jillion.

I sure hope everyone who questioned how they would be able to accept a gay teammate in the locker room has to respond to how they are able to handle a cowardly fuck like this who hits women.  I don't care if she did spit on him, hit him or anything else.  He is clearly strong enough to restrain her till they get out of the elevator and then could leave.  It makes my blood boil when I hear about men hitting women and/or children and from what I heard today - the video of him actually hitting her is even more apalling than this.

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Saw the deadspin post before and the Duke paper is interesting... but I really don't like the latter's assumptions and conclusions based on them. Example: Adjust only the gen population crime rates by a factor of 1.42 to account for underreporting, and then claim that rates for NFL players are almost 50% lower.

They also said comparing NFL players against others making above 200k would be unfair because they wouldn't be close (also also.. data wasn't readily available).  Other pro athletes seem like a great comparison, yet nothing. 


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Many states, including New Jersey, have what are called mandatory arrest domestic violence laws.  In other words, if the police respond to a domestic dispute, they (generally) must arrest someone.  Sometimes, this will lead to both parties getting arrested if the police cannot determine who was at fault or if it was more of a mutual fight.  It does not necessarily mean she hit him first.


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"Atlantic City cops said earlier this week that surveillance video showed Rice and Palmer strike each other. The 27-year-old former Rutgers star and his fiancée were both charged with domestic violence-simple assault and released with a summons."

I shouldn't have said she struck him first. I don't know that he didn't hit her before. He obviously threw the last blow since she was unconscious. I guess they could be considering the spitting to be the first strike.

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Who's the person that comes up at the end of the video?  One of his boys, another hotel guest, or a security guard?

Also, throw this man in jail.  Who cares if she hit him first.  She is clearly unconscious for over a minute.  Despicable stuff. 


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I am not even sure how to say this without sounding like I am defending Rice - as I am not, but it doesn't look to me like she is unconscious.  When he lets go of her after dragging her out, she doesn't slam head first into the floor, which unconscious people do, and when he pulls her up again later, she holds herself in a slumped position.  It is kind of irrelevent, as if he touched her at all he should be prosecuted and suspended from football, but I wonder if she isn't just going limp which might explain his seemingly unconcerned attitude towards her condition.


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No offense, but I think you're dead wrong. She looks like a person who has been knocked out or passed out who has only slight control of her body. We've all seen drunk people hold themselves in strange positions because, in their inebriated minds, they think it's appropriate or safe. Something is definitely wrong with her at that point.


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I totally agree that I could be wrong on this.  I just felt that his wierd lack of concern either implied that she wasn't as incapacitated as she is showing or he is a heartless sociopath.  That, coupled with the fact that she shows at lease some ability to control her body made me think she is probably not unconscious.  Again, I could be completely wrong and maybe she is woozy to teh point of only having a slight bit of control.  I also want to reiterate that whether he struck her unconscious or struck her to some level below that is the same level of depraved in my opinion.  I don't care if she hit him first or not.  Even if she came at him with a bat, he is an NFL caliber athlete and should be able to protect himself without hitting her.  


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"Who cares"?  I do.  Sometimes women are the aggressors in this situation.  There's a difference between punching somebody in the face because they hit you first and punching somebody in the face because she burnt the toast (which is the stereotypical understanding of domestic violence). 

Anyhow, we don't know the whole story. 


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That doesn't excuse what he did, like, at all. What he did is still just as disgusting, even if he wasn't the initial aggressor. There are a thousand more appropriate responses to the situation than punching a girl, knocking her out, then plopping her limp body 2 feet from the elevator.


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I'll bet a lot of NFL execs will tell the media that they're worried about locker room chemistry and suggest that the players might not be comfortable with someone like Rice in the locker room.


Naa, that won't actually happen.  Rice isn't gay.


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Pretty much the enitre NFL and sports media world raved about about him being great leader and how inspirational he is. ESPN (of course) was the worst of them especially after they announced that he would be joining the network after the SB. Ray Lewis is shady at best and personally, I find his whole schtick to be phony but well thought out and executed.