OT - Ravens fire OC Cam Cameron - gutsy move?

Submitted by trueblue262 on December 10th, 2012 at 3:20 PM

John Harbaugh let Cam Cameron go with 3 weeks left in regular season. Isn't this kind of an odd time to fire a coordinator? I can see if you are out of the hunt for playoffs, but they are in 1st place.

Being that he has ties to Michigan, I think its fair to discuss if he would fit on Hokes staff at any capacity. I know we don't have an opening, but we can still discuss it.





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Yesterday wasn't the game to judge him by, ravens fans have been calling for the guy to get fired for 2 years now, his terrible playcalling has been bailed out by good defense and ray rice being a monster but in the loss last week to pitt rice got 12 carries even though he was averaging like 5 yards per carry.  Cameron was terrible and I'm actually happy we lost to the redskins if it was what caused him getting fired, ravens will probably still make the playoffs and are already out of the running for the #1 seed so i'm glad it happened.


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I mean yes but as a ravens fan I can say that the ravens defense is more a symptom of lewis than a coordinator kind of like manning and the colts offense back in the day.  Like 6 or 7 former coordinators got head coaching jobs after being the ravens defensive coordinator and most of them didn't do well and the defense kept chugging along.  Fans were frustred with his decision to always go prevent at the end of games rather than sticking with what had been succsesful.  He's been different at Michigan but pretty much think about how the defense looked against nd on the last drive of the night game and imagine that happened like 4 or 5 times over the year, it got frustrating.


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He was horrible as HC at Miami, and now he's been dumped by the Ravens. I suspect he's an example of the Peter Principle at work.

As for getting rid of him now, it's either because the players and other assistants have lost any regard and trust for his abilities, or Harbaugh is feeling the heat and needs a convenient scapegoat. Or both.


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I've got to wonder at what point Harbaugh gets the axe.  When I was living up in the DC/Baltimore area, there was already angst and muttering among the fans about the (at that time) coordinators.   Mattison drew the ire first, but there was still grumbling going on about Cameron as well.  Some thought it was ridiculous considering how far Flacco had progressed under his watch.  Well Ravens' fans got their wish: Mattison left, and now Cameron is gone.  All the sacrificial lambs are gone now.  I know the fans are really frustrated that they haven't won the Super Bowl yet with all the talent they have.   How much longer until Harbaugh's head is being called for?


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The fans I know are pretty fatalistic (live in the Baltimore suburbs).

One guy said "We'll be lucky to win a game the rest of the year" before this weekend.

Baltimore's D is getting old, and has been absolutely bombed by injury.  Now, they are going to lose the 1st week bye as well.  Not a good thing for an old, injured football team.

They are going to be the Steelers circa 2011-12 playoffs; get beat by a younger team in the 1st round.


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I mean yeah the defense is aging but our top 2 cb's are both young guys who got injured in webb and jimmy smith.  Ray lewis is the heart of the defense so just not having him on the field hurts.  Suggs was the entire pass rush by himself and he got injured and ngata has a bum leg.  On offense you have ray rice, one of the top rb, vontae leach probably the top fb, a solid o-line good recievers in boldin and torrey smith.  Team should be better, defense killed by injuries, offense got killed by a bad cordinator. 


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How can you axe a coach that was a Billy Cundiff field goal away from the Super Bowl and this year they have a 9-4 record with the both Ray Lewis and Terrell Suggs both injured and missing multiple games each.


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Man. I was a supporter of the hire. Until mid way through the season.

Then I watched some of his press conferences when he was at Cuse. The guy had no idea wtf he was talking about.

Probably why he never went before the press at UM except a couple rare times between the 09 and 10 seasons. And there again he sounded clueless.


December 10th, 2012 at 4:25 PM ^

So who are we firing to clear up a coaching spot for Cam Cameron?  More importantly we on earth would ever lay out the money for a 51 year old who underperformed in the NFL and went 18-37 with Indiana.  If we're making moves on offense it should be hot names, not washed up guys.  


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Back when Hoke was on the staff was when Cam was at Indiana, and he got a horrible rep after pushing Pete Schmidt out when he had cancer, and then showed up at the funeral when it was requested he not come, big timing it. Schmidt was really well liked and respected from his days at Albion, and it pretty much tanked Cameron's reputation. 

Probably one of the reasons he's stuck to the pros since then. 


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The Ravens are in first place but it is pretty obvious that they are not nearly as good as that sounds. In that sense, this is not a risky move.

When I watch the Ravens play I wonder if they are even trying to score much of the time. Their offense makes little sense. They are the masters of the 4 yard pass on 3rd and 6.

I cannot think of any reason why Hoke would bring Cameron to Michigan at this point.


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Read THIS Yahoo Article by Jason Cole.  It's not very glowing of Cam's personality, and if you could ask some of the players from his earlier days here at Michigan, I think a lot would agree.


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"In short, Cameron is a control freak. He has been for years. Ask people who were in Miami when he served as Dolphins head coach for just one season (2007) and you'll hear stories about how it was actually easier for people in the building to deal with Nick Saban than Cameron."

From what I can sense of Brady Hoke's personality, the chances that he'll ever hire somebody as abrasively egocentric as Cameron are basically zero.


December 10th, 2012 at 7:21 PM ^

He was Bo's boy, and brought up by him, but he really only coached for Bo for 5 years. A couple more as a GA, but cocky GA's don't last very long. He left shortly after Bo's protection was gone.

Don't know Harbaugh well enough to say how they got along, but he seems like a pretty outwardly low key dude. In contrast to his brother, who I can't see coaching with Cam for more than 5 minutes, because in that regard they're a lot alike. Jim is just more successful than Cam and can get away with it.


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While Joe isn't elite, I feel like you should be able to win a Super Bowl or two with him.  Surround him with some weapons and you can trust him not to fuck things up.  If I had Flacco I'd definitely be open if some greater QB had the potential to fall into my lap, but I wouldn't be moving heaven and earth to overpay for a replacement.