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I've always been a big fan of Randy Moss. He's always been very misunderstood, and seems to get screwed over more than most. I suppose he already has plenty of money to retire, so maybe his heart just isn't in the game anymore. 

I remember reading a story that said Randy Moss goes fishing every day in the offseason, so maybe he has decided that fishing is more enjoyable than football. Can't fault him for getting out now while he is still relatively unscathed.


August 1st, 2011 at 1:16 PM ^

I remember him sitting next to Charles at the Heisman ceremony with his shades and his rows like it was yesterday.

I also remember when all the players I watched on TV were older than me.  Now every single one of them is younger.  Getting old sucks.

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I remember Randy Moss.  He was a Heisman finalist that year when Charles Woodson won.

Moss was signed by Notre Dame but denied admission after his involvement in a nasty high school fight that left someone seriously injured.  So he went to Florida State instead, and was eventually dismissed from the Seminoles.  And he finally transferred to Marshall, because he could avoid sitting out a year (he had used a redshirt year in what was effectively a transfer from his NLI at Notre Dame to FSU) because Marshall was then Division I-AA.

I always wondered what happened to Moss after college.


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If it is the end for him, I'll remember him most for that first season with Brady. The game has never seen a QB and WR click that well, before or since.

The TD he caught in the Super Bowl would have been remembered as the game-winner if not for David Tyree's ridiculous helmet stunt.


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That first year was magical and something that I will never forget. Moss had always been a favorite of mine since he came in the league, but to do what he did with my team, it was incredible. Like many great players, he had the Raider years, but at his height, he was one of the most electrifying receivers to play the game.