OT: Quidditch now a club sport at Michigan

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This is possibly the dumbest thing I've ever heard of.

My favorite line:

The “Snitch Runner” sticks a tube sock containing a tennis ball into his or her pants.

“So to catch the Snitch you have to grab the ball out of the Snitch’s pants,” Byl said. “The Snitch can hide, the Snitch can climb trees ... it’s pretty fun.”

So the big question is: when does MGoBlog start covering it?



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At least get a better class of nerd dom man.  Like Star Wars or something.  

I've seen the HP movies and I never got them.  Why not just hire Blackwater or something and shoot Voldemort from behind when he's locked in a duel.  You know standing there taunting Potter and a .50 cal slams into the back of his head.  Problem over.  

oriental andrew

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At first, I was expecting this to be an Every Three Weekly article..  Also, these actual quotes from actual people are fantastic:

“No one’s here because they have a Quidditch scholarship,” Duet added.


Oh, you don't say...

“You just get to nerd out with other people,” Whitfield added. “You can’t really express your love for Quidditch so much in a classroom. ”


Oh, you don't say...

 “I’m really excited to play MSU,” he said. “You may have beat us at football, but we can beat you at a fictional sport.”

School pride, I guess??


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hahaha, by far my favorite part of this article is the lone user comment:



Only students for abstinence has more virgins in their club. This is the gayest thing I have ever heard of.


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 I'm a 29 year old male and while driving past the Toledo campus with a couple buddies on a beautiful saturday morning we came across roughly 30 students in full "battle armor". Frickin rows of knights swinging wildly at each other. The only thing we thought was we should dress as cowboys with six shooters and ruin their day.


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so that we can have a real liveblog of it. someone can even start a topic about Michigan Angry Seeker Hating God, and the Mathlete can write a diary on the PAN of our Beaters


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As imaginary sports go, I thought baseketball at least was a playable sport at least a 1 on 1 sport.  It didnt work as a 3 man in the movie but you add a player or team a squad, or deal with ghostrunners.

I would so go back in time to found a club team in baseketball. 


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our paintball team can't get the school to cough up enough money so were not a club sport but these guys waltz in and get funded?

I'm officially disappointed in the funding council


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I'm semi-involved in Club Sports as a student Club Sport athlete, and although we discussed admitting Quidditch to Club Sports last year, I do not believe they were actually allowed to join. They, like Paintball and many other clubs that play sports, merely run their own shit, but do not get support from the Rec Sports Department. I doubt they are getting serious Club Sports funding.


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I came across a match yesterday while taking a run in the arb.  A girl color commentated with a megaphone.  I shit you not. WHO WANTS FREE PIZZA??!!!!!!!!!


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I just learned that one of my friends is on the team I guess some people are really nerdy but most are pretty laid back and just think it's a cool sport


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I have bad news for you guys... (please don't neg, just reporting an event)

MSU swept UM this weekend in Quidditch.

Scores were 140-20 and 40-30 (no, I don't know how they actually score).