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Submitted by Butterfield on July 18th, 2013 at 7:40 PM

Driving into work this morning I passed a billboard advertising an upcoming soccer match between Real Madrid and LA Galaxy scheduled for August 3rd out here in Phoenix (Venue:  Univeristy of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Cardinals and Fiesta Bowl).  The match is a first round matchup in a tournament that I've never heard of - the Guiness International Champions Cup.  The field does appear to have quite a few of the biggest name clubs from Europe, bracket is below. 

I'm just starting to get back into soccer so my knowledge is very limited so I seek advice.  Will this match be worth attending, and will the tournament be hotly contested in general?  One thing that I have been told is that when Euro clubs come here for friendlies and such, they typically don't bring their best eleven or are very substitution-happy.  I'm not sure I'd be super interested in seeing an "exhibition match" where Madrid rested their A team against an overmatched MLS squad.   I'd rather see an honest massacre. 

What does the MGoSoccer community know about this tournament - as a budding soccer fan, should I go to the first match? 




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Never heard of it. I can tell you that it's not a major international competition - those are all friendlies, glorified though the "tournament" may be. And yes, you would be watching an exhibition match.


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It won't be an absolute waste of time, and especially in the later stages when the top teams are matched up against each other, you may see a solid half of starting 11's against each other.

Would I pay $125 per?  No.  But I would probably shell out $50 per to be able to watch one of the most expensive teams in the world (Real Madrid) play.  And to see if Ronaldo is motivated to score 5 times in 30 minutes.


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It isn't like there is a better option that will ever come along.  Unless you travel to Europe and buy tickets (which ain't cheap), you aren't going to be able to see any of these top teams play an actual competitive game in the US, much less in your hometown.

That probably explains why prices seem to be so inflated, as well.

swan flu

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Starting XI's in the first half (mostly) with younger promising youth players in the second halves. I will certainly be watching. Some things I'm interested in seeing:

- first look at Ancelotti's Madrid. I think he's a great coach and I think he's going to be a great coach for them. I am also excited to see their young acquisitions, Illamarendi and Isco especially.

- First look at Martinez's Everton. I'm not certain he was the best coaching choice, but the Toffees are my favorite English club so I hope I'm wrong. On the plus side Deulofeu is on loan at Everton and will be a very exciting player to watch on the wing.

- first look at Mou's Chelsea. It'll be interesting. Regardless of what happens.

- Carlos Tevez on Juventus. They could be very good.

All in all, it's worth watching. It won't be super intense but it will be good football.


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Chances are the European clubs will be resting their normal starting eleven that were involved in the Confederations Cup or are big names that they dont want to risk injury.  So for Real you would not probably see many of the Spanish national team or CR7 for more than maybe 45 mins.  That being said when I went and saw Real a few years ago in DC, the quality of play was still very high-they would not want to risk a loss to an American team


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Ill be going to this match-up in Indy on the 1st. I have a few concerns though; the Lucas Oil staff has hinted that they will keep the roof closed, which I believe to be a travesty and will not be welcomed by fans or players. Also, they really dragged their feet when it can to laying down real sod. It makes me wonder if the Lucas Oil group understands that when you host a soccer match, certain rules should be adhered to at the venue.

Anyhow, I'm really excited that this tournament has come across the pond, even if it is a glorified round of friendlies. There are some exciting teams to watch for. Some of the best the EPL, Serie A, and La Liga have to offer, as well as perennial MLS powerhouse LA Galxy..

While some may look at this as a money making ploy for big Euro clubs, I feel that high quality football needs to be played here to grow the sport in the U.S. In all honesty, the best athletes in our country will always play in the big 3 sports.

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I'm going to be in Indy for the Chelsea v Inter match up. I'm excited! Go Blue(s)! 

I read a quote by Jose this morning, talking about how he cannot wait until Hull City, the games that count for points. So I'm thinking that, while playing his old team, another recent Champions League winner, he's going to play it a bit more relaxed, waiting for the real season to start.


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It is the offseason, they're just having friendly games and I'm sure you won't get to see the 1st string players for more than 25 minutes if anything, with unlimited subs and all that, those games still have te potential to be entertaining, but they're not more than exhibition games to get ready for the season.


July 19th, 2013 at 12:51 PM ^

It's certainly not any "championship."  How do Inter and Everton get invited, other than (a) their drawing power and (b) they were willing to say "Yes!"  And no Bundesliga teams.

However, the ONE team that will be playing lights-out will be the Galaxy.  Of course, them at their best is hardly enough to make them a threat to win this, but they'll make it a tough out -- they are in mid-season form, playing at 'home,' and will be more motivated.  Eh, will still be 4-1 Real.