OT- Q Crouch getting Tenn. vides and Z Harrison going cloudy via Witfong

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If you're pretty evenly divided, I could see how a game like that could push you one way. Michigan looked totally outclassed and befuddled in that game. The defense, in particular, looked like total shit. It's not a surprising result if he goes to OSU. 

A Penn State commit WOULD be a surprise though. Those guys look befuddled every other game. 


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We Michigan fans need to realize it isn't "just one game".  It is the continuation of a narrative that Michigan is an inferior institution to play football at.  It is the continuation of a narrative that has us losing 14 of the last 15.  Every time we lose to OSU it isn't just "one game".  It is the "confirmation" that if you want to win you go to OSU and not Michigan...and for the last 15 years that has been unfortunately absolutely true.


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One thing is for sure is you’re convinced that you’re not convinced.  I’m gonna use your words.  We Michigan fans need to realize that it’s not just one game.  Every time we lose to Ohio it’s not just one game.  But we only play Ohio once a year.  So if a recruit is choosing between Michigan and Ohio it comes down to one game?  Man I would not like to have what you’re on.  Sometimes young adults and their parents have life changing decisions to make and that is, in no way a bad thing.  You’re not gonna win them all.  One thing people fail to realize is that recruiting is not and will never be fair.  If Harrison goes elsewhere then God bless him but your narrative of it is not just one game but however it’s just that ONE,”The Game”, over and over again is very confusing for you.  I enjoyed your rant.  If he chooses Michigan I hope you enjoy,”The Game” next year.  GO BLUE!


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I mean going from “he’s going to Michigan” to “we don’t know what he’s going to do” isn’t really saying he’s not going to Michigan. It’s saying it’s 50/50 and they don’t have any information to make a pick one way or another. 

If he wasn’t going to Michigan, the pick would be on OSU. Simple as that. Nobody knows what he’s going to do. 


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It sounds like if Daxton Hill doesn't come to Michigan, Harrison is automatically out. I wonder if he's wavering mostly because of Hill. If it's true that Hill is secretly planning to sign with us. I REALLY hope he talks with Harrison before hand.


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"One game shouldn't change your college decision"...I disagree with this statement. You are talking about a team (Michigan) that has now lost 14 of the last 15 to Ohio State and Michigan was favored / expected to beat OSU this year.  Then OSU puts a truly historic arse beating on Michigan.  

Unfortunately, this last loss again't OSU spoke volumes to many recruits and was not viewed as "just one game".  It is was viewed as Michigan was supposed to finally win, and not only did they lose, but they lost in a historically embarrassing fashion.  It isn't just "one game"...it is the continuation of a narrative that won't change until Michigan actually beats OSU.

Diagonal Blue

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Does he have amnesia or did Harrison forget the 42-7 beatdown UM put on PSU, because I'm trying to see how a team that took L's to both OSU and UM is suddenly a factor in this race if the outcome of one games means so much to him.

I think it's clear he doesn't want to go to OSU. His family clearly wants him there, maybe they hate Michigan so much they want him anywhere but UM. That would be a shame.


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Yeah, that's what everyone said about Daxton Hill (including myself). Then we learned that it was actually because of the Harbaugh to NFL rumors mixed with the Don Brown stuff. 

I think there are many around him who are projecting this on him. Maybe it will work, but it sounds like he's dealing with a ton of pressure from his friends and extended family not to go to Michigan.