OT; Put Osgood in, I have had it

Submitted by the_big_house 500th on April 18th, 2010 at 9:37 PM

First off, WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK was wrong with Detroit tonight? 4 power plays and your telling me they can only get 1 of the 4?! They made Phoenix look like the fucking 87 Oilers! What in the hell was wrong with Detroit? Here's something. 1 no sense of urgency when they were down 3-1. 2 Bryzgalov IS NOT THAT FREAKING GOOD. We made him look like Tretiak tonight in net. We had him beat on several shots and we didn't follow through when we fired. 3 WHATS WITH THE WHISTLE BILL? Another goal robbed away from a stupid freaking whistle on what would of been 4-3. 4 Howard needs to be pulled he's let in now 11 goals in this first round and now his GAA has plumtted tremendously in the 3. range. Unacceptable effort all around in my opinion. Players though like Helm, Datsyuk and Filpula did their jobs some what well including Franzen. This better piss off the Wings something big going into game 4 because if they let Phoenix play like "an all Gretzky" team like they did tonight, then Detroit's gone in 5. Piss poor effort. Piss poor. There's a whole other animal with in these Wings and they need to freaking unleash it on Tuesday night and let these "desert dogs" know that this is fucking Detroit damn it. Horrible game. [mod edit: Care of an illustrious poster below, here's the OP demanding Osgood consider retiring earlier this season]



April 20th, 2010 at 9:37 PM ^

I was supposed to be there, but my friend, who was going to order tickets, decided not too, because he thought we would win this series for certain. He owes me money for buying a 15 game Tigers season ticket package, so he had better be right. I want Stanley Cup tickets dammit.