OT: Purdue Announces Plans for Alcohol Sales, Patio Area in Ross-Ade Stadium

Submitted by rob f on July 8th, 2014 at 5:53 PM

I just stumbled into this announcement:


...which outlines Purdue's plans to sell beer and wine inside Ross-Ade Stadium starting this fall.   The sales will be limited to the new patio area which will be set up in the south end zone, replacing the rickety old bleachers which were very recently torn down.

Those are the same south bleachers which for years were primarily occupied by visiting fans, meaning that Purdue will likely now designate part of north end zone as the visitors seating area.  Purdue is still working on plans for a major renovation at some point in the coming years, and those plans likely will include building a permanant addition to the stadium where the south bleachers used to be.

The new patio area will be limited to a maximum of 1500 fans at a time and will be also limited to season ticket holders and students who purchase a special pass.  Beer and wine and "typical tailgate foods" will be sold in that area, making Ross-Ade only the 2nd B1G Football Stadium to allow alcohol sales.




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Even if it were to double to $1.00, we're still talking about a lot of Boone's Farm (or something along those lines) to make the conference schedule for Purdue a little more tolerable, which if things continue to go as they have down there seems like a totally acceptable way to cope.

In all seriousness though, it actually will probably enhance the look and atmosphere of Ross-Ade immensely, so it should work out well enough for Purdue.

rob f

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(Via Purdue Athletics) 

...that's the scoreboard behind the tent, and several rows of permanant bleachers directly behind the goal post and end line, enough to seat appoximately 1000 fans.

rob f

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in thinking this is an "awesome" idea.  At very least, it's a huge improvement over the bleachers that used to be there.  I've made the road trip for the Michigan @ Purdue game 6 times over the last 30 years and have sat in the south end zone bleachers 4 times.  Probably among the worst seating in the Big Ten, the only reason to sit there was to be among the rest of the Michigan fans who made the trip.

I even like the idea that Purdue students will NOT be banned from that area, though they will have to purchase a special pass in addition to their student ticket.  It appears that students at Purdue aren't treated as 2nd-class citizens.


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...about Brandon's various strategies for increasing revenue by making changes to the stadium and gameday experience, I was asking if anyone here would object.  I honestly can't imagine why anyone would, but since folks are so negative about anything the AD touches I wouldn't be surprised if some fraction of the fan base came out against the combination of football and beer...


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First of all, your signature works well with your post. 

Secondly - I would be upset with this at Michigan Stadium, if it was done similarly to Ross-Ade. I don't think our stadium lends itself well to something like this.  I'm not opposed to the idea of it somehow, perhaps it could be in combination with the luxury boxes some how.  Make some of them "party suites" where you can buy beer and hang out, something like that.  

But I agree with you that it has gotten to the point where every change the AD makes, even if it's positive (or neutral) comes with a hundred posts bashing DB.


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I would not be at all shocked to hear that Dave Brandon was going to push booze sales in Michigan Stadium.  What a way to boost attendance and revenue, while creating a "Super Bowl" atmosphere!  Shame anyone who dare think of the students already being stretchered out of the stadium on a weekly basis!  


"I'd sacrifice Michigan's tradition at a Buckeye altar if you paid me $2.65." ~ Dave Brandon


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There haave been rumors over the past few years about another stadium expansion and the thought of a space similar to the one at Purdue would not be completely unrealistic.

That said, I think you are right in the sense that the present stadium design would not accomodate this, even in the boxes. However, if there was a platform added to the south or norh endzone, possibly two decks, I could see this happening. I believe FSU has a platform space at the top of their bowl. 

Yet, with the current pace of ticket sales, that we have been able to gather, I don't think an expansion will happen in the short-term. 


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... many B1G schools already have beer and wine in their luxury suites.  That move seems easy, and without difficult pr issues for the administration folks that have to walk a tightrope between appearing lax on alchohol consumption on campus or looking like losers in an early 20th century temperance arguement.  These same perception issues probably mean that a cordoned off area like Purdue's is the only way this could happen in a campus facility, but I wish there could be a more adult approach.  What percentage of the under 40 years olds entering the stadium haven't had anything to drink?


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I honestly can't imagine why anyone would, but since folks are so negative about anything the AD touches I wouldn't be surprised if some fraction of the fan base came out against the combination of football and beer...

I'm not a big negative guy about Brandon, so no, this isn't a knee-jerk thing, but I would be against a proposal to sell beer at Michigan Stadium. 

You make it sound like selling beer at the stadium has zero negative consequences. Take a trip to an NFL stadium and then come to ours, and the difference in fan behavior is huge - and I think the drinking during the game is a big factor. (I am aware that a lot of people tailgate before the game and so forth, but still, outside the student section, you don't encounter that many really drunk fans at Michigan Stadium.)

Avon Barksdale

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I will actually miss those things. I paid like $25/ticket for 2nd row two years ago (when people thought they were going to be fairly good.) Made it an easy trip from Nashville, but the fact we play them like every six years now neutralizes the point.


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I went to both schools (undergrad Michigan, grad school Purdue). I'm True Blue, but wish Purdue best of luck on this.

I think they can do it. They have a smaller venue, fewer fans from outside the University community, and an innate capability in operations. If anyone can make a few drinks at a college football game work, Purdue can. I hope we do too.