OT, PSA: East Lansing shooter at large

Submitted by BiSB on May 12th, 2014 at 12:12 PM

Just a heads-up. Two shootings in East Lansing (near Frandor and Coolidge, by Saginaw). Suspect is at large, everything is pretty much locked down, including all EL schools.


MSU ALERT, Two Shootings nearby campus: Frandor & Coolige Rd. If nearby secure-in-place immediately. Please advise others if you can.

— MSU (@michiganstateu) May 12, 2014


Stay safe. And stop shooting people please.



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There are times when Sparty jokes aren't a great idea. Times involving the phrase "secure-in-place" generally fall under that heading.


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Two points.  This is tragic no matter what.  Hopefully it's not a random senseless act.  Granted, shooting someone is always senseless, but there is some relief to find that it was a drug war or something, and that there was an implied risk agreed to by the person being shot at.  I hope that the person responsible is found and prosecuted quickly.  Even though there is a strong rivalry, MSU fans are some of the best people I know.

Second, Brandon Dawson has a great alibi.  He is definitely not a shooter...


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As a fellow parent, I get nervous every time my kids leave the house.  And half the time that they are in the house, as they are too close to the stairs.

It's a sad state, both in reality, and in incorrect perception, that I was happy to learn that my child's preschool class was way in the back of the building, as he'd be safer if some whacko showed up with a gun.  First, it's a million times more likely one of our children would die by car accident or childhood disease.  Second, the fact that the issue is even on a parent's radar is an indictment on the state of mental health in the United States.

Hope the best for your kids.


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In addition to BiSB, I know we have a sizeable contingent of MGoBloggers who reside and/or work in the East Lansing / Lansing area, so everyone stay safe and hopefully they catch the shooter soon and no one else is hurt. 




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We were at lunch at Los Tres Amigos on Grand River about an hour ago and heard the sirens. Hope no one else gets hurt and they catch the guy.

Louie C

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One shooting happened at the Rite-Aid on Saginaw and Clippert. The victim was an employee there, and has now been pronounced dead. Sheesh.


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Of crazy things going on world-wide.  The situations in Nigeria and Afghanistan are beyond description.  Then think of North Korea.

It seems that someone gets pissed in our country and then takes it out on innocent people.  The perpetrators have used guns, knives and even explosives to kill men, women and children without being discriminatory of any age group.

It is happening in small towns, large cities and now East Lansing, which I thought was a peaceful place where folks did not lock their doors.

Pray for the injured and the families of those killed by this madman.


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will I make fun of the Spartans in any fashion. I made the mistake of first trying to fun them, then I had the audacity to try to defend my position and that cost me far more ( 70 pts) than the original comment itself. I figured they just wanted me to take my beatdown and go away so I did before I lost 30 more points.