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Submitted by PB-J Time on December 5th, 2013 at 12:59 PM

So judging by past posts there are some MgoGamers. I am considering getting (or trying to anyways) a new gaming console. I have read some online reviews for Xbox1 & PS4 and was curious if anyone here had aquired either one and what they thought. From my research it looks like the XB1 may be the more all emcompassing entertainment system, with the PS4 best for pure gaming (& some argue better games in the future). Thoughts? Any hangers on Nintendo fans out there?

The one thing worth mentioning is that as far as I understand, neither are reverse compatable (with Xbox 360 games or PS3 games). I don't have either system but would obviously love to play NCAA. Does anyone know if this will change and either system would become compatable? Many thanks



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I have a PS4 and I realy like it.  I only have COD currently but I am having a blast playing it.  As far as the interface, it is similar to the PS3 with a few upgrades and I think the new controller is pretty nice.  Again, nothing Earth shattering but my two cents.

As far as XBox, I haven't owned one of those since 2004 so I am not much help there.


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What's up tbsmooth79.

It's M1ch1gan. Haven't been on COD in a while but once I get the XBOX one I'm looking to get back into the game. Would love to get back in the clan games. I'll message ou once I have the new XBOX.


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I was thinking about getting a PS4 but opted for an iPad air instead. I just don't game enough anymore to justify the cost when I have a 3 year old PS3 in great shape. I use my PS3 as a home entertainment system essentially so I was wondering about the Xbox one and what changed? I used to have both and I felt like my PS3 was better suited for home entertainment.


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Been using the xbox one for some time now.  I really like the passthrough HDMI features and I suspect the multiplatform games will look the same regardless of console.

Backwards compatibility won't come back unless it comes back in the form of "cloud streaming".  Even then, it probably won't work well unless your internet connetction is super fast.



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Here is the deal.

The difference in hardware is minimal. 99.9% of the people will not notice any difference in capabilities.

What separates the two are following:

1. Your friends on network. Which network has most of your gaming buddies? If you play a lot of online multiplayer like COD and Battlefield, this will be the most important factor in choosing a console.

2. Do you care about exclusives? The top titles like Madden, COD, GTA, etc will all be available on both systems and in all practical sense, be identical. Only the platform exclusive titles will set them apart. Are you a big fan of Halo, or excited about upcoming Titanfall? Then Xbone is for you. If you are more Killzone, Uncharted, MGS, or GOW guy, PS4 is it.

3. Motion Gaming. Are you a big fan of motion based gaming like Kinect? Then Xbone is your choice. Sure PS4 has the Eye, but is not a default controller like Kinect is and support will be spotty.

Personally, I bought Xbone since I have extensive game clans on Xbox Live. But I will probably get PS4 next year.

P.S. If you have grade school kids, or a fan of classic gaming, WiiU is the best choice.


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That's a good summary.

I would add that if you're already in the MSFT ecosystem (XBox Music, SkyDrive, Skype), then the "One" will complement it well.

I really have been impressed with the TV/HDMI features.  Playing golf while watchin basketball on the side has been fun.  You can also snap things like the NFL app while watching games, etc.  I think it has a lot of potential.


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When sites (like eurogamer) have done pretty extensive graphics comparisons the PS4 has been far superior to the XB1. People may not care a lot about that, but early on the PS4 holds up much better to stress tests, especially online which goes against Xbox's long claim for online dominance. 

But there are a ton more people on XBL still, and if online gaming is a priority that is definitely still the console of choice. 

I think price matters more than motion gaming. A lot of people will go for that $100 difference, Kinect or not. 


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Whatever difference you see in graphics right now is because of limited time they had with the ports and unfamiliarity.

CPU and bus performance is pretty much the same. Memory access is better for PS4, but you need to be pretty specialized to take advantage of it.

Right now, Ryse is easily the best looking title on any platform. That is not because Xbone hardware is better. The skills of the developers is going to be the difference. Not the hardware.


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I heard the cloud capabilites with XboxOne can make up for the difference in hardware down the line. I think currently the XB1 steams 720, while PS4 is 1080p, but the XB1 will be able to draw from the cloud to increase that if you have a good enough internet connection.

Is there any truth to that? 


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Most experts say that Microsoft is overstating these capabilities. Anyways, Sony bought Gaiki so they will have the same cloud resources if they want. The PS4 is more powerful, no doubt, but the added power won't necessarily translate to noticeably better looking games in most cases. Most people won't see much of a difference between a game running in native 720p/900p versus 1080p, and a lot of the graphical prowess will come down to the programmers. I think it's safe to say that some multi-platform games such as COD, Battlefield, etc. will look/perform slightly better on the PS4, but that exclusive games such as Halo, Uncharted, etc. will come down to the programmers.


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A lot of it will depend on how big the tv is and how far you sit from it. You'd have to see for yourself if the difference matters to you. Battlefield 4 is a good example and probably the game that has the most disparity between the PS4/XB1 versions. The PS4 versions runs at 900p natively, while the XB1 is 720p. The graphics—character models, lighting, textures, draw distance, etc.—are largely identical but the PS4 version is cleaner/clearer due to the extra resolution. I'd bet that most consumers wouldn't even be able to tell the difference, though. Some games are identical on the Ps4/XB1—NBA 2k14, Madden, etc.


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Cloud computing is a nice buzzword, but with fast twitch action games, any lag is a serious deterrent to optimal experience. Don't count on any cloud system to make a difference on these consoles. But like I have stated before, there really isn't any difference in hardware that is if much significance.


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I agree with most of what you said except for HW being equal. Many (most?) cross-platform launch games are running at higher resolutions and/or frame rates on the PS4. I agree, that's secondary to most people, but if you do care about how games look there is a pretty clear difference between the two.


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I would go with the PS4 if I was in the market for a new console.  I think they have better single player games (Naughty Dog) and at some point in the future, maybe next year,  you should be able to buy and play PS3 games on the PS4 (online, not through a disk).

I don't game anymore, but I follow Adam Sessler's youtube sight, Rev3 games, every now and then.  He does a good job going over everything.

PB-J Time

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This is something that is very important. I have a Wii (not PS3 or Xbox360) so I can't get NCAA14 (likely the last one they make) So definitely will want to be able to get it, if not now then soon. I don't have to buy the disk, but I still may wind up playing NCAA more than anything else.


December 5th, 2013 at 6:03 PM ^

Not sure how the backwards compatability will be integrated or how much of the PS3 library will be available, but it will happen in some compacity and I'm assuming most major titles will be available at some point.  That's what would win me over.  I used to have a 360, so I haven't been able to play the Uncharted games or The Last of Us.  Also, I don't like the direction Microsoft is going.  Even after you buy the game it seems they want to start charging extra fees during the course of game for extra items/levels on their exclusive titles.


December 5th, 2013 at 1:20 PM ^

It all depends on what you prefer on exclusive games.

Nothing on XB1 that was exclusive to them really interested me. Titan Fall did, but I can just get that on PC.

I have a PS4, and I have enjoyed Killzone so far. And looking forward to Infamous Second Son and the new Uncharted.

I'm also sure the PS4 will get some sort of Last of Us sequel as well.


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I still play my sega.  I like NHL 93 over NHL 94.  I also like BIll Walsh college football among dozens of other amazing games.  I was thinking about getting a PS4 or XBOX1 just because but have been out of the video game world for so long.  I think it would be fun but I don't know where to start.


December 5th, 2013 at 1:26 PM ^

I owned a Xbox 360 because all of my friends had one. But when PS4 was announced this spring I had to go back to Sony. I really like my PS4. Very simple, not cluttered, no ads and the graphics are really good. Ghosts and Assasins Creed IV look amazing. I like how you can jump right back to the dashboard right in the middle of playing a game. I chose the PS4 over XBone because I don't care about the camera (kinect), I like saving money ($100) and I want to be able to play MLB The Show 14.

Can't wait for Watchdogs, The Crew, Tom Clancy's Division and Tiger Woods' next game.


December 6th, 2013 at 12:15 PM ^

I think he is referring to Microsoft's wholehearted embrace of ads on the dashboard. It got real bad during the later years of the 360. They seemed to have cleaned it up a little bit for the launch, but it's only a matter of time before this: [http://sticktwiddlers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/xbox-one-dashboard.jpg] becomes this: [http://oi44.tinypic.com/2cmq2hk.jpg]


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PS4 is cheaper and has free online play. It also has slightly better graphics and superior resolution. It also tends to have better and more of a wide variety of exclusives. So that's what I would get.

However, if you're all about first person shooters on first person shooters on first person shooters, then get XBOX.

I mean the basic rule is if you have friends who game get the same system as them.