OT: Pryor Speaks Lulz

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I think this speaks for itself.



"I'll put it like this: You put me in any of their offenses — any of them — and I'd dominate," Pryor said, when asked about the attention afforded the likes of Newton, Robinson and Persa. "I'd dominate the nation. What those guys do, that's what they're supposed to do in their offense.

"They carry the ball 30 times a game. I carry the ball maybe five times. There are times I didn't even run the ball in a game. You put me in any of their offenses, where I can run the ball and have a choice to throw, I would dominate college football."





December 9th, 2010 at 12:28 AM ^

quite surprised this bumbling idiot is capable of putting a sentence together. Luckily for him, they didn't require him to write things out. Let's not be too hard on him. The OP didn't include his apology letter he released after receiving negative feedback from this interview:

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than anything else. he's going to think the sky is the limit and he's only being restrained by his coach until the kid gloves are removed and he's allowed to screw up. his legend in his own mind is allowed to thrive bc the Sweater protects him from himself in games.


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Words escape me (I actually sat in front of my computer for a minute, wrote something and erased, twice)...I can't even imagine what his thought process (if there is one) is like for some of the crap that comes out his mouth.


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didn't he make the academic all conference team or something?... There goes my faith in humanity.

Crap and OSU fans say Robinson can't pass, imagine Pryor without Posey and Sansenbacher to bail him out of those wobbly wobbly throws

Captain Obvious

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  1. Openly criticizing other good players in his conference.
  2. Implicitly criticizing his own team and offense.
  3. If not 2, then he is basically saying he is afraid of contact - "I could dominate and do better than I am currently, I just don't feel like it."
  4. Talking about other schools as though he was forced into playing at OSU--"you'd see my full potential at X but I'm here at OSU"--nevermind that he could have played at any school.
  5. Incredible, breathtaking arrogance on 2 levels: (a) saying that he is currently dominant, and (b) even more incredibly, that he is SO AMAZING that he could play and dominate in any offense and any team.
  6. Basically calling the people around him worthless - that he makes a team dominant, not the other players, OL, etc...not to mention that he thinks he can make ANY team dominant.
  7. If he can dominate the nation on any team, why hasn't he done so at the team he is, you know, on?