OT - Pryor accuser 'outed' by former Ohio player Brandon Joe

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According to various internet sources and from the 'snitches get stitches' department...former Ohio fullback Brandon Joe rats out the apparent "source" regarding Terrelle Pryor's business dealings on twitter


Branden Joe
@BrandenJoe_38Branden Joe
outside lines report interviewing anonymous "ex friend" who claimed TP made $500-$1000 per signed mini helmet was ex buckeye Antonio Henton

I enjoy how 'Bucknuts' states Henton "ratted out" Pryor wheras I like to think of it as "exposed inappropriate behavior". I am sure Brandon Graham's caddy Brian Rolle will have something to say about this...

*Update* Apparently the Buckeye in question was not, in fact Antonio Henton but rather the brother of Antonio Henton. Of course, it was Buckeye Branden Joe who got it wrong in the first place (go figure).



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In my opinion, had a Michigan player exposed a transgression, we'd turn on him too.  Kind of happened with the RR practice fiasco, but not nearly as controversial or destructive.

Still - if it were our team (well, it wouldn't because these allegations are awful), we wouldn't be defending the guy as the apostle of truth and justice.  That being said - the one guy who OSU fans should not be angry with is Cicero.  That guy tried to help his program and it was the program who destroyed it.


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Did the Free Press receive death threats from the practice article?  Did people receive death threats from the Ed Martin scandal?  Those aren't hypothetical questions.  I really don't know. 

I do know that if you made a death threat to the president that the Secret Service would show up at your door and put you under so much of a microscope that you'd wish you were just having a colonoscopy instead.   So, there's precedent for taking death threats seriously . 

Anyway, it's a shame that there isn't some moral leader who has credibility among all the people sending death threats and hate mail who could step up and ask for it to stop.  I can't think of who that could be.  


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Yes.  Freep reporters received death threats (many from Section1...kidding...kidding).  Those involved in Ed Martin business also received death threats.  Crazy people will do that.  They like to threaten to kill. 


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In OSU's case, again, it's too bad that there isn't some recognized moral (Christian?) leader, a molder of young men maybe, who could step in and tell people to calm down.  Of course, this person would have to have a lot of credibility with the fan base to do this.  I bet it would help if he was from Ohio (Youngstown, for example) and coached at OSU at some point.  Anyway, I can't think of who that could be, so I understand why no one has come forward and called for civility. 

Zone Left

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People who are going to make death threats aren't the type of people who are going to listen to a call for sanity, unfortunately.

In practice, death threats have to be evaluated and some are taken more seriously than others. It's likely the government couldn't investigate all of the threats against the President even if they wanted to do so. In OSU's case, it's likely that the threats are turned over to the FBI for evaluation and the serious ones are investigated.


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That also underscores my point, I think, in that it shows that the government doesn't just write off death threats as the inevitable actions of "crazy" people...I have a co-worker who received a death threat no too long ago (the situation has since been resolved).  While everyone in my office doubted that the guy would go through with it, it was still a little unsettling. 


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A 13-year-old boy was interrogated at his school by Secret Service agents without his mother's permission after posting a message about Osama Bin Laden on Facebook.

Following the Al Qaeda leader's death, Tacoma schoolboy Vito LaPinta wrote on his Facebook page that President Barack Obama should be be wary of repercussions.

'I was saying how Osama was dead and for Obama to be careful because there could be suicide bombers,' he said.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1388087/Vito-LaPinta-13-interrogated-SECRET-SERVICE-Osama-Bin-Laden-Facebook-post.html#ixzz1Oi6IlrVI


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but the guys "exposing" RR were freshmen with quotes taken out of context and ex-players who exaggerated (as evidenced by the NCAA's findings).

Henton may well be exaggerating and TP may have took nothing or the NCAA may not find any evidence. That's fine and Buckeyes should turn on Henton for lying.

We are all going on the assumption that he's being truthful and there are cashed checks to verify his claims. Since he, Cicero, and (it appears Small) all are currently appearing to be truthful.

Buckeyes should be pissed, but at JT and the compliance department.


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From Eleven Warriors:


"The NCAA violations were discovered when the name of the local memorabilia dealer, Dennis Talbott, was seen on checks Pryor was depositing in his personal bank account.

During Pryor’s time at Ohio State, Talbott paid him tens of thousands of dollars to sign Ohio State Buckeye memorabilia. Talbott currently lists a Pryor-signed item for sale on his Ebay sellers account, which is identified by the account name “infickelwetrust.”



Section 1

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In my opinion, had a Michigan player exposed a transgression, we'd turn on him too.  Kind of happened with the RR practice fiasco, but not nearly as controversial or destructive.<

I sort of understand the point you are trying to make and everything, and I presume that you intended no offense, but let's recall the situation a little more clearly.

The "RR practice fiasco" as you term it did not really involve any "whistleblowers" that any of us know of.  If Morgan Trent was Rosenberg whistle-blower, he hasn't had the guts to say so.  If Justin Boren or his dad, or Ryan Mallet or his dad, were Rosenberg "whistleblowers," they have not had the guts to say so.  And the Borens earned all of the shit they have gotten for completely separate ("family values") reasons.

There were two named alleged whistleblowers, but their story is almost completely opposite.  Je'Ron Stokes and Brandin Hawthorne were quoted by name by Rosenberg and Snyder (Why?  Why quote them, but not anyone else?), but they were clearly misquoted and abused in the process.  I'm not aware of anyone in our camp going after them, and the one and only time that I ever saw Rich Rodriguez get choked up (not "crying") was when he was defending his two freshman players, Stokes and Hawthorne, from the despicable abuse that the Free Press inflicted on them.

In a word, what's amazing about the whole Stretchgate episode is that there's never really been any identifiable whistleblowers.  You would certainly expect that Rosenberg and Snyder would keep those secrets to their deathbeds.  That's what reporters do.  But honestly, if people behind the scenes had really been confident about what they had seen, and what large numbers of people had clearly and consistently told to Rosenberg, don't you think that we'd have heard about that by now?  In a way, it was all pretty quickly supplanted by the real joint investigation that Michigan and the NCAA conducted.  And the current events news leaking out of Columbus just goes to show in yet another small way how totally unlike the two cases -- Michigan and OSU -- are. 


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much less care about, "Stretchgate," whereas the OSU implosion will reverberate for many years to come.

I know OSU isn't their beat, but I wonder if either Rosenberg or Snyder have offered any opinions expressing their moral outrage about the real scandal going on down in Columbus.

Section 1

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Good question, Don.

Rosenberg - Yes.  Snyder - I don't think so.

Rosenberg wasted no time in calling for Tressel's resignation.  He said that Tressel and OSU had been guilty of a "coverup of the coverup."  As a columnist, that's what he does.  Rosenberg sneeringly went out of his way to ask his readers about how proud they are, now, of Lloyd Carr's record.  No word about how "major" OSU's violations were, and about how "minor" Michigan's violations were.  Rosenberg is trapped; he can't ever say to anybody, with a straight face, that Michigan's situation was comparatively trivial.  Rosenberg will never be able to make that observation as long as he lives, alghough I did hear him in a brief interview on WDET-FM saying that the two cases were "apples and oranges."

Snyder rarely does opinion writing, and I haven't heard of him opining on this.


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Any Michigan fan with a half a brain would celebrate a whisteblower.  Notice how far back the Fab5 thing set back the basketball program and the blackeyes we took when players lied.  I'd rather have a guy out us, get hit with a single major and move on.  

Five guys getting Tats wouldn't have been killer for tOSU.  The lying and everything though, that is killing them now.  

oriental andrew

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What the fans think matters far less, imo, than what the current/former players think and say.  With the practicing time situation, you didn't have players coming out throwing the alleged sources under the bus.  With osu, you have current and former players bickering back and forth about "sacred brotherhoods" and betrayal and being "fake" or whatever.  I've never seen such acrimony aired publicly amongst players.  I think this speaks volumes and is just a precursor of what's to come.

SC Wolverine

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It is never pleasant for friends or teammates to inform on one another.  But there is a vast difference between exposing things that are just wrong and are hurting the institution versus sour grapes accusations like those made against UM in the Freep.  What tsio really needs is to clean up their mess.  This is going to involve major sanctions.  But they need to clean up their mess. If it was UM, I think most of us would be demanding that things be cleaned up and that we would grit our teeth through sanctions to get it done.


Space Coyote

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He had to have known that someone was going to put his name out there.  Nothing is anonymous these days if the story is big enough and enough people know about it.  It just sucks, because the fear of not being able to remain anonymous will keep much of the truth hidden from those that need to know.


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Tattaglia's a pimp. He never coulda outfought Santino. But I didn't know until this day, that it was Barzini all along.


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Some people replying to Joe saying Henton transferred before Pryor even got on campus, so he wouldn't be a credible source because he wouldn't have witnessed transactions for over a year.  They pointed out, though, that Henton's brother was a student and friends with TP, which would be more likely..


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the enemy of their enemy become their friend?  I'm getting the feeling that many have turned on Pryor - will they at some point embrace those who further his personal ignominy if it is done without besmriching the program?


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Based on my facebook feed (I went to tOSU so I have a ton of rabid tOSU fans) they are all very, very happy that TP is gone.  It's rather strange actually - you could take our TP done at OSU thread and put it on their site and it wouldn't be at all surprising.


Fair or not, the fans completely blame every single ounce of everything that's happening on him and they are just as happy he's gone as we are.  To them, TP cost Tressel his job and the university all of this pain and it's all 100% on him.

Wolverine 73

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What cost them all this pain was Mr. Oh-so-holy-sweatervest not having either the integrity or the intelligence to put the trinkets for tats thing out there, deal with it, and move on when it came up.  Four game suspensions against nobodies; end of story.  Absent Tressel's coverup, none of the rest of this crap comes out.  He was the adult in the room.  He was the one with experience.  Evem if he was not ethical, it didn't mean he had to be stupid.